Say NO to this Fraud!

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Read this, this and this.



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9 responses to “Say NO to this Fraud!

  1. Long time no post…. on catapult and here.

  2. yes indeed, that was because i was busy these past couple of months with a lot of personal things.I will start posting regularly as soon as things settle down.perhaps sooner than later :).

  3. Just vote her out.
    She is not my president.

  4. Hi,

    Great Post.

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  5. amreekandesi

    Its a shame that the first indian woman president had to happen in this manner…coming after Dr Kalam had really started to inspire the masses.

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  8. During Kalam’s tenure, the President had become a person who can inspire a whole country. But Pratibha Patil is such a letdown. She is an embarrassment for India.

  9. the head of the state is only supposed to make up for the lost sleep trying to get to that spot….so no one cares about that position…just need to make sure she doesn’t go insane and screw up on some nasty issues! 😛

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