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Bangalore: Riots break out during Anti-US Rally to Protest Saddam’s Execution

Congress party’s Communal Socialism/minority appeasement in full swing.

Bangalore: Tension Grips Areas of City, Shops Ransacked

Bangalore, Jan 19: Certain areas of the city like Shivajinagar, Ulsoor, Kamaraj Road (former Cavalry Road) and others after a rally organized by former union railway minister C K Jaffar Sharief turned violent by ransacking shops.

The rally was meant to express outrage over the execution of former Iraqi supremo Saddam Hussein. Unconfirmed reports said that leaders of another community gathered elsewhere where provocative speeches were delivered.

The pro-Saddam rallyists were forcing shop-keepers to down the shutters which was resisted, which was followed by ransacking.

The Meeting was held under the auspices of former Congress MP and Union railway minister C.K. Jaffer Sharief led People’s Front and was attended by many Congress Party “dignitaries”.

Political leaders, including Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Labour Iqbal Ansari, former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh, former Minister and president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee M. Mallikarjun Kharge, former Union Minister C.M. Ibrahim, former Minister Merajuddin Patel, former Minister Roshan Baig, former Minister Sageer Ahmed, MLC Saleem Ahmed, MLA Vatal Nagaraj, and religious leaders such as Maulana Obedullah Azmi spoke on Saddam’s friendly relationship with the country.

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Bangalore Police Foil Terror Plot

These near miss incidents seem to be getting more and more frequent nowadays. Seems like the Pakis led by the “Enlightened Dictator” are really upping the ante.

Well if we could just get the UPA and the assorted bleeding heart liberals out of the way, Mushy is gonna be more than a little surprised at our willingness eagerness to take this thing right into his living room, pull him off the bed in his pajamas and check him for head lice on Foxnews.

January 05, 2007A suspected militant from Jammu and Kashmir was arrested on the city outskirts early on Friday, foiling plans to attack the airport and Bangalore’s information technology showpiece Infosys Technologies Limited.

Acting on a tip off, a Bangalore police team intercepted a private bus coming from Hospet in Bellary district at Jalahalli in the early hours on Friday and nabbed the suspected terrorist, who disclosed his name as Imran alias Bilal, aged about 32.

IGP K R Srinivasan said on searching his bags, one AK-47 assault rifle, 300 rounds of ammunition, 4 AK-47 magazines, SIM cards, a satellite phone and a few documents, were found.

Update- Rajeev Srinivasan considers the Kashmiri emporiums which are ubiquitious by their presence all over the country as nothing but Sleeper cells for Jihadis.

A disturbing thought indeed especially after the recent incident which seems to buttress the claim.


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Ab Dilli Door Nahin!

The latest casualty in the name change mania that is raging across the country since the last decade is Bangalore along with 10 other cities in the state of Karnataka. Henceforth Bangalore will be called as Bengalooru alongside Mysore- Mysooru, Mangalore- Mangalooru, Shimoga- Shivamogga, Belgaum- Belagavi, Gulbarga- Kalburgi, Hubli- Hubbali, Hospet- Hosapete, Chikamaglur- Chikkamagalooru, Bellary- Ballary and Tumkur- Tumakooru.

Before Bangalore became Bengalooru the country saw Trivandrum becoming Thiruvanthapuram along with 7 other cities in Kerala whose names were also changed at the same time, Bombay becoming Mumbai, Madras becoming Chennai and Calcutta becoming Kolkata.

The reason why this is being done NOW is because of those damned brits. They ruled this country for nearly 190 years(1757-1947) and yet never developed the intrinsic tongue muscles necessary to pronounce tongue twisters like Bendakaaloru, Mahisasurahuru, Mumbadevi etc…. and hence they following the wisdom of that age old proverb which says When you cannot do as the Romans do when in Rome, make the Romans do what you want to do and sneakily pulled down all the signboards at the middle of the night and changed the names of many places to suit their own stiff inanimate tongue.

But on the positive side the brits did find a way to enjoy the searing hot indian curry and pickles with a fire extinguisher at hand and an ambulance parked outside. They also wisely replaced toilet paper in their loos with a water hose like the locals just to be on the safer side.

So the main question here is how long before someone gets a brainwave about renaming the capital city of India, Delhi as Dilli, the Hindi pronounciation of the name? Not very long i suppose. With a increasingly beseiged, failing and incompetent leftwing UPA Government at the center it won’t be long before the tinkering heads at the UPA currently busy with trying to tinker with all the laws, norms and the constitution and coming up against the stonewall of a disapproving supreme court and an increasingly irate Indian people might try its hand at a little bit of chauvinism itself perhaps at a date closer to the General Elections scheduled to be held now a couple of years away in 2009 to improve its dwindling chances at the polls.

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Bangalore Fracas!

