The Chinese Regime is Nobody’s Friend

The people who get variously excited about the desirability of a so called India-Russia-China Axis should wake up and smell the coffee. The Chinese regime is nobody’s friend.It is a selfish, egotistic, arrogant and paranoid thug bent on getting its own way by hook or crook.

It is like we all know by now is involved in anti-Indian activities upto its ears, plus terrorising and torturing of its own citizens, picking fights with all its neighbours such as Japan, Phillipines, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea. It is stridently anti-American ofcourse even though it needs American wallets to buy its cheap, shoddy goods produced by forced prison labour or workers forced to work in slavish conditions without any rights to form labour unions to fight for their cause. It is also deeply involved in an organ harvesting scam selling organs of prisoners executed without a proper trial( Hello! Amnesty, HRW, UN, anyone listening?).

And what about Russia? Well China long had a boundary dispute with Russia, which it found in its interest to “solve” in 1997. But it was always clear to everyone that the Chinese regime greedily eyes the vast expanses of the sparsely populated Russian Far east rich in natural resources and ofcourse more land for its exploding population to settle.

According to this PINR report. When the Chinese blew up that satellite last week, the incident rattled a lot of nerves in Russia.

China’s recent interests in the Russian Far East and the constant debate about Chinese cross-border immigration to that region add to the importance of constant observation of vast open spaces that hold huge quantities of much-coveted natural resources. If Moscow’s ability to observe and monitor even a part of that region were to be degraded to any degree, it would be at a disadvantage in its ability to see what takes place on the ground. Lack of roads and railroads and degraded infrastructure already make any official Russian response to a military or a humanitarian emergency there difficult. If Moscow went “blind” suddenly in huge portions of its eastern territories, there is no sure way to predict its response.

Let’s not forget what the Chinese did in Aksai Chin in the 1950’s. They quietly built a highway right through Indian territory and when they got caught later said the boundary is not very clear. The Russians are also quite nervous about such a wool being pulled over their eyes in the near future considering its own declining military capabilities at the same time when China’s military capabilities are fast expanding.

Russia is already apprehensive and refusing to sell advanced military equipment to China even if the price is right. That’s really a wise decision considering that one should not sell the enemy the rope you know he will use to hang you later on.

Furthermore, while Russia is happy to sell military hardware to China, there is a clear line that Moscow will not cross with its neighbor. Moscow’s military leadership stated on a number of occasions that Russia will not supply its latest high-tech weapons to China for security reasons, even if the price is right. There is a growing level of discomfort in Moscow with China’s rapid ascent. Now, China can potentially threaten one Russian asset that still gives it enormous strength and confidence — its space-based assets.

It is prudent to watch Moscow’s political and military reaction to China’s test since Beijing’s actions have narrowed an ever-closing gap between the two neighbors, raising new questions about the future and progress of Sino-Russian relations. The time when China can overtake Russia militarily is approaching. It has already done so economically, and is steadily gaining on Russia politically with its powerful diplomatic drive buttressed with trade incentives. How Russia will react to China’s continued drive for high-tech military dominance will have a powerful and lasting effect on the future of international relations.


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