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Its Not Just a Game

Vivek has published an open letter from an Indian Cricket fan who gives a sharp retort to all those ‘losers’ in the Indian media and “intellectual” circles who yap non-stop about how it is all only a game after all and wonder why Indian fans “overreact”.

 Stop saying “it’s just a game” because for us, it is clearly not.And by “us” I mean millions of other people like me. Many of us grew up at a time when India was short on Role Models, Cable TV, Internet, Multiplexes, Video Games, Mobile Phones, Cars, Shopping Malls and many other things. In those days, a good spell by Kapil Dev and a good inning by Sachin Tendulkar were the only things that brought some cheer in our drab lives. Little surprise then, that we fell in love with the game. So much in love, in fact, that a good Indian performance was all we cared about. And why not? It is our team. Isn’t it?

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Herschelle Gibbs Hits Six Sixes in One Over

Gibbs’ six sixes to savour

Herschelle Gibbs smashed his way into World Cup history when he hit six sixes in one over in a Group A match against the Netherlands on Friday.

The South African batsman became only the third man ever to achieve the feat in first class cricket and the first in the World Cup. India’s Ravi Shastri and West Indian Garfield Sobers are the only other players to have hit six sixes in an over in first class cricket.


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