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Really lousy Metaphors to make a Point!!

Mr RajaMohan in his editorial column in the Indian Express dated June 29th, 2006 has come up with the following gem to comprehend India’s new found Global clout and the reactions to it within India.

The real problem lies in the emergence of two world views in India — speaking metaphorically — one of the “bania” and the other of the “brahmin”. The banias are revelling in India’s new prospects on the global stage; the brahmins are frightened at the likelihood of India emerging as a great power. While the Indian businessmen are conquering markets around the world — whether in the North or in the South — the brahmins are dying to merge into the more familiar background of the talk shop called non-aligned movement. And who better than Fidel Castro to provide the comforting certitudes of the past in Havana this September.

The brahmins are afraid of strategising for India’s new role in the world. If there is any serious strategy in India it is now visible only in the boardrooms of Infosys, Tatas and the Ambanis.

The banias have rediscovered their centuries-old trans-border trading traditions and are demonstrating the depth and breadth of India’s management capital. While the banias are focused on outcomes, such as buying up Arcelor, the armies of our nuclear experts are weighed down by the brahminical obsession with the text. While the bania is acquiring assets around the world, the brahmin is defending rhetorical positions. While the bania is playing on the front foot, the brahmin is on the defensive.

If India’s recent nuclear debate is any guide, the lag between India’s potential and its ability to take advantage of it would only grow in the coming years. But the moment will come, sooner than later, when the weight of bania pragmatism will prevail over brahminical inertia.

Indo-pessimism, an intellectual fashion that has reigned for so long, is no longer sustainable amidst the unfolding economic successes of the nation.

The problem is that he could have made his point without using caste metaphors. His own example of Infosys whose founders and top management are Brahmins makes him look like a village idiot. Continue reading


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The Rakhi Sawant Controversy and the attack of the Liberalist Clowns

Rakhi Sawant has almost monopolised all the controversies from tinsel town of late. She had a case booked against her for obscenity by the Police in Kolhapur, Maharashtra and before that could die down she got involved in another one with that Party smooching thing with Mika. She is also reportedly been banned in Dubai after a similar on stage incident there.

But what i find more amusing is the antics of the Liberal extremists who caught in their web of Political correctness cannot or are not willing to make a clear distinction between a shameless slut like Rakhi Sawant and ordinary women who in their day to day lives have to endure eve-teasing, sexual assualts, domestic violence, dowry crimes etc… These are the women whose plight should occupy the conscience of our Shameless, sensationalist Media, our Commie numbed intellectuals and ofcourse the National Commission for Women.

They should have dismissed the shameless publicity stunts of the elite class Mika and Rakhi. But then that is not what happened. We had our Media salivating over this incident and trying to cash in as much as possible. We had our intellectuals pontificating endlesslessly in TV shows, newspapers, magazines, internet etc… with helpful doses of the clip and the stills and feeling important now that they have shared their “wisdom” with the rest of the country(sic!) and to top it all the NCW filled with feminist nuts who deciding that this incident needed their “wise” input, declared that Mika was guilty ignoring the fact that Rakhi was until then rubbing herself all over Mika before the said incident happened. Mika would not have dared touch her if she had behaved herself. There were many other girls around who were even more skimpily clad but did any of the men there dare touch them or try doing anything inappropriate?

Yes that is the reputation Ms Rakhi Sawant has built for herself. A reputation which made her parents to disown her and any man like Mika or the member of the crowd in Dubai to feel that he can do whatever he wants with her. This is the harsh truth and simple common sense which is missing with our rotten “intellectual” class and firebrand feminists.

My two cents advice to them. There are millions of women in the country who are suffering and are being exploited and mistreated by their own families, relatives etc… Eve teasing is still a very big problem in our cities and so are sexual assaults, domestic violence, dowry abuses etc… so please save your sympathy and attention for the really needy women who don’t have a voice and are often denied justice and not for shameless people like Rakhi, Mika etc…

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British Army demotes Goat for Indiscipline

LONDON, England (AP) — A British army regiment’s ceremonial pet goat was demoted in disgrace after it marched out of line before a host of international dignitaries during a parade to mark Queen’s Elizabeth II’s birthday, a military spokesman said Saturday.

