Bangalore: Riots break out during Anti-US Rally to Protest Saddam’s Execution

Congress party’s Communal Socialism/minority appeasement in full swing.

Bangalore: Tension Grips Areas of City, Shops Ransacked

Bangalore, Jan 19: Certain areas of the city like Shivajinagar, Ulsoor, Kamaraj Road (former Cavalry Road) and others after a rally organized by former union railway minister C K Jaffar Sharief turned violent by ransacking shops.

The rally was meant to express outrage over the execution of former Iraqi supremo Saddam Hussein. Unconfirmed reports said that leaders of another community gathered elsewhere where provocative speeches were delivered.

The pro-Saddam rallyists were forcing shop-keepers to down the shutters which was resisted, which was followed by ransacking.

The Meeting was held under the auspices of former Congress MP and Union railway minister C.K. Jaffer Sharief led People’s Front and was attended by many Congress Party “dignitaries”.

Political leaders, including Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Labour Iqbal Ansari, former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh, former Minister and president of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee M. Mallikarjun Kharge, former Union Minister C.M. Ibrahim, former Minister Merajuddin Patel, former Minister Roshan Baig, former Minister Sageer Ahmed, MLC Saleem Ahmed, MLA Vatal Nagaraj, and religious leaders such as Maulana Obedullah Azmi spoke on Saddam’s friendly relationship with the country.

Addressing the crowd Mr C.K. Jaffer Sharief said that the UN should immediately shift its headquarters from New York to perhaps Cairo or Lagos or Timbuktu.

In the light of the “murky” role of the U.S. in the execution of the former Iraq President, Saddam Hussein, the United Nations should immediately shift its headquarters from the U.S. to a Third World country, the former Union Minister and president of the People’s Front, C.K. Jaffer Sharief, said here on Friday.

This is not going to happen. One of the lures of the UN is that it is headquartered in the land of the Milk and Honey which attracts many third world politicians, diplomats and their families to its lair. Who would anyone want to go to some dusty, crowded third world town instead for their taxpayer funded jaunts?

The protest was marred by violence that rocked Bharatinagar and surrounding areas. Several people were injured, vehicles damaged, houses and shops ransacked.

Police said trouble erupted when a section of the people marching towards Shivajinagar Stadium from K.G. Halli to attend the rally set on fire some banners on Seppings Road in Bharatinagar.

A group of people took objection to this which led to a clash. Those who were part of the procession started attacking houses, vehicles and shops with stones.

A mob started burning vehicles parked on the road and throwing stones on Thimmaiah Road. It barged into a web-designing centre, damaged computers and set them on fire.

The mob also entered several houses and shops, ransacked them and looted valuables.

The Aftermath, Who is going to pay the bills for all this? Will the Congress Party take moral responsibility for this carnage and pay compensation to the victims and reimburse them for the loss and damage to their homes, shops and vehicles?

According to the police, around 50 vehicles, including cars and police vehicles, were set on fire.The police rushed additional forces to the area. The situation was tense but under control.

Mr. Gowda, sub-inspector M. Malalingaiah, police constables Ratnakar and Siddaramaiah were injured in stone-throwing. V. Anand, another constable, was stabbed. In all, 20 persons who were injured have been admitted to a private hospital.

Similar incidents were also reported from Thimmaiah Road, Narayana Pillai Street, Seppings Road.The whole area was strewn with glass pieces, mangled vehicles and burnt tyres. The injured have been admitted to various hospitals.

The police have clamped prohibitory orders in the area. They have intensified night patrolling.

The situation was tense in several other areas of the city as people took out processions towards the Shivajinagar Stadium. Processionists burnt effigies of the U.S. President at some places.

Security was tightened in communally sensitive areas such as K.G. Halli, D.J. Halli, Tannery Road, City Market and J.J. Nagar.



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7 responses to “Bangalore: Riots break out during Anti-US Rally to Protest Saddam’s Execution

  1. and congress is in power at karnataka.

  2. draco

    [edited – irrelevant comment]

  3. Dan Rajaiah

    My councinz car was trashed. Shit

  4. Prashanth

    pegasus, Congress isnt in Power in Karnataka, its a coailtion btw Bjp and Jd(s).

    The reason for start of the problem was burning of flags / banners put up by VHP for their samelan which was held a couple of days after the incident. Incidentally, riots were limited to very small area where a certain community dominates and it had not much effect anywhere else.

  5. Daniel Rajaiah

    Daniel Rajaiah was born January 13th in Bridgeport, CT. He moved to Cincinnati, OH when he was 1 and has lived there ever since. He travels allot with his family and makes trips to his family in India twice a year. He is currently volunteering under Dr. Tanmay Pramanik as a secretary in Temple Baptist College. He is also a member of two churches and is currently finishing up high school.

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