Rajdeep Sardesai named Impact Person of the Year

Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN has been named Impact magazine’s Person of the Year 2006. Impact who? Well, no one had supposedly heard of them till they decided to make this guy their Person of the Year. Maybe they hope that by this act some of his “fame” will rub off on them too and help push up their sales. As of now they don’t seem to have even a proper website.And i don’t remember seeing their copies on any newsstand.

So get this strategy right. If you are a struggling magazine desperately wanting to come out of the pits make sure to institute an award to “reward” well recognised people with recognitions.

The list of nominees drawn up by Impact – a weekly magazine that focuses on the media – included some of the biggest names in the media industry, all icons in their own fields.

This way whoever wins you get recognised for sure.

So what are the so called “achievements” of Rajdeep Sardesai that got him this “recognition” from a not so well recognised magazine.

His channel’s coverage of the reservation stir in May 2006 where he desperately tried to give a good spin to the pro-reservation crowd.He conducted a sham survey along with his pal Yogendra Yadav and tried to twist the results in a show debate held in his channel to suit his own point of view.

Subsequently the Acorn also published this letter to Rajdeep Sardesai from Sameer wagle. where he pointed out CNN-IBN’s bias in the coverage.

The anti-reservation stir has been led by idealistic students with no political axe to grind. They are fighting on principles without any resources to back them and facing the might of the government.

The pro-reservation agitation on the other hand is led by jobless professional politicians (Dalit Panthers etc) who are doing so mainly for vote-bank politics. The number of anti-reservation students far exceeds whatever few people the pro-reservation politicians can gather.

Yet you equate the two in a bid to be seen as fair. This is not objective journalism. Every news coverage that you give to the anti-reservation guys you will show some 10-15 pro-reservation guys just to look balanced. You don’t look at the numbers of people, their backgrounds or their motivation levels

He displayed a very pathetic attitude during the 7/11 Mumbai tragedy. He was jumping up and down all the time reminding his viewers that his channel was the first to report the “breaking news” and that his newsfeed is being carried by CNN all over the world.

And a month later he participated in the UPA government’s efforts to play down the incident and by the time of the Havana appeasement he was in the forefront of those wanting the Indian government to hug the dictator and let bygones be bygones.

He later supported the clemency petition for Parliament attack convict Mohammed Afzal for which the terrorist himself thanked him profusely.

Afzal said he was moved by the ‘solidarity’ he has received from people, cutting across ideological divides(An eupheism for the Indian Media which pretends to represent everyone), apart from the support he got from Jammu and Kashmir.

So ladies and gentlemen applause please!

May his tribe go extinct.



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5 responses to “Rajdeep Sardesai named Impact Person of the Year

  1. Nice blog.. I first reached here about a month ago. Carry on..

    By the way, Rajdeep Sardesai is married to Sagarika ghose, the daughter of Bhaskar Ghose, ex-head of DoorDarshan, the commie socialist kaangresi propaganda channel.

  2. thanks shadows.

    yes, i knew about that. quite strange that she still continues to use her maiden name. Maybe we have a mini Hillary in the making here ;).

  3. Chandan

    Hey Apollo, I have been a regular visitor of your blog, and every entry you posted is simply outstanding. The blogroll on the site too is a great collection. So thanks for doing this. Love your work.

  4. thanks for the kind words Chandan 🙂

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