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How the West Could Lose: A Timely Article by Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes asks a poignant question in his op-ed in today’s edition of the New York Sun: After defeating the fascists and the communists, can the West now defeat the radical Islamists?

He then raises the possibility that the ‘radical islamists’ might actually win where the West’s earlier rivals failed because according to him however strong the West is physically, its software has some very critical bugs like pacifism, self-hatred and complacency, which are being exploited to the hilt by the radical islamists with help from the inside by means of the Western leftist elite who he terms as the ‘auxillary mujahideen’.

He goes on to say that the very absence of an impressive military machine with the radical islamists comparable to that of the Axis powers or the one commanded by the Soviets during the cold war might give many Westerners, especially on the left, a feeling of disdain.

Whereas conventional war — men in uniform; ships, tanks, and planes; and battles for land and resources — is simple to comprehend, the assymetric war with radical Islam is elusive. Box cutters and suicide belts make it difficult to perceive this enemy as a worthy opponent. Senator Kerry and too many others dismiss terrorism as a mere “nuisance.”

He then lists down the advantages that the radical islamists, even without a formidable military, have in comparison to what the earlier Axis or Communist rivals of the West lacked inspite of commanding massive and capable militaries.

  • A religious appeal that provides deeper resonance and greater staying power than the artificial ideologies of fascism or communism.
  • An impressively conceptualized, funded, and organized institutional machinery that successfully builds credibility, good will, and electoral success.
  • An ideology capable of appealing to the masses from a wide varities of backgrounds in the Islamic world.
  • A nonviolent approach wherever necessary and
  • A huge number of committed cadres. If (radical) Islamists constitute 10 to 15% of the Muslim Population worldwide, they number some 125 to 200 million, a total far greater than all the fascists and communists(earlier rivals) , combined, who ever lived.


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Two Years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami

Two years after the devastating Tsunami struck the Indian Ocean region killing nearly 200,000 people from Aceh, Indonesia and Thailand in the east to Srilanka, India and Maldives to the west, it is the same old story of graft, incompetence and unfulfilled promises involving the local authorities, NGOs and the foreign governments who tried so hard to outbid each other in quoting higher and higher sums to the aid effort in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

Tsunami two years on: Swamped by deceit

Two years after the Boxing Day tsunami – which killed 230,000 people around the Indian Ocean – the area is still unprepared for a repeat, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

Only a fraction of thenumber of hi-tech buoys and sea-level gauges designed to give early warning against a new catastrophe are in place, even though geologists warn that it could happen at any time. And most countries in the area are not sufficiently prepared to get an alarm out to coasts and beaches.

At the same time, many millions of pounds in foreign aid, promised by governments to the disaster-hit areas, have not been paid. And only a third of those made homeless two years ago have so far been rehoused.

What happened to all that pledges totalling nearly $4 billion made by many foreign governments ? How much of those promises were really kept?

Britain, which promised £65m to the World Bank-run Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Aceh and Nias, has so far delivered about one-fifth of it.

China offered $138m to Sri Lanka, but has provided little more than $1m, while Kuwait has reportedly handed over none of the $13m it offered the Maldives.

And even more startling is this piece. Tsunami Aid money used to Impose Sharia law in Aceh. This is comparable to what was done by our Pakistani neighbours with last year’s October earthquake relief money. They did what they know to do best- Diverted it to finance terrorism.

The NGOs who collected so much money in the name of helping the victims such as Oxfam, Red cross, World Food Program, UNICEF and many, many more have a lot of answering to do. It is strange that many of these NGOs who scream from the rooftops asking for acountability from the various governments of the world are themselves loathe to open up their books for scrutiny.


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A Very Indian Christmas

Here’s Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time :).

(via Pajamas Media)

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India Should Give Up its Subcontinental Mindset: Air Chief

Air Chief Marshal S.P. Tyagi in a speech yesterday said that India should stop being obsessed with China and Pakistan and should also start looking at the strategic challenges and opportunities that lie beyond the subcontinent.

“We have to move from purely northern-focused (border in the north) to northern-focused-plus,” he said, delivering the inaugural Air Chief Marshal L M Katre memorial lecture.

India needs to have a sphere of influence in different regions – from the Gulf to the straits of Malacca to central Asian republics to the Indian ocean, he said.

This according to him is essential since India is now facing new challenges with its rapidly growing economy and its burgeoning demand for energy.

“You have to change strategy in new security arena.”

New Delhi currently has a “subcontinent mindset”, according to him. “We have been so busy looking at threats from Pakistan and China, we have not had time or inclination to see or look at other threats.”

The IAF chief said that because of economic challenges, India will have to start looking beyond the boundaries of India.

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Rajnath Singh Blasts the UPA for its ‘Communal Socialist’ Politics

Rajnath Singh, the newly elected BJP Chief has blasted the UPA government for its ‘minority appeasement’ politics and promised to put an end to it within the next ten years.

Virtually declaring a war against what Bharatiya Janata Party traditionally perceives as ‘minority appeasement’, party chief Rajnath Singh on Saturday said, “We will bring this appeasement to an end in the next ten years.”

Making his presidential address immediately after formal ratification of his re-election to the office by the party’s national council, Singh said, “The policy of minority appeasement was initiated by the Congress in 1916; and we will bring it to an end by 2016.”

He also criticised the career hog and unelected PM, Manmohan Singh for his statement that the ‘Minority community’ should have the “First claim on national resources”.

“The appeasement policies of the Congress touched the nadir when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the National Development Council meeting that the minority communities, particularly the Muslims, had the first right over the nation’s resources. I would like to ask them how a union government working within the purview of the Constitution can talk about providing the first right over the country’s resources to one community, that too on communal basis, when the Constitution itself has given equal right to all communities over the country’s resources,” he asked.

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Bush Assures that Certain Provisions are Only “Advisory”

And the dumb Indians will fall for that line.

The telephonic call from Bush came two days after he made it clear that the legislation he signed on Monday did not mean he endorsed all its contents and that he considered certain portions like seeking to restrict fissile material production and transfers of enrichment technology as merely ‘advisory.’

Well Bush, the current US President might mean what he says. But then what is written down and signed on paper is what matters at the end of it all. What if a future administration seeks to rack up the pressure on India to toe their line? Then those very “advisory” provisions could come back to haunt us.

Unfortunately Indian diplomacy always tends to pursue the ‘feel good’ factor rather than hard reality. They have shown this tendency time and time again since the hoary Panchsheel days and it is obvious where this utter disregard for reality and the carelessness towards the fineprint of what they end up signing has led to.

Some people never learn from past blunders.

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House Of “Elders” Also Passes the OBC Quota Bill

Days after the Lower(or No standards) House passed the OBC Quota Bill to reserve 1058% of the seats in Higher educational institutions for the kids of rich OBC Doctors, Engineers, Landlords, Politicians and Bureaucrats, the House of the old, decrepit and failed politicians, politely known as the House of “Elders” has also followed suit virtually guaranteeing its adoption as the law of the land once the President puts his ceremonial seal of approval.

December 18, 2006- Parliament on Monday approved the controversial bill providing 27 per cent reservation for Other Backward Classes in Centrally-aided educational institutions with the Rajya Sabha passing the measure by a voice vote.

The House went in for a division on an amendment moved by Bharatiya Janata Party, which was defeated by 91 votes against and 24 in favour.

Replying to the marathon debate on the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Bill, 2006, Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh said that a separate bill on providing reservations for OBCs in unaided institutions was ready and will be brought before Parliament later.

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