Google’s Monopoly Of the Internet

In a series of articles on ZDNet Donna Bogatin analyses whether Google has come to monopolise the Internet.

Is Google the Internet?

The ramifications of Google’s 50%+ search market share permeate the Web’s entire ecosystem.


In “Scoring Google on quality” I discuss the significant influence Google has on the proprietary content of literally millions of third-party Websites.


Every new Website considers the leading search engine in its development plans. Websites 1) Optimize page content to be “found” organically by Google, 2) Buy Google AdWords and develop landing pages to Google’s specifications and/or 3) Code to protect proprietary content from Google indexing and caching.


Google(Will be) a monopoly

The ramifications of Google’s 50%+ search market share permeate the Web’s entire ecosystem, I underscored to mark the Google New Year.Google’s permeation may become even denser, if its rumored acquisition of banner ad serving firm DoubleClick comes to pass.

Not only do the overwhelming majority of Websites depend upon Google for their traffic—via “free” SEO and paid AdWords—Google drives advertising revenues for a seeming majority of Websites via its AdSense contextual ad serving network.

An apt post April Fools’ Day irony is that even DoubleClick former CEO Kevin Ryan relies on text ads served by Google AdSense as his advertising supported Web 2.0 ShopWiki business model, not banner ads served by DoubleClick’s Dart.


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2 responses to “Google’s Monopoly Of the Internet

  1. Google search may not become a monopoly because Yahoo has a very strong community of users.

    Secondly, as many people have dicovered, Yahoo search gives fresher results for queries than Google. Meaning it discovers and lists new webpages faster than Google.

  2. Diogenes Hwang

    Don’t forget (百度) — it looks like they’ve almost ousted Google from the local Chinese market — 60% vs. 20% market share last time I checked.

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