Pak Politicians want Terrorism to Continue in J&K

So much for the “Peace process”. The mainstream Indian media never tires of repeating ad nauseum that the majority of Pakis are peace loving and it is only a “tiny minority” of extremists who are against peace with India. But the reality on the ground looks so very different from their make believe world.

Asserting that any decision on Kashmir must not be made without the approval of Parliament, leaders across Pakistan’s political spectrum have rejected President Pervez Musharraf’s proposals to resolve the vexed issue and asked for continued “jihad” in the state.

A conference on Kashmir, which was attended, among others, by Pakistan Muslim League-N Chairman Raja Zafarul Haq, General Secretary of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal Maulana Fazlur Rehman, President of Pakistan People’s Party Makhdoom Amin Fahim and PoK President Raja Zulqarnain, demanded a discussion of the government’s policies on Kashmir in Parliament.

Participants adopted a resolution rejecting the four-point proposals of Musharraf, which include demilitarisation and joint control of the disputed state by India and Pakistan.

They also demanded that the Kashmir policy be discussed in Parliament in 2008 after the next general elections and that jihad should be continued, the Daily Times reported.

Lets face it. In their culture any compromise or treaty is just Hudna- a mere timeout to rearm and reengage from a stronger position.

And the dichotomy is even more revealing. Our peaceniks shout at the top of their voices all the time that it is the Pakistani Army alone that has a selfish interest in keeping the embers of kashmir issue burning and if Pakistan becomes a democracy there will be peace.

Unfortunately the above stand taken jointly by all the political parties of Pakistan pours cold water on that theory. Even if there are free and fair elections tomorrow it will only put the above worthies in power, nothing is going to change from their end.

It is better we Indians see this situation for what it really is rather than let ourselves get carried away by the shenanigans of the “peace” process.

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