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The UN Secretary-General Caught Lying Through his Teeth

The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan accused Israel of “deliberately targetting” the UNIFIL peacekeepers. Being in such a responsible position he should have atleast “tried” to ascertain the truth. Which he wouldn’t do ofcourse. Since it somehow doesn’t suit his agenda especially now since he and his son were caught with their pants down in the Oil for Food Scam.

The leftist-liberal media ofcourse went to town over this with the usual breast beating and planted stories of how “evil” Israel was doing horrible things to “innocent” lebanese. Notice how they conveniently transition from innocent lebanese comprised of old, disabled, women and children to brave jehadis depending on the mood of the media or the need of the propoganda.

The party pooper came from a very unlikely source. Their own press statement dated 24th July which says:

“One unarmed UN military observer, a member of the Observer Group Lebanon (OGL), was seriously wounded by small arms fire in the patrol base in the Marun Al Ras area yesterday afternoon. According to preliminary reports, the fire originated from the Hezbollah side during an exchange with the IDF. He was evacuated by the UN to the Israeli side, from where he was taken by an IDF ambulance helicopter to a hospital in Haifa. He was operated on, and his condition is now reported as stable”.

Notice that Kofi Annan never acknowledged this incident. He never asked Hezbollah to stop using the UN positions as cover nor did he thank Israel for saving the life of one of his peacekeepers.

Also one of the Canadian peacekeepers among the 4 killed due to the bombing in his email to a Canadian Media Network nine days earlier had said that there was no “deliberate targeting”. His email ends by saying:

What I can tell you is this: we have on a daily basis had numerous occasions where our position has come under direct or indirect fire from both artillery and aerial bombing. The closest artillery has landed within 2 meters of our position and the closest 1000 lb aerial bomb has landed 100 meters from our patrol base. This has not been deliberate targeting, but has rather been due to tactical necessity“.

Tactical necessity??? Why? Because Hezbollah was using the UN positions as a shield against Israeli fire. What can you expect from this bunch when they use their own civilian population as human shields?.



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House of Representatives Passes the Indo-US Nuclear Co-operation Bill but Concerns Remain

The US House of Representatives passed the ‘United States and India Nuclear Cooperation Promotion Act’ on July 26th 2006. This Act is also called as House Resolution 5682.

The proceedings began with the tabling of House Resolution 947, which sought for consideration of HR5682. When this was put to vote it passed with a margin of 311-112 with 9 abstentions. Of this Republicans voted for by a margin 224-1 and Democrats voted against the motion by 87-110.

This set the tone for the whole session with democratic support for the bill lagging well behind the Republican one raising question marks over whether the said Bill is really a bi-partisan effort after all.

Four important amendments and one motion to the Bill were introduced. Two were passed and two other amendments and the motion which were termed as “deal breakers” were defeated.

The First amendment was introduced by Representative Cliff Stearns(R-FL). It was “to reinforce the intent of the congress that the Nuclear Cooperation into which the two governments would enter is for peaceful, productive purposes, and not military“. This amendment passed by a voice vote and was later confirmed with a recorded vote which was unanimous 414-0. 219 Republicans and 194 democrats voted in favour while 11 Republicans and 7 Democrats abstained.

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If You Really Want to Ban(g) all Anti-National Websites

Dear UPA,

I have been noticing with increasing admiration your “pro-activeness” in banning some Anti-National sites especially those with the hated word “Hindu” in their name. May i take this opportunity to bring to your notice another Anti-national website with a “Hindu” in its name.

Infact many say that its content is identical to one of those on the ban list Now that’s killing two birds with one stone. I invite u to not miss the great opportunity, a milestone in your earnest attempt to establish a worker’s paradise right here in India on the lines of North Korea, Laos and Cuba.

Lets review the Checklist…

The offending website

1. Has the word “Hindu” in its name – Aye!

2. Has Anti-national & Anti-Hindu(yes, yes Hindu again) content – Aye!

3. Has content identical to that of two banned extremist sites and – Aye!

Besides that it has the temerity to bring out a broadsheet in broad daylight everyday from India’s major cities announcing itself as THE HINDU in size 30 bold font.see see


Why does not our collective sick ular blood boil at this overt and blatant advertisement of Hindu Fascism?????

Plus it has the audacity to appoint a man called “Ram”as its Editor-in-Chief. This man Ram besides being named after a “Hindu” diety is also suspected to harbour extremist views similar to those advocated by and

Expecting u r reply and action in this regard at the earliest

With Fervent hopes,


Co-signatories – Barkha Nutt, Rajdeep ” I broke the news first” Sorry Desai, Sagarika “snorting heroine” Ghose.


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Ask Not What Your Country Can do For You.

