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Dude, where goes my tax money?

How would you feel if your hard earned money is taken away and “redistributed” to the  mostly political activists or favored constituencies of the respective parties in the name of the poor? or blown on some minister’s foreign jaunt or better still into the black hole of hair brained schemes like the NREGS and for the purpose of sending more and more rich or middle class OBC kids to the IITs, IIMs and other institutes of higher learning while myself who has by now paid a good amount in tax money since the last 4 years cannot rely on the government to provide proper services in return- i have to drive on pathetic roads, put up with unreliable and erratic power supply, pathetic public transport, drains that overflow at the first burst of monsoon and added to that the country sorely lacks an efficient public health care system, primary education system and so on and so forth.

India will reform much faster and things will change for the better much more sooner if only more and more Indians demand accountability from the government for how it is spending their hard earned money it collects as taxes.

Narendra Modi should be commended for being the first person to demand such accountability. I completely agree with him that the government should be held accountable for how it spends the taxes it collects from the people.

Should the brightest student in a class be forced to dumb down to accommodate the dullard?

The essence of democracy prevents Indian politicians from giving honest answers to such questions. Ever since “equitable growth” and “inclusive development” became consensual buzzwords, India’s policy framework has been geared to target the last person in the last row. On paper this sounds noble but the reality is less appetising. In the guise of giving a leg up to the needy, we have punished enterprise, rewarded criminality, indulged mediocrity and brutalised the vulnerable. The Incredible India of smiling peasants and the Fab India-kitted woman prancing about on a Rural Employment Guarantee picnic — a la the ads during the IPL telecasts — exist entirely in the imagination of demented propagandists.

The mindless attachment to failed mantras has blunted the politicians’ capacity for innovative thinking. This may be a reason why Modi’s plea to the Centre to let Gujarat enjoy complete fiscal independence for one year has been met with incomprehension or drawn a hysterical response — including the silly assertion that he be charged with sedition.

The chief minister’s demand that revenues from Gujarat be largely spent on Gujarat is a radical departure from existing federal norms. At present, the Centre collects the lion’s share of all major taxes, including income tax and customs and excise duties, leaving the states with the crumbs from stamp duties, irrigation cess, tax on liquor and VAT on consumer sales. A percentage of the central revenues are ploughed back to the states under the Finance Commission’s guidelines. But the returns are never proportionate. Additionally, the Planning Commission doles out the capital expenditure on approved schemes.

The present system was centred on two principles: the government in New Delhi should be a redistributive Centre and development should be centrally planned and not left to the market. The system worked without major hiccups as long as the Centre played the role of a neutral arbiter and until the public sector occupied the “commanding heights” of the economy.

Both assumptions are no longer valid. While the market economy has ushered rivalry between states for private investments, fiercely competitive politics has forced ruling dispensations to be more responsive to voters. At the same time, the growing mismatch between those who pay taxes and those who benefit from government expenditure has produced strains in places as far removed as Darjeeling and Mumbai. There is a feeling that revenues generated in the region are inadequately ploughed back and that the present system favours the inefficient. Likewise, there is dismay over the culture of non-accountability that governs grandiose schemes such as the loan-waiver and the NREGS. Some people, it would seem, pay their hard-earned money in taxes while a small, privileged minority squanders and loots it recklessly. Most important, the system is not geared to apportioning accountability for expenditure. A politician in, say, Jharkhand doesn’t give a damn for fiscal rectitude because he knows that the funds at his disposal have actually emanated from somewhere else.

In saying that Gujarat should have a greater say in the money it gives to the Centre, Modi is not seeking sops and handouts. Shorn off its polemical flourish, it is a call for a new mindset that treats those who pay for nation building with respect.[link]



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Nandigram Massacre

Communist thugs massacre poor, innocent, defenseless villagers in Nandigram, West Bengal because they dared to stand up to their tyranny and prevent the commies from stealing their land and livelihoods.

Warning – graphic video

With the fall of the Soviet Union died the Communist ideology. Now the surviving communist regimes in China, Cuba and West Bengal state in India have lost their ideological veneer and have become plain thugocracies who maintain their power only through sheer terror, intimidation and cheating. They always arrogate themselves the right to speak for the common people but have no qualms to kill them if they dare challenge them in anyway and ofcourse with the usual accompanying gaudy red rhetoric that it is all for their own good !!

This is similar to what is happening in China, very much admired by Indian communists and their sympathizers in the media and intellectual circles, where the Communist government there is stealing land from its poor farmers for the sake of “development”, which could mean anything from a factory to a shiny hotel and golf course, through intimidation and violence. The Chinese government is also involved in a massive organ trafficking scam stealing organs from poor people to sell it to rich foreigners.

Update- Nandigram Media Archive at

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Camlin’s new Permanent Marker Ad

This Ad is a parody on the Rudali custom in India. Hopefully this shameful and humiliating custom has by now joined the ranks of Sati and Child marriage in the dustbin of history where i fervently hope it will soon be joined by the likes of the caste system and female infanticide.

Anyway I thought this Ad was funny. Everyone i showed it to thought it was funny. But the question is why has Camlin not dared to put it on air in India. Perhaps they feel in their bones(that might be broken soon) that there are some people who have appointed themselves as guardians of public morality and humor who might not think it’s funny :).


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Govt Plans Cradle Scheme to ‘Save the Girl Child’

This is something that should have been done much earlier. This is a worthy effort to check the menace of female infanticide and foeticide in the country.And unlike the many hair brained social schemes cooked up by this government till now. This one might actually work if implemented properly.

