The Socialist Attitude

They are OK with things like Free Speech, Democracy and Rule of Law ONLY as long as it suits their purpose. Otherwise they want all this “inconvenient” things to be jettisoned rightaway for some their “higher cause”(They trumpet all their agendas as “higher causes“).

Centre urged to ‘rewrite’ the Constitution (via Vichaarah)

Chennai, Jan. 20 (PTI): Tamil Nadu Governor Surjit Singh Barnala today urged the Centre to “rewrite afresh” disband the Constitution(and replace it with Soviet style banana republic), keeping in mind the changing needs of the nation Votebank while preserving basics like the country’s unity, integrity and sovereignty (Do as we say or else we will start a people’s war butchering innocent men, women and Children to save them from themselves- this is nothing but blackmail in coded language.).

Barnala said there was an increasing need to transfer more powers to states save our 69% reservation rule by reviewing the division of powers between states and the Union getting the bloody judiciary off our backs, to ensure that true federalism prevails we can do whatever we feel like and the wheels of social justice revolve bring in reservation for undeserving creamy layer candidates in the name of Social justice without any hindrance.

“Hence, this government urges the Union Government that the Constitution of India should be rewritten afresh abolished and replaced with Soviet style banana state, having regard to the changing needs damn the meddlesome judiciary , while preserving the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the nation(Do as we say or else we will start a people’s war butchering innocent men, women and Children to save them from themselves- this is nothing but blackmail in coded language and its repeated again, so you can imagine how agitated they have become with the hon’ble Supreme court’s decision),” Barnala said.

He appealed to the Centre to bring forward necessary amendments to the Constitution that will empower states to levy a service tax (this is on top of all the central, state and local taxes you are paying already, have no illusions about it) , as the responsibility for providing services to people was with state governments(Have they ever? Or am i imagining all those potholes on the roads and the six hour powercut in the Cities and Six hour per week single phase only power supply in the rural areas and i’am not even getting started on the water supply and sanitation).

This is nothing but a plain ransom note to the Indian State dressed up in typical leftist/socialist flowery language. They are basically saying- disband the Indian constitution or atleast get it out of our way or else.

p.s- Vichaarah points out that according to the not yet abrogated Indian Constitution the Governor merely reads the Speech written by the Government of the day. So the above speech though given by the Governor need not be his own personal views but should be seen as the views of the DMK led Government.


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