The Chinese Regime’s Brutal Torture of its Own Citizens

The Chinese Communist government merrily goes on torturing and murdering its own citizens with utmost glee while the leftist mainstream media and the “enlightened intellectuals” prefer to look the other way and pretend as if nothing is out of place.

The most “favourite” torture techniques reportedly being practised by the Chinese authorities at present ranges from Burning to Electric Shock to Severe beatings to Sexual Abuse of Illegally detained inmates.

And as of now the Human Rights Mafia is maintaining a deathly silence on this. They are currently busy “protecting” the “Human and legal Rights” of Terrorists, Tyrants and murderers.

And this is the same paranoid Chinese Government which is sought to be appeased by our diplomatic and political establishment.

I agree that how the Chinese government treats or mistreats ill-treats its own people is its internal affair and we as outsiders have no say in the matter and also this should not affect our stance in our bilateral negotiations which should be based solely on our own national interests.

But what we have to keep in mind is that the current regime in Beijing is one of the most paranoid, tyrannical, egotistical, genocidal, maniacal regimes in the History of China. This regime is a freak of nature and does not represent the Chinese people in anyway. It was founded by the Soviet intelligence agencies and funded by it in its initial years. It cheated, murdered, lied and defrauded its way into power and since then it has kept itself there by means of practising sheer terror on the Chinese people. It later got its “respectability” by means of its official hagiographers such as Time Magazine who make sure to put China on its Cover and write sugar puff stories on it, in atleast 50 issues per year.

The bottomline is that we have to keep in mind that we are dealing with an abnormal regime. It lies, cheats and does anything to get its way. We have to be eternally vigilant and make sure that we safeguard our own national interests zealously against this maniac to the north.

We have a long icy winter ahead of us and the sooner we admit this reality to ourselves and stop living in our own make believe “panchsheel” world the better.

p.s- Also read the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party. 

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One response to “The Chinese Regime’s Brutal Torture of its Own Citizens

  1. laundergroundbands

    I always wanted to make a T-Shirt that reads on the front “Support Fascism” and on the back “Buy Chinese Products”. There is no wonder that so many immigrants here in Los Angeles praise our country for our freedoms and opportunities. I couldn’t imagine getting thrown in jail for speaking my mind. If this were policy in USA more than half the population would be in concentration camps for their views on the Bush Administration. And we are just as bad as these Chinese dictators because we are in bed with their business. The truth is we must just not care about human rights in this country, because we do nothing. Yet we attack Iraq and hang their leader to “liberate” the people of Iraq. Bull-Schmidt! We seem to just worship money and not freedom. It is sad we are so entrenched in ignorance in our country that we allow our leaders to be best-friends with China and Saudi Arabia. – Is it worth it for the cheap happy meal toys? No! Is the UN a complete joke? Yes. – Valley Pat of

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