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The Chinese Regime is Nobody’s Friend

The people who get variously excited about the desirability of a so called India-Russia-China Axis should wake up and smell the coffee. The Chinese regime is nobody’s friend.It is a selfish, egotistic, arrogant and paranoid thug bent on getting its own way by hook or crook.

It is like we all know by now is involved in anti-Indian activities upto its ears, plus terrorising and torturing of its own citizens, picking fights with all its neighbours such as Japan, Phillipines, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea. It is stridently anti-American ofcourse even though it needs American wallets to buy its cheap, shoddy goods produced by forced prison labour or workers forced to work in slavish conditions without any rights to form labour unions to fight for their cause. It is also deeply involved in an organ harvesting scam selling organs of prisoners executed without a proper trial( Hello! Amnesty, HRW, UN, anyone listening?).

And what about Russia? Well China long had a boundary dispute with Russia, which it found in its interest to “solve” in 1997. But it was always clear to everyone that the Chinese regime greedily eyes the vast expanses of the sparsely populated Russian Far east rich in natural resources and ofcourse more land for its exploding population to settle.

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Happy Republic Day

Today we celebrate 57 years of being a republic. It is easy to take things for granted but it really is wonder that we got this far.No one in 1950 would have predicted that India would remain a democracy for this long and that too in a region replete with autocratic regimes where we are the only democracy between Israel and Japan situated in the western and eastern fringes of Asia respectively.

But except for a little scare during the emergency and the gay abandon with which so many frivolous laws and amendments were passed by our “elected” legislatures the constitution has survived with its basic features intact. The hon’ble Supreme court’s recent verdict on the Ninth schedule also reinforces the concept of the rule of law in our country and establishes constitution as inviolate.

This ofcourse has led to a lot of heartburn among the so called “champions of social justice” who want the constitution to be abrogated and replaced with a Soviet style banana republic where they can then kill innocent men, women and children to save them from themselves and send their other opponents off to “reeducation camps” and the Gulags. And ofcourse none of the “socialist” rules will be applicable to themselves and their families ,they can live in wanton luxury, travel business class, shop in splendor in Paris, Dubai and Singapore, Holiday in the swiss alps, send their children to the luxuriest boarding schools and universities and buy them mercedes and ferraris to enjoy themselves and thereafter attend cocktail parties and conferences on poverty alleviation where they can talk with extemely patronising tones about the poor people and shed crocodile tears for their plight and gain some brownie points from the white trash “intellectuals” like Noam Chomsky and Christiane Amanpour.

p.s- I had been to New Delhi last month and I took some videos from my cellphone of the North and South Blocks of Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Rajpath(where the republic day parade is traditionally held) and India Gate, where an Air Force ceremony was being held to honour their martyrs. Also one can see the preparations for the Republic day parade going on in full swing on either side of Rajpath Road.


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ISRO’s Experimental Space Capsule Returns Successfully

ISRO’s Space Capsule Recovery Experiment(SRE) satellite returned safely to Earth today morning at 9.30 am, after spending nearly 11 days in orbit.

The capsule was part of the four satellite PSLV-C7 launch on January 10, 2007.The 550-kg SRE would help ISRO hone its skills in re-entry, recoverable and re-usable technologies and also had two payloads to conduct certain experiments in micro-gravity.

“(It) landed in the Bay of Bengal … as per schedule. The mission is a great success,” said A. Subramoniam, head of the team that designed and built the capsule at the Indian Space Research Organization.

“This mission is a stepping stone to design and build our very own reusable spacecraft, and eventually (carry out) manned missions into space, too,” he said.

The SRE capsule was subsequently recovered from the Bay of Bengal by the Indian Coastguard.

This successful launch and recovery of an SRE puts India in an elite club led by the United States, Russia, Japan, France and China. The scientists involved in this endeavour deserve our heartiest congragulations on this wonderful achievement.

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The Socialist Attitude

They are OK with things like Free Speech, Democracy and Rule of Law ONLY as long as it suits their purpose. Otherwise they want all this “inconvenient” things to be jettisoned rightaway for some their “higher cause”(They trumpet all their agendas as “higher causes“).

Centre urged to ‘rewrite’ the Constitution (via Vichaarah)

Chennai, Jan. 20 (PTI): Tamil Nadu Governor Surjit Singh Barnala today urged the Centre to “rewrite afresh” disband the Constitution(and replace it with Soviet style banana republic), keeping in mind the changing needs of the nation Votebank while preserving basics like the country’s unity, integrity and sovereignty (Do as we say or else we will start a people’s war butchering innocent men, women and Children to save them from themselves- this is nothing but blackmail in coded language.).

Barnala said there was an increasing need to transfer more powers to states save our 69% reservation rule by reviewing the division of powers between states and the Union getting the bloody judiciary off our backs, to ensure that true federalism prevails we can do whatever we feel like and the wheels of social justice revolve bring in reservation for undeserving creamy layer candidates in the name of Social justice without any hindrance.

