BBC’s “Objectivity Checklist” Goes Right Through the Window

The much vaunted BBC “Objectivity Checklist” which supposedly lays the highest  standards for “objective” reporting for the Beeb’s journo brigade has just been flung right out of the window according to this sharp eyed blogger.

BBC calls it terror when it hits the UK( Link via biased-bbc).

Now, let’s see… violent politicised Islamists are out to kidnap and kill a soldier from what they see as an occupying army……

So if it was Hamas or Islamic Jihad out to get an Israeli soldier, we could rely on the BBC to refer to “militants” “seizing” a soldier.

For example, way back last July we had

Cpl Gilad Shalit was seized by Palestinian militants in an attack on an Israeli border post on Sunday

But tonight, it’s a question of violent politicised Islamists being arrested in Birmingham whilst planning to kidnap and murder a British soldier. So how does the BBC report it?

Q&A: Anti-terror arrests

Police and MI5 have carried out a counter-terrorism operation which has seen nine people arrested under the Terrorism Act in Birmingham…. BBC Security Correspondent Gordon Correra told News 24 the raid followed a period of surveillance by the authorities who suspected that a terror plot of some kind was being developed

p.s- The Beeb is known to silently edit its Online reports so it might not be a surprise if one clicks the above link a week from now and finds a totally different version from what is now online.



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2 responses to “BBC’s “Objectivity Checklist” Goes Right Through the Window

  1. karnataka lover

    keep up the good work.about 20 years back,i am ashamed to admit,that i believed BBC to be Gospel truth.Now i realise it has the same veracity as the official versions of christianity.

    The bastards will edit the online version and then claim everything to be proper.They are past masters in subterfuge and deceit.

  2. smartnlucky

    Great Work please keep up we need more indians like you who can see and highlight media’s bluff.

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