Extremist Preaching in UK Mosques

Channel 4 of the UK has done a undercover story on extremist preaching in the UK Mosques as part of its Dispatches TV series. It is a must see program.There are six clips and their total duration is one hour.

Dispatch 2
Dispatch 3
Dispatch 4
Dispatch 5
Dispatch 6

Come to think of it. The British are only now waking upto the dangers of these Saudi funded radical Islamists. Until now they were willing to look the other way as long as these elements targetted someone else far, far away either in their own countries or in troublespots such as Algeria, Kashmir, Chechnya, Egypt, Palestine, Aceh etc… many times even using these radicals to further their own selfish foreign interests. But now that they are caught in the crosshair themselves their attitude is beginning to see a sea change for the better.



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7 responses to “Extremist Preaching in UK Mosques

  1. andrew

    I have wathced parts of the video and see that all they have done is cut and paste words and ignored the entire picture. The muslim speakers in this video are misquoted. It is not appropriate to take a speech and cut and paste parts. It would be like quoting the bible without reading the verses before and after, making it sound as if the book was a negative, terrorist book. I do not think this is humane or proper. I request that whoever taped this, would explain his/her reasons for cutting and pasting verses and putting it on public television.

  2. Sabine Lenkeit

    I agree totally with Andrew, it is not fair to cut speaches in little parts and using them for there convinence. Those people who did that are just searching to make the hate against Muslims bigger and this is really sad. Isnt there not enough hate and wars in this world? The Islamic Religion is the most peaceful but people want to turn it in a agressive Religion because they dont want it to grow more because Islam is the fastest growing Religion in the world and ask yourself why! I hope there will be justice and the truth about the whole speach will show up, than people see the bad intention from the maker of that ignorant video.

  3. Monty

    Just one example among many….
    “We are going to kill the Jews, the whole lot of them, oink oink…..”

    Now Andrew and Sabine, what kind of context can you wrap around that to make it innoccuous and pacific? I would be intrigued to know.

    There comes a point in a tirade of abuse and hate speech, all of it emanating from diverse events held in “moderate” islamic institutions, when one has to apply the only sensible criterion and face the facts.

    The curates egg is only “good in parts” if you can find some genuinely good parts without bribing the Public Health Inspector.
    Here in the UK we had to come to terms with the iniquitous career of one Dr Harold Shipman. Dr Shipmans hobby was murdering his patients in their own homes. The funeral directors complained to the police, but nothing was done. Until he had killed upwards of 100 folk by lethal injection. You see it was just too unthinkable. But if to lose one patient is unfortunate, to lose 100 is decidedly suspicious.

    These characters in the documentary were preaching to audiences who should have sent for the police. They didn’t. Complicit or what?

    And as the audience knew what to expect, why not the governors of these establishments?

    There comes a point when the preponderance of stiffs in your back yard attract unwelcome attention. When that has to be exposed by an undercover TV reporter, you’re busted.

  4. Hi.
    Stunning the level of denial about all things Islamic when put to the ordinary person in plain English. Maybe acknowledging the obvious allows shame and guilt to grow over this mess.

    Woe to the Euro’s who continue the pleasure seeking and general worship of pop culture, preferring to imagine deaths, rapes, and riots all over the continent are someone elses problem.

    Londonistan is no exaggeration and it pains Americans to see our mother country returned to midieval times.


    Thanks for your post, sir.

  5. Rob Spear

    Obviously the imam in question said “It is not true that” before each of his exhortations to violence, and the Channel 4 team cut that bit out.

  6. As per usual, in the face of overwhelming evidence as to the intent of the followers of Islam, we are yet again greeted with protest and denial (the inversion of truth, ie, Al-Takeyya) by followers and certain sympathisers of Islam, surrounding the nature of their religion or perhaps what ought to be described more aptly as a death cult.

    Did any of the ‘congregation’ get up and walk out in disgust at any of these mosques? No, indeed.

    Did any report what they had heard and seen to the appropriate authorities? Very highly unlikely, unless they can furnish proof to the contrary!

    The set procedure of video editing before transmission has nothing whatsoever to do with this argument because the fact remains that several Islamist extremists were both filmed and recorded uttering sentiments of insurrection, murder and genocide. (Mass rape, of course, lest we forget, is also a further part of the primitive mindset espoused in the writings and beliefs of this cult.)

    Since various imans are filmed preaching to congregations in more than one mosque that intolerance, murder and genocide are not only admissable, but are obligatory in that faith, it can clearly be evidenced without doubt that these sermons are a call to bloody conquest via insurrection, murder and genocide, in this case – Jihad.

    Either we outlaw Islam entirely or we start repatriating all Muslims back to their lands of origin, regardless of the expected repercussions.

    Our governments continue to allow them passage into the West en masse which will inevitably lead to increased incidents of mutiny and attempted coup in our ancestral homelands due to perpetual appeasement and capitulation, when what we should really be doing, is taking a stand and actually commencing the good fight. Either way, it’s going to be bloody and very violent.

    In order to preserve our own ethnicities and that of our respective progenies, ancient languages, heritages and cultures, it’s blindingly obviously which option is the only way forward, at the end of the day.

  7. I saw the first clip. The video itself was not scary. But many of the comments at the channel4 link – http://www.channel4.com/news/dispatches/article.jsp?id=1066 – still in denial – that was scary.

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