The Indian Armed Forces have risen to every occasion when the country or its people have raised a call of distress and looked for help and assistance. No matter what the occasion whether it was the Gujarat Earthquake of 2001, The Tsunami of 2004 or the Jammu & Kashmir Earthquake of October 2005. Even though they too had been affected by those tragedies they wasted no time or spared no effort to bring relief and rescue to their fellow countrymen in their hour of need.

In the last one week we have seen this exemplary character and dedication to duty yet again. The Indian Navy was quick to move into Beirut, Lebanon to evacuate thousands of Indians working there from the War that had suddenly broken out.Those evacuated were ordinary workers who had no other means of escape. The Navy sent in 4 warships INS Mumbai, INS Brahmaputra, INS Shakti and INS Betwa to ferry the Indians to safety from the port of Beirut to Cyprus from where they were flown back home by the national carrier Air-India repeating its stellar performance of the First Gulf War crisis.


During the weekend the Indian Army also helped rescue a 6 year old boy, Prince who had fallen into an uncovered ditch in Kurukshetra, Haryana. The Indian Army core of Engineers dug a underground tunnel from a nearby abandoned well to pull him out after a near 50 hour ordeal.


Also July 26th, 2006 is the Seventh Anniversary of the Kargil Vijay Diwas. It was on this day back in 1999 that the Indian Army and Air Force scored a spectacular victory over the Pakistani Army which had illegally occupied the heights of Kargil.


Please pay your tributes here on this solemn occasion. Also remember some of the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice Lt col R. Vishwanathan, Major R.S. Adhikari, Major Padmapani Acharya, Squadron leader Ajay Ahuja and many, many others.

Truly the Indian Armed Forces are the pride of our Nation. No wonder they command an immense amount of respect and affection from their fellow countrymen.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest- A Fantastic Thrill Ride

One more sequel trying to cash in on the success and brand name of the first movie. To be fair Disney always planned to do a sequel to the movie that is why the first movie carried the tag The Curse of the Black Pearl. That movie made ample sense. This one simply does not. Suffice to say that if this one i.e., Dead Man’s Chest would have come out first, the whole POTC franchise would have sunk with all of Disney’s Treasure into the warm waters of the Bahamas or maybe not, with Captain Jack Sparrow steering the ship with such an electric and endearing performance it would nevertheless have found its way to the box-office treasure chest.

The last movie ended with Commander Norrington letting Captain Jack Sparrow escape with his Black Pearl. Now Norrington has resigned his commission from the Navy and the East Indian Trading Company’s new officer Lord Beckett imprisons Elizabeth and Will Turner for helping Capt Jack Sparrow in his escape.

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The Great Indian Blog Ban: The Day when the Indian and American Right found themselves on the same page

The Indian Government in the aftermath of the Mumbai Bombings on July 11th, 2006 sent a circular dated July 13th to the nearly 150 Internet Service Providers(ISPs) in India asking them to ban 20 websites/blogs. The ISPs of India for all the talk of India’s IT prowess did not seem to possess the requisite technology to block only the sub-domains and “mistakenly” blocked the entire domains like, and A lot many Indian bloggers and netizens have their blogs on these sites and they found their own blogs inaccessible. The enraged Indian blogger community got together and formed the Bloggers Collective and opposed this move tooth and nail.The issue snowballed into a huge controversy and was widely reported by the mainstream media across the world.

The reason dished out by the government for this move was that the free anonymous services being provided by these websites were being misused by the terrorists to communicate among themselves and co-ordinate attacks and the sites were blocked only temporarily for about 48 hours to track these elements. The Indian Bloggers sceptical of these ham-handed explanations filed a Right To Information application and obtained the list that was circulated to the ISPs.

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Bomb found in Bangalore Bus


A crude bomb was found in an Bangalore BMTC Bus late night yesterday. At first the conductor who found it is reported to have thought that it might be some Black magic powder and he actually carried the package out of the Bus and put it on the platform. But after seeing “some wires” hanging out of the package he got suspicious and called in the authorities.

Bangalore is not very alert about security issues unlike Delhi or Mumbai. Very surprising considering the city hosts a big Army Base and several Defence production and R&D institutions plus of course the famed IT/BPO companies. There is no security drill here ever, and the police are happy carrying lathis, growing potbellies and flicking some easy money out of street hawkers and harassing innocent motorists.

The very fact that the conductor, a “trained” public services personnel failed to report a suspicious package immediately and instead carried it outside the bus himself is cause for concern. If this is his level of alertness what does it say of the ordinary members of the public?

As usual the inept Government has decided to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted. They have now “tightened” security with the help of the Bangalore police (with their lathis, potbellies and outstretched greasy hands) at all important public places like bus stations, rail stations, airports and of course their own houses and cars.


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