Centre mulls ‘cradle scheme’ for girl child

“Don’t kill your daughter. The government will raise her.” Taking to desperate measures to check the alarming rise in female foeticide, the Centre is planning a “cradle scheme” for abandoned girl children.

Under the proposed ‘palna’ or cradle scheme, the government plans to open a centre in each district where parents can leave their girl children if they do not want to bring them up themselves.

“We want to put a cradle or ‘palna’ in every district headquarters. What we are saying to the people is have your children, don’t kill them. And if you don’t want a girl child, leave her to us,” Minister of State for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury said in an interview.

The ‘palna’ scheme has been proposed to be put in place during the 11th Five Year Plan as part of a slew of measures to fight the menace of female foeticide.

Now atleast the unwanted girl child will have a chance to live and perhaps some lucky ones will even find a new home and a new life somewhere else rather than ending up in the garbage dump in the backyards of hospitals across the country.

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Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion

I just picked up a copy of Richard Dawkins new book ‘The God Delusion’ after reading Atanu Dey’s suggestion to everyone to get a copy before it is banned since the book criticises the monotheistic religions and could very soon get into the cross hairs of votebank politics.

After going through the preface and the first two chapters by now i think that is not likely to happen. Why? Because the book deals with the subject in a very logical manner without any resort to sensationalism or isolating of any particular faith for “special treatment”. Richard Dawkins takes the following view.

I’am not in favour of offending or hurting anyone just for the sake of it.

and makes his stand clear with the following disclaimer.

It is in the light of the unparalled presumption of respect for religion that I make my own disclaimer for this book.I shall not go out of my way to offend, but nor shall I don kid gloves to handle religion any more gently than I would handle anything else.

The book deals with religion as a whole but concentrates much of its analysis of the phenomenon of God according to the views of the monotheistic or the three Abrahmanic faiths- Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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Canadian Town Rides to the Help of Civilization

A small canadian town has decided that enough is enough and has laid down guidelines that has to be followed by one and all. No more ‘moral equivalence’ and open-ended license to do what one feels like by claiming that it is their “culture” and “religion”. The message is absolutely clear.

Future generations may well see this small town as where the first stand against the Radical Islamist-Leftist Axis was made.

The Stand of Herouxville, Quebec

Municipalite Herouxville Publication of Standards

The social development and territory security are some of the major objective goals of the democratically voted individuals in our MRC. Herouxville being part of the MRC, we share these same objectives. To do this, we would like to invite, without discrimination, in the future, all people from outside our MRC that would like to move to this territory.

Without discrimination means to us, without regard to race or to the color of skin, mother tongue spoken, sexual orientation, religion, or any other form of beliefs.

So that the future residents can integrate socially more easily, we have decided unanimously, to make public, certain standards already in place and very well anchored in the lives of our electors.

These standards come from our municipal laws being Federal or Provincial, and all voted democratically. They also come from the social life and habits & customs of all residents of our territory.

Our objective is to show that we support the wishes of our electors and this being shown clearly by the results of our poll regarding this issue. And our goal is to inform the new arrivals to our territory, how we live to help them make a clear decision to integrate into our area.

We would especially like to inform the new arrivals that the lifestyle that they left behind in their birth country cannot be brought here with them and they would have to adapt to their new social identity.

Published by The mayor and 6 city counselors of Herouxville, democratically elected.

Municipalite Herouxville

The Standards

Our Women
We consider that men and women are of the same value. Having said this, we consider that a woman can; drive a car, vote, sign checks, dance, decide for herself, speak her peace, dress as she sees fit respecting of course the democratic decency, walk alone in public places, study, have a job, have her own belongings and anything else that a man can do. These are our standards and our way of life. However, we consider that killing women in public beatings, or burning them alive are not part of our standards of life.

Our Children
Our children are required to attend public or private schools to insure their social development and to help integrate into our society. Any form of violence towards children is not accepted.[Read it All]

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Happy Republic Day

Today we celebrate 57 years of being a republic. It is easy to take things for granted but it really is wonder that we got this far.No one in 1950 would have predicted that India would remain a democracy for this long and that too in a region replete with autocratic regimes where we are the only democracy between Israel and Japan situated in the western and eastern fringes of Asia respectively.

But except for a little scare during the emergency and the gay abandon with which so many frivolous laws and amendments were passed by our “elected” legislatures the constitution has survived with its basic features intact. The hon’ble Supreme court’s recent verdict on the Ninth schedule also reinforces the concept of the rule of law in our country and establishes constitution as inviolate.

This ofcourse has led to a lot of heartburn among the so called “champions of social justice” who want the constitution to be abrogated and replaced with a Soviet style banana republic where they can then kill innocent men, women and children to save them from themselves and send their other opponents off to “reeducation camps” and the Gulags. And ofcourse none of the “socialist” rules will be applicable to themselves and their families ,they can live in wanton luxury, travel business class, shop in splendor in Paris, Dubai and Singapore, Holiday in the swiss alps, send their children to the luxuriest boarding schools and universities and buy them mercedes and ferraris to enjoy themselves and thereafter attend cocktail parties and conferences on poverty alleviation where they can talk with extemely patronising tones about the poor people and shed crocodile tears for their plight and gain some brownie points from the white trash “intellectuals” like Noam Chomsky and Christiane Amanpour.

p.s- I had been to New Delhi last month and I took some videos from my cellphone of the North and South Blocks of Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Rajpath(where the republic day parade is traditionally held) and India Gate, where an Air Force ceremony was being held to honour their martyrs. Also one can see the preparations for the Republic day parade going on in full swing on either side of Rajpath Road.


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