Bangalore Police Foil Terror Plot

These near miss incidents seem to be getting more and more frequent nowadays. Seems like the Pakis led by the “Enlightened Dictator” are really upping the ante.

Well if we could just get the UPA and the assorted bleeding heart liberals out of the way, Mushy is gonna be more than a little surprised at our willingness eagerness to take this thing right into his living room, pull him off the bed in his pajamas and check him for head lice on Foxnews.

January 05, 2007A suspected militant from Jammu and Kashmir was arrested on the city outskirts early on Friday, foiling plans to attack the airport and Bangalore’s information technology showpiece Infosys Technologies Limited.

Acting on a tip off, a Bangalore police team intercepted a private bus coming from Hospet in Bellary district at Jalahalli in the early hours on Friday and nabbed the suspected terrorist, who disclosed his name as Imran alias Bilal, aged about 32.

IGP K R Srinivasan said on searching his bags, one AK-47 assault rifle, 300 rounds of ammunition, 4 AK-47 magazines, SIM cards, a satellite phone and a few documents, were found.

Update- Rajeev Srinivasan considers the Kashmiri emporiums which are ubiquitious by their presence all over the country as nothing but Sleeper cells for Jihadis.

A disturbing thought indeed especially after the recent incident which seems to buttress the claim.


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2 responses to “Bangalore Police Foil Terror Plot

  1. It seems that the bangalore, rather karnataka police is doing something right. They have foiled a couple of these terror plots over the last few months. Maybe they have beefed up their intelligence gathering or they are more alert about such activities after the IISc attack. They have finally woken up to the realities of terror attacks in this age. But I wonder how much a lathi wielding policeman can take on terrorists with AK-47s. It is time the govt acted on the much needed police reforms.

  2. the lathi wielding policemen have huge cash reserves to pay off the informants… so as long as they are doing the job I am OK.

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