Assam Burning

The butchering of innocent people by the ULFA thugs in Assam continues unabated while the UPA government watches on as if nothing is out of place

More than 60 people murdered in Assam

GUWAHATI: Violence by the ULFA in Assam continued unabated on as the banned group gunned down two migrant workers, taking the toll in attacks on non-Assamese people to 68, and carried out two bomb blasts even as additional army and paramilitary forces were deployed for counter-insurgency operations.

The Centre rushed 2,000 additional paramilitary personnel to Assam and the army intensified operations against the ULFA by deploying over 10,000 troops in upper Assam, where most of the attacks were carried out.

State government spokesman and Minister Himanta Biswas Sarma said district administrations had been asked to provide security to migrant labourers, who would be taken to a designated place after the day’s work.

The Assam government also took measures to ensure that events did not take a communal turn, especially in the wake of a SMS campaign carried out in Tinsukia by “vested interests”.

Panic-stricken migrants headed for railway stations in Dibrugarh, Tinsukia and Sibsagar to return to their home states though the administration denied there was an exodus. The fleeing migrants, mostly women, children and old men who sold milk or worked as daily wage labourers, told reporters they were waiting to board the next available train for Bihar.

This is where the UPA’s ‘Terrorist Appeasement’ Policy has led us into. And yet they seem to have not learnt a lesson.

They still think that all they have to do is notch up their terrorist appeasement a bit higher by stooping themselves much more lower to these thugs.

p.sAlso read Offstumped, retributions and barbarindians.



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5 responses to “Assam Burning

  1. Indeed Apollo. The news from Assam is heart-wrenching. The killing of Indian citizens inside our own territory cannot be permitted. ULFA took advantage of the peace talks to be armed and regrouped. Now they have solidly established bases in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

    The earlier NDA government flushed out ULFA camps operating out of Bhutan with their help. This government needs that courage and determination to do the same in Myanmar and Bangladesh. The electoral chaos in Bangladesh offers the right time for our forces to step in.


  2. CN, surely this UPA government will definitely go down in history as one of the most incompetent since independence.

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