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B Raman Calls for a Boycott of the Chindu

Shri N.Ram, the toast of China’s communist clique

Shri N.Ram, the well-known Editor-in-Chief of “The Hindu” of Chennai, has been the toast of China for an article purported to have beenwritten by him refuting the allegations levelled by the Dalai Lama and his supporters regarding the events of March in Lhasa . The Chineseauthorities have been gratified by what they see as his vigorous articulation of the version of the events as put out by them.

2. A report on Shri Ram’s article disseminated by the State-owned Hsinhua news agency of China is annexed. It is learnt that this has beentranslated into the Tibetan and Uighur languages and copies distributed in all the monasteries and educational institutions in theTibetan-inhabited areas of China. It has also been made required reading in the patriotic re-education classess for Tibetans being organisedby the Chinese authorities.In the meanwhile, the Chinese authorities have reduced the duration of the stay of the Olympic Torch in Tibetfrom three to one day. The torch will be in Lhasa on June 21 instead of June 19.

3. The dissemination of Shri Ram’s article is unlikely to have any impact on the Tibetans and Uighurs. Nor will it have much of an impact oninternational opinion on the recent events in Tibet because Shri Ram’s policy of “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil” with regard toChina is well known right across the world.His popularity in China is confined to the Chinese ruling circles.

4.After writing this article, I showed this to a number of Indian friends. While a majority agreed that this deserved to be written anddisseminated, some asked why do this since it could reflect on the credibility of a great institution of Chennai.

5. After carefully considering their advice, I concluded that this needed to be written in the interest of the Indian people and the lovablepeople of Tibet. It will be moral cowardice to remain silent when the Editor of a highly respected paper of Chennai uses his access to itscolumns to demonise the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans just as Beijing is in the habit of doing.

6. As you move around Chennai, you see thousands of advertisements inviting you to buy “The Hindu”. When you see those advertisements,think of Shri Ram and his writings in support of the Chinese and in demonisation of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans and ask yourself thequestion:” Does such a newspaper deserve my continued support?”. The choice is yours.[link]


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UN Watch Blasts the UNHRC

And see the intolerance of the UNHRC to any criticism of its conduct and the threat to ban the UN Watch representative’s speech. This has become a stalinist organisation through and through dominated by the same third world dictatorial thugs from many parts of Asia, Africa, the Arab world and latin America who are supposed to be held accountable by this body.

Also Watch the Speeches Not Banned at the UNHRC by UN Watch.


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Its Not Just a Game

Vivek has published an open letter from an Indian Cricket fan who gives a sharp retort to all those ‘losers’ in the Indian media and “intellectual” circles who yap non-stop about how it is all only a game after all and wonder why Indian fans “overreact”.

 Stop saying “it’s just a game” because for us, it is clearly not.And by “us” I mean millions of other people like me. Many of us grew up at a time when India was short on Role Models, Cable TV, Internet, Multiplexes, Video Games, Mobile Phones, Cars, Shopping Malls and many other things. In those days, a good spell by Kapil Dev and a good inning by Sachin Tendulkar were the only things that brought some cheer in our drab lives. Little surprise then, that we fell in love with the game. So much in love, in fact, that a good Indian performance was all we cared about. And why not? It is our team. Isn’t it?

Read it all here 


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Gas Pipeline Blown Up by Baloch Rebels

That too in the very area where that accursed pipeline from Iran to India will have to pass through if built.

Quetta, Balochistan: Suspected Baloch militants blew up a gas pipeline near Quetta on Tuesday, cutting supplies to a power plant and several areas, a gas company official said. Gas supplies were cut to four districts near Quetta and a 95 MW city power plant. Supplies might be restored to some areas within 24 hours, Nawaz said. No one was hurt in the early morning blast in the outskirts of Quetta. “They planted explosives under an 18-inch pipeline that blew out a 4-foot piece of the pipe,” said Sheikh Nawaz, general manager of Sui Southern Gas Company.

