Pakistan Implements Mobile Number Portability

Pakistan has implemented Mobile number portability across all carriers. While at the same time DoT in India under pressure from the Cellphone companies has virtually shelved the plan which would have benefited hundreds of millions of subscribers across the country.

Number portability allows a customer to move from one mobile service to another within GSM, and also between GSM and CDMA, while retaining the same number. It gives flexibility to customers and keeps operators on their toes lest their service quality falls.

According to an IDC survey, over 30 per cent of mobile subscribers would change their operators if they had number portability.


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4 responses to “Pakistan Implements Mobile Number Portability

  1. indians plan, have meetings, write reports, review them etc etc.
    while the rest of the world goes and implements.

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  3. Apollo,

    True. We sure do need portability. I want to change the provider because the network strength is pathetic in and near my workplace. Why I dont change is because I am using this number since last 4 years, and I dont know how many people have this number of mine.

    I have a spare handset. I think, I will get another number, and keep my spare with old number at home for a few months, to call back people who use the older number. There is no simpler way out, it seems.

    But surely its strange. Why are cellcos united against portability ? Some operators stand to gain and some stand to lose (you know which ones 😉 ) from portability. Now, how come the ones who stand to gain are suffering loss of potential profits ? Surely, some fleecy operators are going to be wiped out of the market. Good for the consumers and good for the competition.

  4. Indian’s do not plan and waste time… Indian Bureaucrats, Joker Parliamentarians – they do.

    You and me are indians – we want to bring about change – but we just dont know what we can do. When we have a UPA govt. that has the guile to tell the Judiciary – Stay in Your Limits… the state of the nation is indeed not good.

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