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B Raman’s Open Letter to Kasuri

B Raman writes a open letter to Kasuri who called for intelligence co-operation between Indian and Pakistani agencies, recounting the history of the attempted Indo-Pak intelligence co-operation from the 1980s onwards calling it a dialogue of the deaf where the Pakistanis repeatedly stonewall and lie through their teeth even in the face of overwhelming evidence.He ends his letter by summarizing as follows.

You would now understand, I hope, why there is not much enthusiasm in India to the idea of a Joint Mechanism for Counter-Terrorism Co-operation. They say once bitten, twice shy. India has been bitten thrice — after the Shimla talks between Indira Gandhi and Z A Bhutto; after the meetings between Verma and Hamid Gul; and after the meeting between A B Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif at Lahore in February 1999.

Mr Foreign Minister, Pakistan has handed over so many terrorism suspects to the US and other countries. Forget about terrorists. Can you recall even a single instance where Pakistan has handed over even a cattle-lifter to India? Whenever India has asked Pakistan to hand over a terrorist or other criminal, Pakistan’s response has been that India has not been able to produce convincing evidence against him. And whenever India has asked Pakistan to hand over a non-Muslim terrorist, Pakistan’s response has been: ‘Yes, we agree you have good evidence against him, but your information that he is in our territory is wrong.’ The handing-over of the Sikh army deserters is the only instance of such action by Pakistan that I can recall. I cannot understand even today why Gul did it. Was he planning to use them to collect military intelligence from India?

All Pakistan has to do to demonstrate its sincerity is to hand over some of the terrorists from India living in Pakistani territory before the first meeting of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Mechanism. It will have a big impact in India and many sceptics will start supporting the mechanism.

India would do well to heed this lesson of history and dump that nonsense called the joint anti-terrorism institutional mechanism. It too is doomed to suffer the same fate as above.


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Pakistan Forcelifts Samjhauta Train blast Survivors

Why the hurry to forcibly take away all the injured still recuperating from their wounds? Is it because the Pakis were afraid that some canaries will sing? What is Pakistan hiding from the World?

NEW DELHI: Seven survivors of the Samjhauta Express tragedy were forced on Thursday to leave Safdarjung Hospital on short notice and taken away to a waiting Pakistan Air Force aircraft to be flown back home.

All of them were badly burned and a few of them pleaded that they be allowed to stay back for a few days more for their wounds to heal. Some said they had no one at home to look after them. But the doctors said they were helpless; these were orders from above.

It transpires that Pakistan was adamant to take back their citizens who had survived the blast, no matter what their medical condition. To make matters worse for them, they were rushed out of the sanitised burns unit in the afternoon, but until the time of writing their aircraft had not taken off, ostensibly due to ‘‘technical reasons’’. In other words, they are waiting in the plane without medical attention.

Some of them need it badly. For instance, 9-year-old Shamim was on ventilator when he was almost dragged out of Safdarjung’s ICU along with six others and put on a PAF special aircraft to be airlifted to Lahore. Some of the blast victims cried in vain to be allowed to stay back till they recuperated.

This is even more puzzling considering what Kasuri had said a day earlier in front of the Safdarjung Hospital. But his full account is somehow missing in all of the Media. This is what he said.

“I express my appreciation to the doctors who are attending on the (Pakistani) patients. They are taking really good care of them,”.” We Will be guided by the doctors advice on when we can take them back”.

Kasuri in Front of Safdarjung Hospital(Video Link)

But that last line has been quietly edited out by the media. It is nowhere to be found even though i myself saw it atleast 3 times on different news channels.

I think it is a wise idea to get a TV tuner card and record the videos ourselves so that we can catch the media lies, cover-ups and distortions red handed. Perhaps it is also a good idea to keep an eye on some online articles and see how they are being quietly edited over a period of time when they think that no one is looking and also compare them with the circulated hard copies of their newspapers and magazines.


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Gas Pipeline Blown Up by Baloch Rebels

That too in the very area where that accursed pipeline from Iran to India will have to pass through if built.

Quetta, Balochistan: Suspected Baloch militants blew up a gas pipeline near Quetta on Tuesday, cutting supplies to a power plant and several areas, a gas company official said. Gas supplies were cut to four districts near Quetta and a 95 MW city power plant. Supplies might be restored to some areas within 24 hours, Nawaz said. No one was hurt in the early morning blast in the outskirts of Quetta. “They planted explosives under an 18-inch pipeline that blew out a 4-foot piece of the pipe,” said Sheikh Nawaz, general manager of Sui Southern Gas Company.

If that pipeline is built not only will India have sleepless nights worrying about when the Paki goverment will pull the plug on this vital line. One has to also worry about when the Baloch militants will want to use it for some target practice.

Added to that India will have to pay several hundreds of millions of dollars as transit fees to Pakistan. That’s a lot of easy money for Pak to finance its terrorist campaigns against India.

The whole hair brained pipeline deal therefore is a lose-lose bargain all the way and should be scrapped right away, if it has not been already. A very viable alternative to this is to use the sea route since

1) India can then import all the gas it needs from every friggin part of the world including Iran and even Venezuela.

