Reuters CEO Shares His Views On the Phenomenon of ‘Citizen Journalism’

If the devil is invited to speak his mind how would he turn out? How would he try to make his point? Would he would turn up the way he really is and say to everyone’s faces what he really thinks of them or would he arrive very presentable, dressed in a Business suit and would say very nice things upfront while muttering something else under his breath.

The Reuters CEO Tom Glocer gave a speech in Tel-Aviv recently titled ‘Trust in the Age of Citizen Journalism’ and this is what he thinks of the people who to his chagrin have now obtained a ‘two-way pipe’ to communicate and bypass his industry’s ‘chokehold’ on the flow of information.

News organizations must realize everyone is both a potential partner and competitor. A 19-year-old sitting in a dorm room cranking out gossip, a well-established journalist blogging for her news organization, or a respected academic all have equal right to have a voice. Whether they have an equal voice is another matter.

Don’t miss the dig in that statement.According to him a blogger by default is a gossip. A journalist by default is trustworthy and an academic, most probably of the leftist, pseudo-secular, self loathing variety by default has a more equal voice.

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