“Hence, this government urges the Union Government that the Constitution of India should be rewritten afresh abolished and replaced with Soviet style banana state, having regard to the changing needs damn the meddlesome judiciary , while preserving the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the nation(Do as we say or else we will start a people’s war butchering innocent men, women and Children to save them from themselves- this is nothing but blackmail in coded language and its repeated again, so you can imagine how agitated they have become with the hon’ble Supreme court’s decision),” Barnala said.

He appealed to the Centre to bring forward necessary amendments to the Constitution that will empower states to levy a service tax (this is on top of all the central, state and local taxes you are paying already, have no illusions about it) , as the responsibility for providing services to people was with state governments(Have they ever? Or am i imagining all those potholes on the roads and the six hour powercut in the Cities and Six hour per week single phase only power supply in the rural areas and i’am not even getting started on the water supply and sanitation).

This is nothing but a plain ransom note to the Indian State dressed up in typical leftist/socialist flowery language. They are basically saying- disband the Indian constitution or atleast get it out of our way or else.

p.s- Vichaarah points out that according to the not yet abrogated Indian Constitution the Governor merely reads the Speech written by the Government of the day. So the above speech though given by the Governor need not be his own personal views but should be seen as the views of the DMK led Government.

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Bangalore: Riots break out during Anti-US Rally to Protest Saddam’s Execution

Congress party’s Communal Socialism/minority appeasement in full swing.

Bangalore: Tension Grips Areas of City, Shops Ransacked

Bangalore, Jan 19: Certain areas of the city like Shivajinagar, Ulsoor, Kamaraj Road (former Cavalry Road) and others after a rally organized by former union railway minister C K Jaffar Sharief turned violent by ransacking shops.

The rally was meant to express outrage over the execution of former Iraqi supremo Saddam Hussein. Unconfirmed reports said that leaders of another community gathered elsewhere where provocative speeches were delivered.

The pro-Saddam rallyists were forcing shop-keepers to down the shutters which was resisted, which was followed by ransacking.

The Meeting was held under the auspices of former Congress MP and Union railway minister C.K. Jaffer Sharief led People’s Front and was attended by many Congress Party “dignitaries”.

Political leaders, including Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Labour Iqbal Ansari, former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh, former Minister and president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee M. Mallikarjun Kharge, former Union Minister C.M. Ibrahim, former Minister Merajuddin Patel, former Minister Roshan Baig, former Minister Sageer Ahmed, MLC Saleem Ahmed, MLA Vatal Nagaraj, and religious leaders such as Maulana Obedullah Azmi spoke on Saddam’s friendly relationship with the country.

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Extremist Preaching in UK Mosques

Channel 4 of the UK has done a undercover story on extremist preaching in the UK Mosques as part of its Dispatches TV series. It is a must see program.There are six clips and their total duration is one hour.

Dispatch 2
Dispatch 3
Dispatch 4
Dispatch 5
Dispatch 6

Come to think of it. The British are only now waking upto the dangers of these Saudi funded radical Islamists. Until now they were willing to look the other way as long as these elements targetted someone else far, far away either in their own countries or in troublespots such as Algeria, Kashmir, Chechnya, Egypt, Palestine, Aceh etc… many times even using these radicals to further their own selfish foreign interests. But now that they are caught in the crosshair themselves their attitude is beginning to see a sea change for the better.


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Chinese Government Censors the “Chinese Government”

The Chinese government’s paranoia has reached such a crescendo that it is now seeing enemies behind every curtain, under every bed, inside every book and even in innocous search engine terms such as “Mao Zedong”, “Zhu Ronji” and even the “Chinese government” itself.

CHINA—The phrase “Chinese government” has been censored on China’s official Web sites. If one searches for “central government of the People’s Republic of China” on the Best Tone 114 Web site (China Telecom’s Internet phone service and information platform), one gets: “Sensitive phrase: [we] can only provide news search service.” An Internet user from China told the reporter that even “Mao Zedong” is listed as “illegal information” in some of China’s search engines.

On the Best Tone 114 Web site, not only is “central government of the People’s Republic of China” censored, but “democracy” and “National People’s Congress” are also sensitive information. Zhou Guoqiang, an Internet user from Beijing, said he often comes across such disconcerting situations.

Zhou said, “When you search ‘Mao Zedong,’ ‘Zhu Rongji’ [China’s previous premier], and ‘Wen Jiabao’ [China’s current premier], many Internet search engines will tell you these are illegal phrases. Some chat Web sites won’t even let you key in these phrases.”

One would like to ask the Indian diplomatic establishment that is so keen on pursuing the so called “Confidence Building measures” with the “Chinese Government” that what kind of confidence building process can one establish with such a paranoid bunch of tyrants and mass murderers who are so afraid of their own shadows.

Fang Jue, a commentator on China issues who currently resides in the U.S., said, “Censoring the phrase ‘Chinese government’ tells people that government control over the media is way too much. Internet control in China blocks all phrases that can possibly lead the people to ponder democracy, freedom, and human rights. The range of control is going too far. They are blocking every neutral phrase that relates to politics.”

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