Chinese Government Censors the “Chinese Government”

The Chinese government’s paranoia has reached such a crescendo that it is now seeing enemies behind every curtain, under every bed, inside every book and even in innocous search engine terms such as “Mao Zedong”, “Zhu Ronji” and even the “Chinese government” itself.

CHINA—The phrase “Chinese government” has been censored on China’s official Web sites. If one searches for “central government of the People’s Republic of China” on the Best Tone 114 Web site (China Telecom’s Internet phone service and information platform), one gets: “Sensitive phrase: [we] can only provide news search service.” An Internet user from China told the reporter that even “Mao Zedong” is listed as “illegal information” in some of China’s search engines.

On the Best Tone 114 Web site, not only is “central government of the People’s Republic of China” censored, but “democracy” and “National People’s Congress” are also sensitive information. Zhou Guoqiang, an Internet user from Beijing, said he often comes across such disconcerting situations.

Zhou said, “When you search ‘Mao Zedong,’ ‘Zhu Rongji’ [China’s previous premier], and ‘Wen Jiabao’ [China’s current premier], many Internet search engines will tell you these are illegal phrases. Some chat Web sites won’t even let you key in these phrases.”

One would like to ask the Indian diplomatic establishment that is so keen on pursuing the so called “Confidence Building measures” with the “Chinese Government” that what kind of confidence building process can one establish with such a paranoid bunch of tyrants and mass murderers who are so afraid of their own shadows.

Fang Jue, a commentator on China issues who currently resides in the U.S., said, “Censoring the phrase ‘Chinese government’ tells people that government control over the media is way too much. Internet control in China blocks all phrases that can possibly lead the people to ponder democracy, freedom, and human rights. The range of control is going too far. They are blocking every neutral phrase that relates to politics.”

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