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How the Chinese Government Treats its Own People

Forget the Tibetans, Uighurs, Mongols or any other assorted “minorities”. The Chinese Communist Government’s treatment of Han Chinese itself is not any better. It is just as brutal and inhumane.

This Video is about the Land Grab that the Chinese Government is involved in within China itself. Remember how long it takes for even one road to be widened in India. Every legal option is available to the affected people. some misuse it, others make use of it that is a totally different issue. But atleast that option is on the table to everyone including to the weakest man on the street. Here in China, people even the sick and dying are just thrown out of their homes and onto the streets so that the big bosses can make some money by usurping their land.

The Chinese Communist Government clearly shows no respect for the “pieces of paper” called rule of law. This is a stark lesson to India which our ruling clique and leftist-liberal dominated intellectual class and Media simply do not want to learn. The Sino-Indian Border talks are a sham.If the Chinese Government tomorrow feels it has the power to Grab it will grab, no “piece of paper” will tug at its non-existent conscience. 1962 anyone?!!

The only option is to arm ourselves to the teeth with hundreds of nukes and long range missiles and display every intention of using it on them if they act up. That is what stops a beast. It reacts only to a primeval instinct called Fear. Any effort at being nice and accomodating towards it will only be interpreted as “weakness” and not as “magnanimity”.

Watch at timestamp 2:50 mins when a man who has lost his home says “They just bully the ordinary people(People’s paradise??!!)They are eating our flesh, They are drinking our blood, they are picking our bones clean”

That’s not a metaphor. It is a practical reality. The Chinese communist Government is involved in a massive Organ harvesting and transplant racket.

And ofcourse who can forget Tiananmen.

Please harbour no illusions. You cannot appease a beast. It did not work with Hitler it won’t work with Communist Chinese Government. Strength and Firmness is the only deterrence.

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Fatwa on Life Insurance?!

I was dumbfounded when i read this.Deoband’s latest fatwa: Muslims can’t insure

The Darul Ifta of Deoband, the body authorised to issue fatwas, issued a fatwa saying that interest earned on bank deposits as well as insurance of life is illegal as per the Shariat, the supreme law for Muslims. And that Muslims should not go in for insurance or assurance of life which has been given to them by Allah.

The fatwa, issued by Mohammad Zafeeruddin non August 7, in consultation with the two muftis of Darul Uloom, Deoband says: “Life insurance is not permissible because there is interest income in it as well as gambling, which are illegal under Shariat.”

The fatwa was issued in response to a question from one Saleem Chisti from Lucknow who was approached by an insurance company to buy a policy and become an agent.

Do these guys have any idea of what they are doing? In this day and age can any family do without insurance? what if the primary bread earner in the family gets incapacitated or dies all of a sudden? who will feed their families, educate their kids and marry off the daughters?

And why is there not even a murmur of protest from our “sickular” politicians or our hyperactive leftist-liberal media? Where is medha patkar, shabana azmi, Arundhati Roy, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose? Why have they not said anything at all?

If some religious leader from the majority community had given a similar absurd ruling then surely these “sickular” cabal would have raised a massive hue and cry by now. But when it comes to Islamic fundamentalists……..never mind.

Here is a little background on the Deoband. They are quite a influential seminary. So influential infact that they are the ideological basis of the Taliban. Now we all know what the Taliban did during their rule in Afghanistan.

Update: Mohib of has also posted on this controversy- Things People Do And Stuff Journos Make Up

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China Plans to Make the Qinghai-Tibetan Railway Profitable

The Chinese Neo-Imperialists are now seeking to make a profit out of their newly built white elephant Qinghai-Tibet Railway inaugurated on July 1, 2006.

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The main objectives of the Chinese government in building this railway was

1) To enable the immigration of millions of Han Chinese to Tibet thereby undermining the Tibetan people demographically, culturally and socially in their own homeland and thus secure its vice like grip over Tibet for all time to come.

2) To enable the quick deployment of large numbers of PLA troops to the Tibetan peninsula to put pressure on India whenever they feel like it. China is still not showing any interest in resolving the border issue with India since it gives it the option of yanking up the pressure on India at any time of its own choosing.

