Lebanese “terrorist bread” Restaurant

A sandwich can Kill You

Reporter: This is not a military post. Rather, it is a fast-food restaurant in the southern suburb of Beirut. The name of the restaurant and its appearance make all the people passing by stop, but the dishes it serves are bound to make people stay longer Kalashnikov, RPG, Dragunov, Viper, B52 are all examples of these dishes.

Yousef Ibrahim, restaurant owner: I felt this was a good idea. It attracts customers in an unconventional way. I noticed that the moment I opened the place, there was a lot of business. Despite the militaristic concept, whoever looks at the menu starts laughing. My goal was to make people laugh before they ask me: “Why weapons?” If I gave the sandwiches regular names, everything would be plain.

Reporter: High-quality bread is used in Western dishes, but what might “terrorist bread” be?

Yousef Ibrahim: “Terrorist bread” is like a large pita bread, which is made in a special way. Since we, in the Middle East, are at the hub of terrorism, we decided to serve “terrorist bread.”

Reporter: The restaurant’s slogan is “A sandwich might kill you,” because, as the owner says, its dishes are outstanding both in size and in taste. We chose the RPG sandwich – that is, chicken skewers – for lunch. How does it taste? Even though it has the name of a medium-range weapon, it is still nothing but a sandwich.



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