Rajnath Singh Blasts the UPA for its ‘Communal Socialist’ Politics

Rajnath Singh, the newly elected BJP Chief has blasted the UPA government for its ‘minority appeasement’ politics and promised to put an end to it within the next ten years.

Virtually declaring a war against what Bharatiya Janata Party traditionally perceives as ‘minority appeasement’, party chief Rajnath Singh on Saturday said, “We will bring this appeasement to an end in the next ten years.”

Making his presidential address immediately after formal ratification of his re-election to the office by the party’s national council, Singh said, “The policy of minority appeasement was initiated by the Congress in 1916; and we will bring it to an end by 2016.”

He also criticised the career hog and unelected PM, Manmohan Singh for his statement that the ‘Minority community’ should have the “First claim on national resources”.

“The appeasement policies of the Congress touched the nadir when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the National Development Council meeting that the minority communities, particularly the Muslims, had the first right over the nation’s resources. I would like to ask them how a union government working within the purview of the Constitution can talk about providing the first right over the country’s resources to one community, that too on communal basis, when the Constitution itself has given equal right to all communities over the country’s resources,” he asked.

And on the issue of the Sachar Committee and its report on the “plight” of the Muslim community in India. He said

“If the Muslims are in this situation even after 59 years of independence, then aren’t those people who governed this country for 53 out of 59 years responsible for it?”

He also had some sharp words for the UPA on the Afzal clemency issue and the Vande Mataram issue where the UPA needlessly created controversy when there was none and also their inept handling of the national security situation dealing with the challenges of increasing terrorism and naxalite problems.

In effect, It is somewhat good to see and hear the leader of a mainstream political party speaking the truth as it is rather than couching it in ‘politically correct’ verbiage.

But then the BJP too can share a part of the blame for this mess. They could have easily shown a sample of their ‘patriotism’ by blocking the UPA’s OBC Quota Bill saying that they wouldn’t support it until the creamy layer was excluded. The whole raison d’ etre for the Bill would then have collapsed and they could have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they spend sleepless nights worrying about the country and the welfare of its people.

Right now there isn’t much reason to believe that all this is anything more than just “election speak”. The country’s main opposition party will be judged by the people by its actions and not just words.


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2 responses to “Rajnath Singh Blasts the UPA for its ‘Communal Socialist’ Politics

  1. Prashanth

    This refers to your statement “They could have easily shown a sample of their ‘patriotism’ by blocking the UPA’s OBC Quota Bill saying that they wouldn’t support it until the creamy layer was excluded” .

    In my view, if they had done that, Congress and the Left would have cried foul and gone to town accusing BJP of being Pro Upper Caste and Anti Dalit. Infact, one of the problems in Indian Politics is that there are many hot potatoes which no one dare oppose. Thats a shame since its the prime reason for the country not progressing as it should have been.


  2. The problem is that the entire media is in the pockets of the leftists so they can put a spin on anything they want. The BJP, a supposedly media savvy organisation did a serious mistake by not covering this area. As a result they are now virtually at the mercy of a very biased media.

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