2) The Indian Navy can very much handle anyone who wants to play some mischief along the way.

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Samjhauta Train Blasts handiwork of Pak-based militants: India

End of ALL Speculation. It is not the Martians, not the mythical Hindu terrorists and certainly not the flying spaghetti monster but terrorist militant charity “freedom fighter” groups based in the territory of our own “loving neighbour” to the west having nearly 28 years of worldwide experience in doing these kind of things –butchering innocent civilians and then hiding behind a wall of lies and denials.

February 21, 2007– Security agencies probing the Samjhauta Express blasts on Tuesday night said the incident was the handiwork of Pakistan-based militant groups.

Highly-placed sources in Union Home Ministry said they had “vital clues,” which included a telephonic conversation between a caller from Delhi to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The sources declined to give out the identity of the militant groups behind the blasts, but hinted at sleeper cells of Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

These militant groups, the sources said, have adopted a new modus operandi of detonating low-intensity blasts with explosive materials comprising readily available combustibles.

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Pak Politicians want Terrorism to Continue in J&K

So much for the “Peace process”. The mainstream Indian media never tires of repeating ad nauseum that the majority of Pakis are peace loving and it is only a “tiny minority” of extremists who are against peace with India. But the reality on the ground looks so very different from their make believe world.

Asserting that any decision on Kashmir must not be made without the approval of Parliament, leaders across Pakistan’s political spectrum have rejected President Pervez Musharraf’s proposals to resolve the vexed issue and asked for continued “jihad” in the state.

A conference on Kashmir, which was attended, among others, by Pakistan Muslim League-N Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq, General Secretary of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Maulana Fazlur Rehman, President of Pakistan People’s Party Makhdoom Amin Fahim and PoK President Raja Zulqarnain, demanded a discussion of the government’s policies on Kashmir in Parliament.

Participants adopted a resolution rejecting the four-point proposals of Musharraf, which include demilitarisation and joint control of the disputed state by India and Pakistan.

They also demanded that the Kashmir policy be discussed in Parliament in 2008 after the next general elections and that jihad should be continued, the Daily Times reported.

Lets face it. In their culture any compromise or treaty is just Hudna- a mere timeout to rearm and reengage from a stronger position.

And the dichotomy is even more revealing. Our peaceniks shout at the top of their voices all the time that it is the Pakistani Army alone that has a selfish interest in keeping the embers of kashmir issue burning and if Pakistan becomes a democracy there will be peace.

Unfortunately the above stand taken jointly by all the political parties of Pakistan pours cold water on that theory. Even if there are free and fair elections tomorrow it will only put the above worthies in power, nothing is going to change from their end.

It is better we Indians see this situation for what it really is rather than let ourselves get carried away by the shenanigans of the “peace” process.

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‘Communal Socialist’ PM Welcomes “Enlightened Dictator’s” Proposals on the “Kashmir Issue”

PM Manmohan Singh newly dubbed as the ‘Communal Socialist PM’ has welcomed the ‘Four point proposals’ of the neighbourhood “Enlightened dictator” to “solve” the “Kashmir issue”.

Sunday, December 17, 2006 (New Delhi):

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has welcomed Pakistan President General Musharraf’s four-point offer on resolving the Kashmir dispute.Musharraf made this offer in an exclusive interview with NDTV’s Prannoy Roy.

The PM said that India is ready to discuss all outstanding issues with Pakistan including J&K.

“I give high priority to normalising our relations with Pakistan by solving all outstanding issues between our two countries. That also includes the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. If anytime new ideas come, we welcome them and I would like to say that in the last two and half years we have had very intensive dialogue with Pakistan,” said Singh.

The “Enlightened dictator” had made this offer to Senior Pakistani propogandist Indian Journalist Prannoy Roy during a meeting interview on PTV India NDTV Channel.

Rajeev Srinivasan, a Rediff Columnist on his blog had called this proposal of the “Enlightened dictator” as nothing new but the same old Pakistani negotiating ploy of ‘What we have is ours, what you have is up for talks’.

Yossarin of Offstumped termed the four point proposals as a “nonstarter”.

Musharraf’s Kashmir proposals are a non-starter not because they are unacceptable to India but because they amount to nothing. They are all about media headliners and soundbites while meaning precious little to in concrete terms.


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Victory in the 1971 War

On this day, December 16th, 35 years ago the Indian Armed Forces scored a spectacular victory against the Pakistanis. The Pakistani Army in East Pakistan under Lt Gen A.A.K. Niazi Surrendered to Lt Gen J.S. Aurora thus ending the war and leading to the creation of a new country, Bangladesh.

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The victory was the result of excellent planning, co-ordination and hard work at all levels of the Armed Forces and for a refreshing change the civilian leadership led by then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi played a supportive role to the war effort with her brilliant leadership.

But later the Indian diplomacy would return to its bad old ways and simply fritter away all the hard earned gains of our soldiers in the war at the Simla Conference of July 2, 1972. On the 35th Anniversary of the end of the 1971 War

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