Victory in the 1971 War

On this day, December 16th, 35 years ago the Indian Armed Forces scored a spectacular victory against the Pakistanis. The Pakistani Army in East Pakistan under Lt Gen A.A.K. Niazi Surrendered to Lt Gen J.S. Aurora thus ending the war and leading to the creation of a new country, Bangladesh.

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The victory was the result of excellent planning, co-ordination and hard work at all levels of the Armed Forces and for a refreshing change the civilian leadership led by then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi played a supportive role to the war effort with her brilliant leadership.

But later the Indian diplomacy would return to its bad old ways and simply fritter away all the hard earned gains of our soldiers in the war at the Simla Conference of July 2, 1972. On the 35th Anniversary of the end of the 1971 War

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3 responses to “Victory in the 1971 War

  1. After completion of trade traing at baroda posted to arunachal pradesh during 1971 war in the month of aug1971. every day mornig and evening practice of stand to fight , running to the trenches with bundolar of ammunition and slr rifle in that hills and spent almost all life in the bunkers during that extreem cold, and black out practice when it comes in memory really sweet. Now new generation of the army do not know actually about war, those who were atteneded the war only given medal of operatin cactus lilly, when we own the war on 16 dec 1971 at 7 pm our oc informed about it we enjoyed. The joy which never came again in my life.At present when we are looking the political party and its quarrel and their erning some times i am thinking India has changed A lot after attending the war i am unable to construct a good house for me, with that mere salary.Only we have received SHABASH.

  2. rahul

    indian army should not release even one soldier of pakistan ,as well as civillians who were with paki’s criminal officer e.g. todays prime minister khalede ziya, nizami

  3. rohit singh

    the indian army should not release any pakistanies soldier as well as civillians who involed in war,if we were arrested in pakistan they would never relese to any person,how much time we will show the liniency&kindness….how many time??????????????????jai hind jai bharat

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