But like any good imperialist starting from the Romans down to the British, the French, the Portuguese, the Dutch etc… knew, that the enterprise of building an empire must be profitable. And the Qinghai-Tibet railway is a huge resource hog. It won’t make any profit or even pay for its own way if all it does is just sit there and be a vehicle for some bored Han Chinese immigrants to catch a train to Lhasa or to deploy some extra PLA troops on the plateau to put some additional pressure on India.

The only way they can make a profit out of this railway while also realising their main objectives above is to extend it and connect it to South Asia. This would make it possible for them to ship their cheap manufactured goods made by both prison slave labour and also “free” workers toiling under near slavish conditions to the vast south Asian market.

The Chinese neo-imperialists are already making moves in that direction. They are arm-twisting a weak, tottering government in Nepal to do their bidding. They plan to extend it for now to the Sino-Nepal border and have already expressed their desire to connect it to the Indian railway network itself.

Expect the “useful Idiots” in the Indian establishment from the communists down to the leftist-liberals to the plain stupid to the greedy traitors to soon start a campaign on behalf of their Chinese masters to “convince” the Indian Government and people to help end the “isolation” of Tibet by agreeing to the Chinese “requests” and thus in the process undermine our own National interests and Security. Nothing like subsidising the enemy to kill you.

I can already see the headlines and the accompanying spin in our “(Anti)-National” Newspapers, TV channels etc…

To be contd………….

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Is the Baloch Rebellion All But Over?

Pakistan Army has managed to reach out to a “remote mountain hideout” to kill its “enemy”, the Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti.

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Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Bugti, one of Pakistan’s top insurgents, was killed in a massive military operation in which around 60 other guerrillas were also gunned down. The killings fuelled arson, forcing the authorities to clamp indefinite curfew in the heart of Balochistan.Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani said Bugti, at 82 the grand old man of Baloch nationalism, was killed late Saturday in the hilly Kohlu district of mineral-rich Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest of four provinces and bordering Iran and Afghanistan.

The question being asked now by everyone is whether this spells the end of the Baloch insurgency or does the feelings of alienation run so deep that it could only intensify the armed struggle in Balochistan?

B.Raman in a interview on NDTV 24/7 said that it could only intensify the struggle in Balochistan against a perceived feeling of being dominated and exploited by a “Punjabi-Chinese” axis.

Nitin Pai of The Acorn wonders whether Pakistan could now use its “new found skills” in hunting “mountain rats” to find that bin laden guy too, who is also holed up similarly in a “remote mountain hideout” in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province.

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George of the Jungle Spins it Again

TJS George of the Jungle in his weekly sunday column in the Indian Express (some call it the Spindian Express) dated 27th August 2006 repeated his feat in using another totally unrelated discussion to further his own personal leftist agenda. Last week he had used the personal tragedies of two individuals to beat the drums for the Naxalites who have themselves murdered and killed thousands of innocents without mercy and today he uses the death of Shenai maestro Ustad Bismillah Khan to take potshots at his favourite “Hindutva monsters”.

“That showed up the smallness of the Hindutva politicians who misuse their faith on the one hand and, on the other, the Maulavis who oppose Vandemataram on the ground that Islam prohibits paying obeisance to anyone other than Allah. Bismillah Khan understood his faith more faithfully.”

I simply fail to understand what has the “smallness” of Hindutva politicians or some Islamic fundamentalist’s rant against the singing of the national song has got to do with a discussion on a legend like Ustad Bismillah Khan. Here is a kind of man, a genius who is a national icon and above all considerations of language, region, religion etc… and on the other hand here is a small junglee columnist of a self-delusional “nation-wide” selling newspaper who is misusing the death of such a legend for his own petty ends.

Ofcourse there is no doubt that he wheeled in that Islamic fundamentalist who ranted against the singing of the national song only to give a not so convincing cover to his pathological hate of his perceived “enemies”, the “Hindutva monsters”. This is one phenomenon that the Indian leftists share with the Nazi Propoganda machine. To debase and dehumanise their opponents by ranting against them day in and day out.Even if the only news of the day is Mars passing close to Earth they will spin it somehow to bash their “enemies” real or imagined.

