Back to Square One in Assam

The Army has now been recalled once again to Assam and has begun operations to clear up the mess created by the inept, greedy and short sighted politicians.

This is a sad pattern repeated in a sort of ‘infinite loop’ in this country. The Politicians and (IAS) bureaucrats screw up royally in a given area and then call in the Army to bring the situation under control. Once the Army finishes its job the opportunistic, pea brained politicians go ahead and unfailingly screw up once more and when the situation goes out of hand(again!), they recall the Army to clean it up(once more!). And it goes on and on and on.

Army scours Assam jungles to hunt for ULFA

The Indian Army on Tuesday kept a fleet of helicopters on standby as thousands of soldiers scoured the jungles in the violence-torn northeastern state of Assam hunting for separatists blamed for a recent wave of attacks targeting Hindi-speaking people that killed 72.

An Assam government spokesman said three militants of the outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) were killed and three more captured in separate raids in the past two days.

“The military crackdown against the ULFA is going on in full swing with our soldiers in hot pursuit of the rebels. There have been substantial headways in the entire exercise,” army spokesman Colonel Narender Singh said.

The ULFA attacks targeting migrant workers that began Friday prompting New Delhi to launch a massive military assault against the rebels.

“The idea of the military operation is to clear separatist bases in the jungles and to restore normalcy and instill confidence among the people,” Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said.

An army brigade (about 4,000 personnel) is currently conducting raids in eastern Assam, while hundreds of paramilitary troopers and police commandos were also involved in separate anti-insurgency operations in the area.

“A total of about 140 paramilitary companies (about 14,000 personnel) were in the field alongside the Assam Police battalions,” the chief minister said.

Defence Minister AK Antony and Army Chief General JJ Singh on Tuesday arrived in Assam to review the anti-insurgency operations against the ULFA.

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