ISRO’s Experimental Space Capsule Returns Successfully

ISRO’s Space Capsule Recovery Experiment(SRE) satellite returned safely to Earth today morning at 9.30 am, after spending nearly 11 days in orbit.

The capsule was part of the four satellite PSLV-C7 launch on January 10, 2007.The 550-kg SRE would help ISRO hone its skills in re-entry, recoverable and re-usable technologies and also had two payloads to conduct certain experiments in micro-gravity.

“(It) landed in the Bay of Bengal … as per schedule. The mission is a great success,” said A. Subramoniam, head of the team that designed and built the capsule at the Indian Space Research Organization.

“This mission is a stepping stone to design and build our very own reusable spacecraft, and eventually (carry out) manned missions into space, too,” he said.

The SRE capsule was subsequently recovered from the Bay of Bengal by the Indian Coastguard.

This successful launch and recovery of an SRE puts India in an elite club led by the United States, Russia, Japan, France and China. The scientists involved in this endeavour deserve our heartiest congragulations on this wonderful achievement.

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