‘Communal Socialist’ PM Welcomes “Enlightened Dictator’s” Proposals on the “Kashmir Issue”

PM Manmohan Singh newly dubbed as the ‘Communal Socialist PM’ has welcomed the ‘Four point proposals’ of the neighbourhood “Enlightened dictator” to “solve” the “Kashmir issue”.

Sunday, December 17, 2006 (New Delhi):

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has welcomed Pakistan President General Musharraf’s four-point offer on resolving the Kashmir dispute.Musharraf made this offer in an exclusive interview with NDTV’s Prannoy Roy.

The PM said that India is ready to discuss all outstanding issues with Pakistan including J&K.

“I give high priority to normalising our relations with Pakistan by solving all outstanding issues between our two countries. That also includes the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. If anytime new ideas come, we welcome them and I would like to say that in the last two and half years we have had very intensive dialogue with Pakistan,” said Singh.

The “Enlightened dictator” had made this offer to Senior Pakistani propogandist Indian Journalist Prannoy Roy during a meeting interview on PTV India NDTV Channel.

Rajeev Srinivasan, a Rediff Columnist on his blog had called this proposal of the “Enlightened dictator” as nothing new but the same old Pakistani negotiating ploy of ‘What we have is ours, what you have is up for talks’.

Yossarin of Offstumped termed the four point proposals as a “nonstarter”.

Musharraf’s Kashmir proposals are a non-starter not because they are unacceptable to India but because they amount to nothing. They are all about media headliners and soundbites while meaning precious little to in concrete terms.



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4 responses to “‘Communal Socialist’ PM Welcomes “Enlightened Dictator’s” Proposals on the “Kashmir Issue”

  1. But didn’t Manmohan singh invent liberalization and globalization?

  2. smae old run-of -the mill stuff by PM. V will sit down to chat have some issues with Pak, stop the dicussion and after a year or so start again at point zero.

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