Kalam’s Address Faulted by Comrades

India’s good for nothing comrades have created another meaningless controversy over nothing.

February 23, 2007 President Kalam’s address to Parliament on Friday stirred up a row with the Left parties asking the Central government to take cognizance of the Hindi translation of the word secularism used in the address, saying ‘dharmanirpeshkta’ (secularism) had been wrongly termed as ‘panthnirpeshkta’ (only Hindu religion).

Perhaps if they can assemble ten people who can spell either of those two words let alone know what the difference between them really is.

At a joint press conference convened to brief the media about the issues the Left proposed to raise during the Budget Session of Parliament, Communist Party of India parliamentary group leader Sitaram Yechury said whether it was a ‘bureaucratic’ or the translator’s mistake, it had to be corrected as Indian Republic was based on separation of religion from the state.

Maybe Mr Sitaram Yechury should better spend his time finding out why his parents gave him such a communal first name- It has both Sita and Ram in it.Perhaps he will blame it on the “imperialist conspiracy” and in true Maoist style denounce his own parents as “reactionaries”.

It is noteworthy to remember that the left had opposed Dr Abdul Kalam’s nomination for President back in 2004. Since according to them he was not pseudo-secular enough.

They are creating all this unnecessary nonsense while even after 60 years of Socialist rule India is at the bottom of every development index and hundreds of millions of our countrymen are living in inhumane conditions and the left parties on the other hand are blocking every meaningful reform that would raise all those people out of poverty and instead are protecting the labour aristocracy in the PSUs and ofcourse creating useless controversies to distract the people from the real issues needing urgent attention.


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5 responses to “Kalam’s Address Faulted by Comrades

  1. i totally support you.. it is the content/idea which is important. and not the stupid things like is the speech in Hindi/english/telgu/tamil

  2. Well said…and by the way, I love the “comrade circus” category on your blog!

  3. thanks pegasus & shantanu.

  4. Mohan Kaul

    What else can one accept from one who is named Sita Ram Yeh Chori (meaning nothing of Sita or Ram in it). His writings are mostly based on his perceived notions which have nothing to do with facts. And this one on President Kalam exposes him as an ignoramus too. For the President used the exact translation of the word in the Hindi version of the Constitution. Time someone told him to get properly educated on his motherland, and forget the Fatherland.

  5. A word told against APJ Abdul Kalam by whosoever may be shall be strongly resented aginst. Shameless political people of any hue have forfeited their moral right to say anything against Kalam sahib who has proven his worth and love for India and its people in a single term of his presidentship.

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