Vir Sanghvi Blasts the Communists

He actually called the CPI(M) as ‘thugs and murderers’ for the massacre of innocents in Nandigram and infact he goes on to draw parallels with Mao and Stalin and the finest traditions of ‘global communism’.

One wonders how long  it is before Vir Sanghvi is denounced as a “counter-revolutionary” and a “closet communalist” by his leftist media colleagues and “intellectuals”.

The Bengal Paradox

It is now over a decade since I moved out of Calcutta. But watching the news last week, I felt I was back. As I saw those terrible shots of policemen beating up women in Nandigram, as I read about the massacre of innocent villagers, and as I noted the cold, commissar-like response of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee to the killings, I remembered what it was like to live in West Bengal.

Like the rest of us, the people of West Bengal get the politicians they deserve. They get the thugs and murderers of the CPM and they get the hysterical, self-destructive opposition of Mamata Banerjee. Small wonder then that while Bengalis prosper all over the world (and in the rest of India), Bengal remains a backwater, always at least a decade behind the rest of the country.



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2 responses to “Vir Sanghvi Blasts the Communists

  1. vds

    Hey man,

    You know,after this insightful information on Vir Sanghvi, I am increasingly of the opinion that you are probably one of the finest conservative bloggers of South Asian descent around. People like you are sorely needed on wikipedia, where far-left Desi moonbats have filled up India-related political/religious articles with oodles of liberal tripe and some pretty hateful statements, particularly against Hindus. If you have the time, energy and inclination, then I would advise you sign up, given wikipedia’s systemic far-left biases and their rising popularity as an “authoritative” and “reliable” source.

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