Bush Assures that Certain Provisions are Only “Advisory”

And the dumb Indians will fall for that line.

The telephonic call from Bush came two days after he made it clear that the legislation he signed on Monday did not mean he endorsed all its contents and that he considered certain portions like seeking to restrict fissile material production and transfers of enrichment technology as merely ‘advisory.’

Well Bush, the current US President might mean what he says. But then what is written down and signed on paper is what matters at the end of it all. What if a future administration seeks to rack up the pressure on India to toe their line? Then those very “advisory” provisions could come back to haunt us.

Unfortunately Indian diplomacy always tends to pursue the ‘feel good’ factor rather than hard reality. They have shown this tendency time and time again since the hoary Panchsheel days and it is obvious where this utter disregard for reality and the carelessness towards the fineprint of what they end up signing has led to.

Some people never learn from past blunders.

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