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Illegal Bangladeshi Immigration Into India

A two year old TV documentary, perhaps originally produced by and telecast on Aaj Tak, on the issue of illegal Bangladeshi immigration to India and its links to rising terrorist violence in many parts of the country. It is quite well researched and well made with interviews of many experts, on the ground investigations and hard data.

In the words of former CBI director Joginder Singh- India is ‘tolerating’ upto 5 crore(50 million) illegal immigrants on its soil.

p.s- The program is only in Hindi with no English subtitles. But if you have a working knowledge of Hindi it is not very difficult to follow.



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The Great Global Warming Swindle

Channel 4 of the UK strikes against the Global Warming fundamentalists with a brilliant documentary presenting the views of many reputed climate scientists and experts who are sceptical about the ‘Theory of Man Made Global Warming’.

Also available here


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Nike’s Cool New World Cup Cricket Ad

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Camlin’s new Permanent Marker Ad

This Ad is a parody on the Rudali custom in India. Hopefully this shameful and humiliating custom has by now joined the ranks of Sati and Child marriage in the dustbin of history where i fervently hope it will soon be joined by the likes of the caste system and female infanticide.

Anyway I thought this Ad was funny. Everyone i showed it to thought it was funny. But the question is why has Camlin not dared to put it on air in India. Perhaps they feel in their bones(that might be broken soon) that there are some people who have appointed themselves as guardians of public morality and humor who might not think it’s funny :).


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Extremist Preaching in UK Mosques

Channel 4 of the UK has done a undercover story on extremist preaching in the UK Mosques as part of its Dispatches TV series. It is a must see program.There are six clips and their total duration is one hour.

Dispatch 2
Dispatch 3
Dispatch 4
Dispatch 5
Dispatch 6

Come to think of it. The British are only now waking upto the dangers of these Saudi funded radical Islamists. Until now they were willing to look the other way as long as these elements targetted someone else far, far away either in their own countries or in troublespots such as Algeria, Kashmir, Chechnya, Egypt, Palestine, Aceh etc… many times even using these radicals to further their own selfish foreign interests. But now that they are caught in the crosshair themselves their attitude is beginning to see a sea change for the better.


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BBC “Objectivity” Checklist

The Bean Laden Broadcasting Corporation has come up with a check list on how it maintains “objectivity” in its reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel and the Palestinians: Key terms

The BBC Governors’ independent panel report on the impartiality of BBC coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict recommended that the BBC should make public an abbreviated version of its journalists’ guide to facts and terminology.


The BBC’s responsibility is to remain “impartial” and report in ways that “enable” our audiences to make their own assessments.

Our credibility is undermined by the careless use of words which carry emotional or value judgements.If an event falls within the dictionary definition of assassination, then we can use the term but the word “killed” or “killing” may be perfectly adequate.

Plain simple language is preferable to more complex or emotive language. If we have more precise details of exactly why or how the killing took place, we should communicate that in an equally straightforward way. The phrase “targeted killing” is sometimes used by Israel and should be attributed.


BBC journalists should try to avoid using terminology favoured by one side or another in any dispute.

The BBC uses the terms “barrier”, “separation barrier” or “West Bank barrier” as acceptable generic descriptions to avoid the political connotations of “security fence” (preferred by the Israeli government) or “apartheid wall” (preferred by the Palestinians).

The United Nations also uses the term “barrier”.

Of course, a reporter standing in front of a concrete section of the barrier might choose to say “this wall” or use a more exact description in the light of what he or she is looking at.


Note the BBC producer guidelines which state: “we must report acts of terror quickly, accurately, fully and responsibly. We should not adopt other people’s language as our own. Our credibility is undermined by the careless use of words which carry emotional or value judgements. The word “terrorist” itself can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding. We should try to avoid the term, without attribution. It is also usually inappropriate to use words like “liberate”, “court martial” or “execute” in the absence of a clear judicial process. We should let other people characterise while we report the facts as we know them. We should convey to our audience the full consequences of the act by describing what happened. We should use words which specifically describe the perpetrator such as “bomber”, “attacker”, “gunmen”, “kidnapper”, “insurgent” or “militant.””

Our responsibility is to remain impartial and report in ways that enable our audiences to make their own assessments about who is doing what to whom.

Wonder if they have a similar “impartial” checklist on the Indo-Pak “conflict” over the “disputed” region of Kashmir?

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Musharraf on the Daily Show

Watch how many uncomfortable moments Jon Stewart gave the General. Especially observe the choke at timeline 7:45. I think Jon nailed him there.


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