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The Mass Murders of Children in Noida

By now the horrific events of last weekend in Noida, UP has shocked and convulsed this largely thick skinned country of ours. The perpetrators of this heinous crimes against innocent children deserve to be severely punished to the full extent of the law for their dastardly acts and should not be shown any mercy whatsoever on any grounds.

But besides those criminals there is another reason why this tragedy was allowed to happen over such a long period of time like a sick saas-bahu serial without the perpetrators being tackled by the law enforcement agencies.

It is the story of the Indian tenured bureaucracy whose priviliged members are not accountable to anyone and is largely thought of as a mere nuisance which needs to be shamed, cajoled, bribed or occasionally threatened into action when needed.

But in reality, as this grisly heart rending tragedy shows, this irresponsible, incompetent and unaccountable bureaucracy can be quite deadly to the wellbeing of the people and our society at large.

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Rajnath Singh Blasts the UPA for its ‘Communal Socialist’ Politics

Rajnath Singh, the newly elected BJP Chief has blasted the UPA government for its ‘minority appeasement’ politics and promised to put an end to it within the next ten years.

Virtually declaring a war against what Bharatiya Janata Party traditionally perceives as ‘minority appeasement’, party chief Rajnath Singh on Saturday said, “We will bring this appeasement to an end in the next ten years.”

Making his presidential address immediately after formal ratification of his re-election to the office by the party’s national council, Singh said, “The policy of minority appeasement was initiated by the Congress in 1916; and we will bring it to an end by 2016.”

He also criticised the career hog and unelected PM, Manmohan Singh for his statement that the ‘Minority community’ should have the “First claim on national resources”.

“The appeasement policies of the Congress touched the nadir when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the National Development Council meeting that the minority communities, particularly the Muslims, had the first right over the nation’s resources. I would like to ask them how a union government working within the purview of the Constitution can talk about providing the first right over the country’s resources to one community, that too on communal basis, when the Constitution itself has given equal right to all communities over the country’s resources,” he asked.

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House Of “Elders” Also Passes the OBC Quota Bill

Days after the Lower(or No standards) House passed the OBC Quota Bill to reserve 1058% of the seats in Higher educational institutions for the kids of rich OBC Doctors, Engineers, Landlords, Politicians and Bureaucrats, the House of the old, decrepit and failed politicians, politely known as the House of “Elders” has also followed suit virtually guaranteeing its adoption as the law of the land once the President puts his ceremonial seal of approval.

December 18, 2006- Parliament on Monday approved the controversial bill providing 27 per cent reservation for Other Backward Classes in Centrally-aided educational institutions with the Rajya Sabha passing the measure by a voice vote.

The House went in for a division on an amendment moved by Bharatiya Janata Party, which was defeated by 91 votes against and 24 in favour.

Replying to the marathon debate on the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Bill, 2006, Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh said that a separate bill on providing reservations for OBCs in unaided institutions was ready and will be brought before Parliament later.

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Reservation Bill Passed by the UPA Gang

The Reservation Bill is now law. The UPA has shown total disregard to the judiciary, the will of the people and the constitution itself. Did someone say that we are the largest democracy in the world. Well, there is news for them. We are a Third World Banana republic and the UPA will do everything in its power to make sure we will remain there and never join the ranks of the developed world.

December 14, 2006-The reservation bill, which will enable 27 percentage of seats in central educational institutions to be kept aside for students of the Other Backward Classes, was on Thursday passed in the Lok Sabha.

The Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Bill, 2006, which provides for 27 per cent reservation to OBCs, was passed by a voice vote after amendments moved by the Bharatiya Janata Party for including minority institutions in its purview was rejected.

The government promised to come up very soon with a bill providing for reservation in unaided educational institutions.

The debate saw the members generally hailing the measure with some describing it as “revolutionary”(sic!).

There were also demands for reservation in private sector and the judiciary.