The military mascot, a 6-year-old male goat called Billy, was downgraded from the rank of lance corporal to fusilier — the same status as a private — after army chiefs ruled his poor display had ruined the ceremony June 16 at a British army base in Episkopi, western Cyprus.

CNN News

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China’s “Democratic” Parties

I was quite surprised to come across this piece in Xinhua. contrary to common perception the Communist party is not the sole political party in existence in China. There are 8 other parties which are officialy recognised and “allowed” to participate in the political process in China. These 8 parties are called as China’s “Democratic” Parties.

According to an article in the official Chinese news agency Xinhua’s site

“Democratic Parties refer to the eight political parties other than the CPC. They participate in the discussion and management of state affairs.These parties are those established before the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, which were then dedicated to the realization of a bourgeois republic in China and supported the CPC in the latter’s effort of overthrowing the rule of the Kuomintang. They are independent in organization and enjoy political freedom, organizational independence and legal equality under the Constitution.”

So basically like the NPT the Chinese Government recognises only parties that were in existence before 1949. Too bad for the newly founded Chinese Democracy party which is outlawed and considered a rival to the ruling Chinese Communist Party.

So what do these 8 recognised parties actually do? What is their role?

According to

Based on official explanation, China’s democratic parties are neither parties out of office, nor opposition parties. Rather, with CPC they share a policy of “long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, reciprocal sincerity in all dealings and sharing weal and woe” .

In plain language it means they are strictly for decoration purposes only.

Since the founding of PRC, China’s democratic parties have conscientiously taken part in consultations and decision-making regarding important national political issues. Many representatives from the democratic parties have been elected to people’s congresses and CPPCC committees at all levels; many hold leading positions in the standing committees of the people’s economic, cultural, educational, scientific and technological departments

Means they toe the official line and hence are tolerated. All the 8 political parties have negligible membership less than 100,000 each and they are limited to the intellectual class. Compare this to the 60 million membership of the CCP and its pervasive influence in every walk of life in China.

A group of Chinese dissidents have come out with something called the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to “reveal” its true nature to the people of China and the world at large.

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Nepal: Teetering on the Brink of disaster

Nepal is in big trouble. Just like the Weimar republic paved the way for Hitler and the Nazis to take over Germany in the 1930s, The present ragtag “caretaker” SPA dispensation is paving the way for Prachanda and his band of Maoist thugs to finally take over Nepal.

The SPA(Seven party Alliance) had very foolishly back in April gone on the path of unilateral disarmament and threw away all its bargaining chips by making Nepal a virtual republic. They have in the meantime since then gone much, much further in order to appease the Maoists in the fervent hope that when the Maoists finally resume slitting throats all over the place they will slit theirs last and with atleast some compassion.

The pea-brained SPA led by a senile man who is counting his last days on this Earth(parallels with President Hindenburg anybody?) have signed a “landmark” Eight point agreement with the Maoists according to which the Government will “Effectively and honestly implement the 12-point understanding reached between the SPA and Maoists in November last year and the 25-point Ceasefire Code of Conduct signed between the SPA government and CPN-Maoist on May 26 this year”. While the Maoists will feel free to do as they please.

 The Maoists have virtually undermined government authority in the areas they occupy, they have violated the ceasefire and kidnapped a former Mayor, they have refused to disarm and they have also started a hate campaign to malign, demoralise and weaken the Nepali Army; the only force within Nepal that stands in their way to absolute power and which rightly condemned Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda’s baseless allegations. The Army had to do this itself since the spineless SPA would not do so as per the statement given by a SPA Quisling.

 Now that the dumb SPA idiots have as part of the Unconditional Surrender agreement oops!! sorry, Eight point agreement agreed to shred the existing constituion and dissolve the Assembly they are left with virtually no power base or claim to legitimacy. The clever wording of the agreement virtually puts the Maoist thugs and the Nepali state on a equal basis by seeking UN intervention. The Maoists are demanding key portfolios in the Interim Government like Internal security, rural development and Foreign affairs.

The Maoists are also pushing for Nepal to be formally declared as a republic rather than a constitutional monarchy. If that happens Nepal as we know it is buried forever because the Monarchy is the only institution that holds Nepal together. There is a need to make a clear distinction between King Gyanendra the individual and the Monarchy as a institution. Just because Gyanendra is bad doesn’t mean that the Monarchy itself needs to be disbanded. The SPA should hold its ground and refuse to negotiate this away. It’s own survival is linked to it. But here too foolishness seems to be reigning. The pogrom of violence and intimidation against the Royalists has already begun and can be expected to rise even further as the days go on until perhaps the King might find no other option but to flee the country.