/Feeling sick beyond belief 😡

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ToI(let) Paper Simply Cannot Resist It

ToI(let) paper simply cannot resist taking a swipe at its “enemies” real or imagined and whether or not they are at fault or have nothing at all to do with the incident being discussed at hand.

In a supposedly “well written” editorial dated 26 Aug 2006 titled “Mumbai’s Cross”, the Times of India has rightly condemned the naming of a restaurant in Navi Mumbai after Adolf Hitler as “a shameful example of the triumph of ignorance”.

It goes on to extol the virtues of Mumbai as a great multicultural city where Jewish communities have lived alongside their Indian neighbours in harmony for more than a millenia. It also stresses the point that India is perhaps one of the very few countries in the world with absolutely no history of anti-semitism.

But towards the end of the column, somehow perhaps some editor with an personal agenda of his own thought fit to insert this line.

“but Mumbai’s cosmopolitan character, already under attack not least by Sena chief Bal Thackeray, a self-confessed admirer of Adolf Hitler, was in danger of being further compromised.”

ToI(let) paper is ready to accept Puneet Sablok’s bungling as “a shameful example of the triumph of ignorance” but not the Sena chief’s so called “admiration” of Hitler as maybe perhaps because of a similar level of ignorance.

It is highly doubtful that the Sangh parivar and the Sena chief have any kind of real knowledge of what Hitler really stood for.If they knew they definitely would not shoot off their mouths anymore. There are a lot of people who imagine Hitler to be a great nationalist and martial conqueror and admire him for that even when not agreeing with his ideology of hate.

ToI(let) Paper might be well aware of that or perhaps this is a case of “a shameful example of the triumph of ignorance” on their own part.

Much More likely is that it is a case of pathological hatred of its perceived “enemies”. In this ToI(let) paper has something in common with the Nazi propoganda machine which churned out a thousand lies and half truths about its enemies especially the Jews day in and day out until the lines between reality and imagination blurred to such a large extent that most Germans felt nothing when the “evil” joooos where marched off to the concentration camps to be murdered en masse.

Perhaps ToI(let) paper would be very happy when the Indian Railway network is put to “better” use by marching off those “pesky” Hindus to the concentration camps to be murdered en masse too.

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My Very Eccentric Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets

  •  “My Very Eager Mother Just Sewed Us New Pajamas”
  • Most Valuable Earth Must Jump Straight Up North Pole”
  • My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets”
  • My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets”
  • My Very, Eccentric Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets”

The above are some of the mnemonics by which western school kids memorised the names of the nine planets of the Solar system Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.How did we Indian kids mug up the list? I’am trying to remember whatever technique we used. Can someone share the methods they used back in those days to remember the list of Planets?

Well it is time to revise those mnemonics since there are now only Eight planets!

The International Astronomers Union(IAU) in a vote on 24th August 2006 decided to demote Pluto from the status of a planet because it simply doesn’t make the cut according to the new standards or as some allege as per the new standards deliberately drawn up so that Pluto doesn’t make the cut. There is already a rising rebellion against this controversial decision which was taken by just 424 or 5% of the estimated 10,000 strong professional astronomers fraternity worldwide according to one of the opponents of this move Alan Stern, the leader of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto.

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In the meanwhile Pluto seems to be getting a misty eyed farewell from across the world. It is turning up everywhere from news bulletins to talk shows to sports commentary and it is also topping the search engine lists for the most searched terms in the past couple of days.

Here is one more guy getting a similar sendoff after 50 years of standing on a busy public square named after himself.

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I have been following both stories with great interest. I’am a big fan of both Space sciences and Ancient history and it has been a great week where both occupied the front pages at the same time.

Last year i had entered my name in the list of nearly 430,000 names from all over the Earth that will be carried by New Horizons on its journey to Pluto. The probe was launched on January 19, 2006 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It is slated to arrive at Pluto(the dwarf planet now) in around 2015. It is also the same year that the CEV Orion is supposed to make its first journey to the International Space Station and then just 5 years later put man (and some babes for the first time :)) back on the Moon again.

Right now the New Horizons probe is nearing Jupiter’s orbit while many astronomers back on Earth draw the battlelines to restore Pluto’s honour.

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