Camlin’s new Permanent Marker Ad

This Ad is a parody on the Rudali custom in India. Hopefully this shameful and humiliating custom has by now joined the ranks of Sati and Child marriage in the dustbin of history where i fervently hope it will soon be joined by the likes of the caste system and female infanticide.

Anyway I thought this Ad was funny. Everyone i showed it to thought it was funny. But the question is why has Camlin not dared to put it on air in India. Perhaps they feel in their bones(that might be broken soon) that there are some people who have appointed themselves as guardians of public morality and humor who might not think it’s funny :).



Filed under Freedom of Speech & Information, India, Social Issues, TV/Movies

3 responses to “Camlin’s new Permanent Marker Ad

  1. hey there
    im doing a review on this advert
    could you please tell me if it is already aired in India?
    thank you

  2. Sanjay Bhowmck

    I hope it is never released. I hope it is never allowed to be released. It is by repeating such innuendos that shameful practices perpetuate. This ad is an insult to womanhood, and a shame on men. Men in India need to start respecting their women, any women, and stop insulting them. This includes educated men.

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