If You are Considering Moving to Windows Vista

Make sure to know what you might be getting into.

In a CRN article titled 25 shortcomings of Vista Frank J Olhorst lists 25 things to watch out for while moving to Vista.

At this point, solution providers have heard plenty from Microsoft and others about all the benefits that the Windows Vista Operating system will bring businesses and other users.

But what are some things to watch out for with the new OS? The CRN Test Center compiled a list of 25 items that VARs should bear in mind when using and deploying Vista.

These are some of the red flags.

  • HardwareFor Vista to perform adequately, PCs may need significant hardware upgrades.
  • MemoryVista loves RAM, but more is better. Plan on 2 Gbytes to meet real-world needs.
  • Storage SpaceWith Vista taking as much as 10 Gbytes of hard drive space, big and fast hard drives will be a must.
  • CostMoving to Vista can prove to be expensive when one considers the price of the OS, the cost of hardware upgrades and the cost of migration.
  • 50 Million Lines Of Code-Even with the five years of development and long beta test period that went into Vista, undiscovered bugs are sure to turn up.
  • Some Protocols EliminatedVista does not include support for IPX, Gopher, WebDAV, NetDDE and AppleTalk.
  • Buried Controls– Many options and controls are further buried, requiring a half-dozen mouse clicks or more to get to. Network settings and display settings are offenders here.

Also the Free Software Foundation has launched a new site called BadVista.org to cut through the marketing blitz of Microsoft and shine some much needed light on the dark corners of the product.

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