The hottest news out of Bangalore right now is the fracas involving two ViP kids. This particular bunch especially in our socialist mai-baap sarkar run country has a uncanny knack of getting into trouble and as usual their “illustrious” parents are always around to cover up and clean up after them with an impotent police force looking the other way; always ready to fudge the books in the hope of pleasing their masters and get a quickie promotion and a plum posting of their choice where they can line their pockets with full gusto.

Adam bidappa son of the “illustrious” fashion designer Prasad bidappa supposedly beat up a cop who either threatned or bad mouthed him and the employees of Hotel Empire allegedly beat up the grandson of the “humble farmer” who threatned and badmouthed them.Both incidents seem to have happened in the dead of the night when the sane, “respectable” people of the IT powered Garden city have gone home either to sleep or surf porn.

Before we go any further let me stress that there are no saints in this drama. There is no need to feel sorry for anyone here. kindly save your pity for some real deserving, hard working, honest, god fearing people on Mother Earth.

Today evening i was in Church street, ya the same one where that Hotel Empire is located. I saw a couple of policemen fully armed and dangerous with a .303 flung behind one of the cop’s back serving and protecting us in their own way. Mind you they have no guts to take on a 19 year old kid driving around a swiss hummer without a license just because he is the son of the current CM of karnataka and grandson of the former PM of India. They had instead picked on someone their own size, a bunch of college kids in a run down Maruti 800 who perhaps did not have influential dads who could get them out of a tight spot.I doubt very much whether they would have touched them if they were in a swiss hummer instead.

The latest news is that the police are trying to cover up the Nikhil Gowda incident but have arrested Adam bidappa. The Bangalore Police might be one of the most lazy, incompetent and head to toe corrupt police forces in the country, but they also are quite politically savvy. They know the CM’s/former PM’s son is out of bounds but Adam a mere fashion designer’s son is fair game atleast until some ViP makes that filmi phonecall and says Let him go in lieu of ofcourse a plum posting of their choice where they can line their pockets with full gusto.

Oh! how did we miss this one? There is one more incident involving yes another ViP kid, this one a former CM’s relative.Full cover up oops…. “investigation” is underway.

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Radio Mirchi NOT Following Up on Prize Announcements

There have been many complaints that Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM does not distribute prizes announced on its shows towards its listeners properly. Here is one of the comments on a previous thread by one of the visitors of this blog.

RadioMirchi has a horrible prize winners followup..A call is made to the winner initially and no details are provided of when,how and where the prizes will be sent.I think all this is a promotional activity and there is no intention to reward the winners. It is sad that a Radio station in its budding years is getting into the bad books of many listeners and winners..Hope this message reaches the right people at radiomirchi…

Comment by Ashwini – September 4, 2006

This was again conformed by people on other online RM communities on Orkut and others.

RM 98.3 FM has a habit of announcing prizes left, right and center all through the day. The impression being created is that they are overly generous in handing out prizes but if they have no intention of following through then they risk alienating their audience.

Well RM has 2 choices in this matter

1) It can deny the problem or

2) It can fix the problem by seeing what is going on, who is responsible etc…

But if this is being done intentionally then never mind there is always choice no 1 -deny the problem and shoot the messengers.


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Radio Mirchi with a new Look and Feel

Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM RJ’ ing is now sounding much better. They seem to have parcelled out those Pee Jokers (PJs) who cracked inane and irritating jokes and are now concentrating on good RJ’ing. Their best RJ’s are Rachana and Dr Love who though not in the class of Radio city 91 FM’s Vasanthi and Guru Kiran are quite good in their own way.

That leaves the new entrant Radio One 94.3 FM. Guys can you get a better slogan for yourselves. The current slogan Hit mele hit mele hit mele Hit simply sucks when compared to Radio City’s Dive In and Radio Mirchi’s passable fare. Plus the RJ’s of Radio One are pathetic. This is one area that can make or break FM brand names since there is not much difference between the programmes played on all three FM channels the one thing that can really make a difference is a star RJ. Here Radio City is still the uncrowned king in Bangalore.

The coverage for kannada songs seems to be best in Radio One. They play really good kannada songs from the old classics to the latest hits and give it more air time than either Radio Mirchi or Radio City.


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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest- A Fantastic Thrill Ride

One more sequel trying to cash in on the success and brand name of the first movie. To be fair Disney always planned to do a sequel to the movie that is why the first movie carried the tag The Curse of the Black Pearl. That movie made ample sense. This one simply does not. Suffice to say that if this one i.e., Dead Man’s Chest would have come out first, the whole POTC franchise would have sunk with all of Disney’s Treasure into the warm waters of the Bahamas or maybe not, with Captain Jack Sparrow steering the ship with such an electric and endearing performance it would nevertheless have found its way to the box-office treasure chest.

The last movie ended with Commander Norrington letting Captain Jack Sparrow escape with his Black Pearl. Now Norrington has resigned his commission from the Navy and the East Indian Trading Company’s new officer Lord Beckett imprisons Elizabeth and Will Turner for helping Capt Jack Sparrow in his escape.

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