If that pipeline is built not only will India have sleepless nights worrying about when the Paki goverment will pull the plug on this vital line. One has to also worry about when the Baloch militants will want to use it for some target practice.

Added to that India will have to pay several hundreds of millions of dollars as transit fees to Pakistan. That’s a lot of easy money for Pak to finance its terrorist campaigns against India.

The whole hair brained pipeline deal therefore is a lose-lose bargain all the way and should be scrapped right away, if it has not been already. A very viable alternative to this is to use the sea route since

1) India can then import all the gas it needs from every friggin part of the world including Iran and even Venezuela.

2) The Indian Navy can very much handle anyone who wants to play some mischief along the way.

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China’s One Child(Only for the Poor) Policy

In the socialist worker’s paradise of China, the rich and the priviliged have the de-facto right to bear more than one children inspite of the official One-Child policy.Whereas women from the poorer sections of society have to endure forced and most often botched abortions even at later stages of their pregnancies so that the local “officials” can meet the ‘annual targets’ for population growth set for that particular county by the central government in Beijing.

In recent years, more and more affluent people and social celebrities have born a second or third child. Based on a report by China’s Xinhuanet, Mou Weiyong, vice director of Liaoning Provincial Commission of Population and Family Planning, said that out of those who have more than one child, the number of people with high incomes is on a dramatic increase; most of them are private enterprise owners or self-employed.

According to Zhong Liyan, director of the Bureau of Population and Family Planning in Heping District, Shenyang City, the privileged and celebrities bear more than one child for two main reasons. First, they want a boy to inherit the estate; second, they want to keep the only child from feeling lonely.

China’s government agents at all levels will be punished according to party discipline or be discharge from public employment once they fail to adhere to the one-child policy. But no effective measures have been taken to stop the rich and celebrities from bearing more than one child.

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Rajdeep Sardesai named Impact Person of the Year

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN has been named Impact magazine’s Person of the Year 2006. Impact who? Well, no one had supposedly heard of them till they decided to make this guy their Person of the Year. Maybe they hope that by this act some of his “fame” will rub off on them too and help push up their sales. As of now they don’t seem to have even a proper website.And i don’t remember seeing their copies on any newsstand.

So get this strategy right. If you are a struggling magazine desperately wanting to come out of the pits make sure to institute an award to “reward” well recognised people with recognitions.

The list of nominees drawn up by Impact – a weekly magazine that focuses on the media – included some of the biggest names in the media industry, all icons in their own fields.

This way whoever wins you get recognised for sure.

So what are the so called “achievements” of Rajdeep Sardesai that got him this “recognition” from a not so well recognised magazine.

His channel’s coverage of the reservation stir in May 2006 where he desperately tried to give a good spin to the pro-reservation crowd.He conducted a sham survey along with his pal Yogendra Yadav and tried to twist the results in a show debate held in his channel to suit his own point of view.

Subsequently the Acorn also published this letter to Rajdeep Sardesai from Sameer wagle. where he pointed out CNN-IBN’s bias in the coverage.

The anti-reservation stir has been led by idealistic students with no political axe to grind. They are fighting on principles without any resources to back them and facing the might of the government.

The pro-reservation agitation on the other hand is led by jobless professional politicians (Dalit Panthers etc) who are doing so mainly for vote-bank politics. The number of anti-reservation students far exceeds whatever few people the pro-reservation politicians can gather.

Yet you equate the two in a bid to be seen as fair. This is not objective journalism. Every news coverage that you give to the anti-reservation guys you will show some 10-15 pro-reservation guys just to look balanced. You don’t look at the numbers of people, their backgrounds or their motivation levels

He displayed a very pathetic attitude during the 7/11 Mumbai tragedy. He was jumping up and down all the time reminding his viewers that his channel was the first to report the “breaking news” and that his newsfeed is being carried by CNN all over the world.