The bill has not excluded the creamy layer despite the parliamentary standing committee for HRD concluding that this segment should be covered only after giving priority to non-creamy among the backwards.

The government has already announced that the quota regime would be made operational from the academic year 2007.

The minister(Arjun Singh) did not see any merit in the argument of BJP members that the exclusion of minority institutions would hamper the entry of minority Dalits or OBCs in these institutions.

Earlier, BJP MP M A Kharabela Swain alleged pointed out that the measure was intended to ensure that institutions run by Hindus should ensure reservation to OBCS while it was not so for the minority institutions.

He contended that the minorities too should share the responsibility of bringing up deprived segments in these classes.


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Indian Pseudo-Secularism at its Best

The Temples of Tamil Nadu escaped the most brutal thrusts of the medieval Turk invaders perhaps due to the Vijaynagar empire which checked the marauders well to the north of the Tunghabhadra river.

But the situation now seems to have become hopeless in the face of Home grown fanatics. The Current Indian “socialist” state considers itself a successor state to the Mughals and the British Raj in that order and under its tutelage fanatics like the communists, Dravida movement, Naxalites and self loathing Indian Media flourish.This bunch though Indian by blood hate India and its culture for no reason and miss no chance to run it down whenever they can.

Will the perpetrators of this crime against humanity be brought to justice by this “Secular” State? I think we know the answer already.

As usual the “secular”, “progressive” Indian media is silent on this issue. They seem to be more interested in Big B vs Shahrukh controversy right now. Wonder what would have happened if a place of worship belonging to any of the ‘minority communities’ would have been involved. They would have been shouting their throats hoarse and taking out candle light vigils by now.

Vichaarah and RealityCheck have more.

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“Socialist” UPA Clears OBC Quotas for Rich Kids Too

New Delhi: The Centre has rejected the recommendations of a Parliamentary Standing Committee to exclude the Creamy Layer from the purview of the 27 per cent OBC quota in Government-aided institutions of higher learning.

On Thursday night, the Union Cabinet gave its approval for amendments to the Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Bill, 2006 introduced in Lok Sabha on August 25, this year.

The Bill is expected to be passed by Parliament in the ongoing Winter Session.

In including the Creamy Layer in the purview of the quota, the Government seemed to have has gone against the order of the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court, which had ruled in October that the Creamy Layer must be excluded from quota.

p.s– Reality Check’s take on this Issue.

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The Muslim Demography Of India: Sachar Committee Report

The Sachar Committee report is out and is available for download here. The Committee was setup by the UPA government on March 9th, 2005 to study the Socio-Economic and Educational status of the Muslims in India. It was headed by Justice Rajender Sachar and had six other members Shri Sayyid Hamid, Dr T.K. Ooman, Shri M.A. Basith, Dr Akhtar Majeed, Dr Abu Saleh Shariff and Dr Rakesh Basant.

The Sachar committee report has a whole chapter dedicated to the politically controversial issue of Muslim demographic trends in India.The relevant pages in the document are from Page no 48 to 68.

The report says that according to the 2001 census the Muslim population in the country was enumerated at 138 Million. The report estimates that as of 2006 it must have crossed 150 Million people.

The report confirms that Muslims have higher population growth rates and higher fertility rates than the rest of the population even when adjusted to regional variations such as the North(with a higher population growth rates) or south(with near replacement level growth rates). In both instances the Muslim Population growth rate is slightly higher than that of the other Socio-religious communities in the said region.

The report also says that Muslims have the most favourable child sex ratio among all Socio-religious communities in the country. An average of 986 females to every 1000 males compared to 927/1000 for the general population.

They have a lower rate of Infant mortality compared to the rest of the population but paradoxically have a higher incidence of child under-nourishment cases.

Muslims have a younger age profile compared to the general population.

The Muslim Population has for historical reasons a more urban profile than the rest of the population. According to the 2001 census 35.7% of the Muslim population was urban compared to 27.8% for the overall population.

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