Happy Republic Day

Today we celebrate 57 years of being a republic. It is easy to take things for granted but it really is wonder that we got this far.No one in 1950 would have predicted that India would remain a democracy for this long and that too in a region replete with autocratic regimes where we are the only democracy between Israel and Japan situated in the western and eastern fringes of Asia respectively.

But except for a little scare during the emergency and the gay abandon with which so many frivolous laws and amendments were passed by our “elected” legislatures the constitution has survived with its basic features intact. The hon’ble Supreme court’s recent verdict on the Ninth schedule also reinforces the concept of the rule of law in our country and establishes constitution as inviolate.

This ofcourse has led to a lot of heartburn among the so called “champions of social justice” who want the constitution to be abrogated and replaced with a Soviet style banana republic where they can then kill innocent men, women and children to save them from themselves and send their other opponents off to “reeducation camps” and the Gulags. And ofcourse none of the “socialist” rules will be applicable to themselves and their families ,they can live in wanton luxury, travel business class, shop in splendor in Paris, Dubai and Singapore, Holiday in the swiss alps, send their children to the luxuriest boarding schools and universities and buy them mercedes and ferraris to enjoy themselves and thereafter attend cocktail parties and conferences on poverty alleviation where they can talk with extemely patronising tones about the poor people and shed crocodile tears for their plight and gain some brownie points from the white trash “intellectuals” like Noam Chomsky and Christiane Amanpour.

p.s- I had been to New Delhi last month and I took some videos from my cellphone of the North and South Blocks of Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Rajpath(where the republic day parade is traditionally held) and India Gate, where an Air Force ceremony was being held to honour their martyrs. Also one can see the preparations for the Republic day parade going on in full swing on either side of Rajpath Road.


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3 responses to “Happy Republic Day

  1. You might want to read this post at http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/foreign/peterfoster/jan2007/indiabigger.htm and some comments there, to pep you up a bit 🙂

  2. I agree with your comments on that post 100%.I couldn’t have put it better myself :).

  3. indian democracy is indeed wonderful, but i have a small doubt, arent srilanka and bangladesh (how ever bad) democracies too? and what about singapore isnt it a democracy (ok they have their own style of being a democracy)

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