And a month later he participated in the UPA government’s efforts to play down the incident and by the time of the Havana appeasement he was in the forefront of those wanting the Indian government to hug the dictator and let bygones be bygones.

He later supported the clemency petition for Parliament attack convict Mohammed Afzal for which the terrorist himself thanked him profusely.

Afzal said he was moved by the ‘solidarity’ he has received from people, cutting across ideological divides(An eupheism for the Indian Media which pretends to represent everyone), apart from the support he got from Jammu and Kashmir.

So ladies and gentlemen applause please!

May his tribe go extinct.


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The Longest Running Reality TV Show

The Longest Running reality show on TV is what Sarah Kass of the Jerusalem post calls the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

The plight of the Palestinian people is not economic, not political, not spiritual and not historical. It is theatrical. The so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the world’s longest-running reality show. It is a staged performance sponsored by the Middle East’s petro-petrolators and watched by their loyal oil-consuming fans all around the globe – which includes you, dear reader, and me.

WHY DON’T these petrol despots want us to change the channel, as it were? Why are they determined to keep this hit show on the air for as long as possible? Because the reality show is a distraction, and the petrol despots want us distracted. An oil economy is an extraction economy, and extraction economies need distractions to function well.

The so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict – what the oil despots sponsor and what glues us to the screen – should finally be given its true name: “Extraction Distraction.”

Oil economies, extraction economies, generate wealth by poking the earth and taking something out. As columnist Tom Friedman writes, extraction economies offer “economic power without productivity.”

There is no need for education or creativity in an oil economy; no need for hard work or imagination or healthy competition. For an oil economy to work properly the country just needs a strongman ruler who lords it over his crew of tough guys who, in turn, arrange to haul the stuff out of the earth and haul the cash back into the country, thereby keeping things stable and efficient so everyone stays happy.

It’s a resource curse, this propensity for extraction economies to favor strongmen rulers. Like trust-fund babies who make a mess of their lives, an oil economy gives people the security of a trust fund along with the low expectations of a welfare program.

Who wouldn’t love a trust fund; but it’s humiliating and dispiriting to be on a culture-wide welfare program. As Warren Buffett once said, “A very rich person should leave his kids enough money to do anything, but not enough to do nothing.”

IF THE people have little to do, if the petrol despots keep the people under their thumb, if too little of the oil money gets invested in ennobling the people, to whom the oil really belongs, then how come the strongmen manage to keep their power year in and year out?

Here’s where the theater comes in.

Make a great commotion, put an entire people into permanent distress, announce your solidarity with the national aspirations of that people, but never allow them to realize those aspirations. Sponsor atrocities with lots of blood and gore, provoke some state with industrial or military power to react to those atrocities, denounce the reaction to those atrocities and transform the encounter into a clash of civilizations. Most importantly, play out the whole melodrama on the nightly newscasts day after day after day – and you have a recipe for a reality hit show the likes of which could run in the Arab street and in the European salons forever.

Extraction Distraction not only gulls the West. It continually keeps Arab citizens from attending to their own benighted condition, rallying them instead to be incensed about the plight of the Palestinians. Extraction Distraction is a vengeance vortex. It draws the Muslim world into its whirlpool, and none but the very brave can resist its pull.

I can’t disagree with her.

And the World media loves this lucrative reality show for all the lucre it brings into their coffers.

Here is a shining example of how this theatre is stage managed day in and day out for the global audience.

Charles Johnson of the LGF who gained worldwide fame when he exposed the Reuters Photo scam during last July’s Israeli war against Hezbollah in Lebanon writes.

“Why was this picture left in the editor’s kill file until now?

Because it really wrecks the suspension of disbelief that actors need to convince the audience. It’s like seeing the scaffolds and lights and fake landscapes behind the scenes at a theater, in the middle of a performance.

The Qana photographs are some of the most gut-wrenching, heart-breaking images you could ever imagine. And that’s why it’s important to recognize that there are people with souls so dead and intentions so evil that they will cynically use these photographs to manipulate your feelings.


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