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Deja Vu Again!

The Mumbai Police are claiming that they have solved the Mumbai 7/11 blasts case and they know who did it.

Hint- It is not those pesky Amazonian Red Indians, no not even those troublesome Eskimoes

It is hold your breath- Our own good neighbour, no not Bhutan.

Mumbai cops’ claim baseless: Pakistan

Pakistan on Saturday termed as baseless and fabricated the Mumbai police’s finding that its intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence masterminded the July 11 train blasts and said it was aimed at maligning the country.


While the Pakistan Foreign Office was yet to react, Minister of State for Information Tariq Azam rejected the claim and said India can provide any evidence it has and that Pakistan will investigate it.

Nitin Pai of the Acorn wonders whether the so called “joint institutional mechanism against Terrorism” of the Havana fame can be put to use here. It won’t be of any use since the Pakistanis simply lie to our face and what are we gonna do about it?

This is not some day to day crime, it is an ACT OF WAR and it should be dealt as such. No need to waste time on conducting investigations, rounding up the ISI’s footsoldiers et al. I think our time of reckoning has come.



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Please Forgive our “Misguided Youth” or Else

Thousands of yet to be misguided youth in Jammu & Kashmir are demonstrating against a Delhi court order to send Jaish-e-Mohammed Militant and parliament attack accused Mohammed Afzal to the gallows. Their cause is championed by a distinguished member of Sonia Gandhi’s kitchen cabinet and J&K CM Ghulam Nabi Azad and the usual suspects in our “leftist crap dishing” media. They were fully ready with sob stories of Afzal’s 68 year old mother, wife and six year old Kid.

Post-Friday prayer protests turned violent in Srinagar as angry protestors demanding Afzal Guru’s release, who has been given the death sentence in the Parliament attack case, resorted to heavy stone pelting.

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A Delhi court had on September 26 ordered Afzal to be hanged till death in Tihar jail on October 20 for his role in the December 13, 2001, terror attack on Indian Parliament.

Hundreds of youths(Buddhist, Christian, Quakers??) gathered outside mosques in various localities of downtown Srinagar after the Friday prayers and held protests.


Around 6,000 locals marched in Anantnag town carrying banners in favour of Afzal Guru.

“Hang all Kashmiris or release Afzal,” said the banners carried by protestors in Anantnag town where the procession was led by south Kashmir chief priest Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir.

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The UN Secretary-General Post Goes To….

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon has won an informal UN Security Council vote to find Secretary General Kofi Annan’s successor, diplomats say.

The 15 members of the Security Council voted on seven candidates in their third secret ballot on Thursday.

Mr Ban comfortably beat Shashi Tharoor, the Indian UN Undersecretary General for public information who came second.

Mr Annan is due to step down at the end of the year after heading the organisation since 1997.

It was certain from the word go that Shashi Tharoor wouldn’t make it. The UN system is not a free and fair democracy, the candidates are chosen in behind the doors deals between different competing powers and interests and usually the least controversial candidate is chosen.

The US was emphatic from the beginning that it wants someone who was not a UN insider ruling out Shashi Tharoor who has spent all his career in the United Nations.

The OIC voting bloc would not support an Indian candidate because that would displease Pakistan.

China wouldn’t want an Indian Secretary-General no matter what they say in Public and what we pretend to believe in Public.

Given this scenario it is a a mystery why our “wonderful”(sic!) UPA government decided to throw its hat into the ring. It was a futile exercise all the way.

Update: Shashi Tharoor Withdraws from the UNSG race.

Why it was such a futile effort in the end- The Lesson from New York

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How Will You Likely be Insulted by the Macaca Guy?

The George Allen Insult Generator

He called an Indian-American student who was tailing his campaign a “Macaca”. Later he explained that he “did not know, what it means”.

But it did not end there….

A handful of the Virginia senator’s former football teammates claim he repeatedly used the word nigger. The New York Times wrote on Tuesday that two of Allen’s former acquaintances recall that he said the word. Allen has denied the allegations. “The story and his comments and assertions in there are completely false,” he told the Associated Press. “I don’t remember ever using that word and it is absolutely false that that was ever part of my vocabulary.”

Seems like he has a canned excuse for insulting anyone. “Geez, i dunno what it meant, honest”.

But then he forgot that this particular Macaca was holding a camera to his face. Stupid humanoid- thou who walketh on two legs while putting one of those feet in own mouth (in front of a camera??) instead of a Banana.

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Musharraf on the Daily Show

Watch how many uncomfortable moments Jon Stewart gave the General. Especially observe the choke at timeline 7:45. I think Jon nailed him there.


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Price of Betrayal?

People betray their country for their own reasons. Some for money and some for ideology or belief. But these two senior staffers of the National Security Council betrayed their own country for promises of plum jobs in American multinational companies.

Top secrets leaked for MNC jobs in US?

All it took was an offer of plum portfolios in United States multinational companies like Microsoft for two senior staffers of National Security Council Secretariat to leak top secret documents to elusive American ‘diplomat’ Rosanna Minchew, a Delhi police probe has revealed.

Classified documents seized from the accused persons, include Nuclear Doctrine draft report, the foreign policy on the Thai KAR Canal and futuristic NSCS plans for data sharing network among security agencies, police said.

Analysis of a pen drive recovered from Paul’s NSCS office showed 67 files containing over 1,000 pages of data marked ‘secret’ relating to national security. It involved data on monthly intelligence reviews, strategic analysis and documents of strategy with foreign nations, police said.

Retired NSCS employee Mukesh Saini, at the time of his arrest in June 2006, was nurturing a ‘promising’ career with US-based software giant, Microsoft — courtesy Minchew.

His co-accused, Shib Shanker Paul, a senior computer analyst with the NSCS, even disclosed that he worked for Minchew as she had ‘assured him of a good job in any of the US IT multinationals,’ police said.

And what does the Indian Government do? Nothing. If this had happened in China, they would have made Bill Gates go down on his knees and beg for forgiveness by now.

This also reflects poorly on the patriotism of the Indians. The Americans are shit scared of letting in anyone of Chinese origin into any of their sensitive facilities fearing that they might compromise their cherished secrets but in case of Indians it looks like we ourselves have to be careful about the ‘hidden wolves’ in our midst.


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Was it Bin Laden’s Funeral?

In the light of the unconfirmed intelligence reports about Bin laden’s death in late August due to a water-borne illness. Was it Bin Laden’s funeral that was being attended to by nearly 200 of the Taliban’s top leadership?

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US Military missed bombing a Funeral attended by Taliban Leaders

WASHINGTON (AP) – The U.S. military acknowledged Wednesday that it considered bombing a group of more than 100 Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan but decided not to after determining they were on the grounds of a cemetery.

The decision came to light after an NBC News correspondent’s blog carried a photograph of the insurgents. Defense department officials first tried to block further publication of the photo, then struggled to explain what it depicted.

NBC News claimed U.S. Army officers wanted to attack the ceremony with missiles carried by an unmanned Predator drone but were prevented under rules of battlefield engagement that bar attacks on cemeteries.

It might be idle speculation. But why would nearly 200 Taliban leaders turn up for a funeral if it was not of some important guy?

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