While Nepal is trying to find its feet the Indian side is unable to take a firm stand itself because of Sitaram Yechury, the CPI(M) pompous ass. Who is doing everything he can to uphold the interests of his Maoist comrades. Even going to the point of undermining the Indian position. The spineless UPA is not taking any steps to stop him and ask him to shut up. Both Nepal and India seems to be cursed at the same time with inept and useless governments which are undermining their own positions to appease the commie thugs in their own countries. Which never helps for the commies only negotiate a truce when it suits them and feel free to break any agreement when it suits them. May the Gods bless both India and Nepal.

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America: A Victim of Child Abuse

This piece by The Onion had me in splits :). It traces the early formative years of the United States to “prove” that America was a victim of child abuse.

According to a team of leading historians and psychiatrists who issued a report Wednesday “The United States was likely the victim of abuse by its founding fathers and motherland when it was a young colony. In its adulthood, the U.S. displays all the classic tendencies of a nation that was repeatedly mistreated in its infancy—difficulty forming lasting foreign relationships, viewing everyone as a potential enemy, and employing a pattern of assault and intimidation to assert its power,” said Dr. Howard Drexel, the report’s lead author. “Because of trust issues stemming from the abuse, America has become withdrawn, has not made an ally in years, and often resents the few nations that are willing to lend support—most countries outgrow this kind of behavior after 230 years.”

Read More…

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RSS Newsfeeds for Dummies

To start with this RSS has got nothing to do with that RSS :). This RSS is called the Rich Site Summary or the Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary and the latest version is RSS 2.0.

RSS is primarily useful to collect one’s favourite newsfeeds from different websites and present it at one point to the readers on their desktop rather than requiring him or her to log onto every site. So basically it is there to make life easy for everybody.

To access one’s favourite content through the RSS one needs a RSS reader. There are a lot of readers available on the Internet but my own favourite readers are Bloglines and FeedDemon.

Bloglines is a very simple utility. It is netbased and one can access it from any browser. There is no need to download any software. Just sign up for an account and you are on. One can bookmark all their favourite sites under My Feeds which is regularly updated. The corresponding content is displayed on the Right hand side. The user interface is very intuitive and one can learn very quickly without much problem.Plus once someone is logged in even if they close the browser in the middle of the session they are not logged out. This is about the same flexibility that one gets from any dedicated desktop reader software which gives Bloglines some very good brownie points.

The only sore point with Bloglines is the Automatic detection of an RSS feed from any site that one visits. One has to store something called the “Easy Subscribe Bookmarklet” in the favourites folder of their browser and click on it when they want to detect the RSS feed for the site they are viewing. It works at most times but it is quite painful in case of sites like Rediff which have multiple feeds and one has to manually copy and paste the feed address in Add menu under My Feeds. Anything that is non-intuitive to a dummy user is bound to send him off scurrying to the competitor. Hope Bloglines fix this issue as soon as possible.

FeedDemon is another excellent software that is available for free download as a evaluation version. It irritates ppl all the time when one either opens or exits FeedDemon with a Buy prompt screen.

Otherwise it is quite easy to configure and very intuitive to use. It has a channels folder in the Left hand side, A Headlines list of the site in the center window and the article in full on the extreme right hand side. It is able to tag the RSS feeds of sites automatically it visits or you can just click the RSS/XML icons on the sites and it gets tagged easily.

Now what if you have a Blog and you want to include RSS functionality. If your blog is hosted on either Blogger or WordPress or any other such service provider there is a default RSS feed available and you only have to include a RSS icon on your site and some html code with a href so that any visitor can easily tag your site by clicking on the icon.

Alternately one can use Feedburner to generate a feedbunner url. The Feedburner site then gives you a small piece of html code that you have to include at a appropriate place on your site by modifying the template. The icon then appears on your blog along with the hyperlink. The advantage here is any visitor when he clicks on the icon is taken to a page where he can select to tag your site with a host of Readers. Also the Feedburner provides several useful utilities and code to spruce up your blog offering.

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