India Missed the Chance to Resolve Kashmir in ’72′

While it is infact true and reflects poorly on Indian diplomacy.Mr L.K. Advani shouldn’t forget that it is not a partisan issue. Even the BJP Government performed no better during crunch times like the Kargil war and the IC-814 Hijacking.It is very much an Indian issue and should be addressed as such in a holistic manner.

New Delhi, December 16: Senior BJP leader L K Advani maintained that India had lost an opportunity to resolve the Kashmir issue in the wake of the surrender of more than 90,000 Pakistani troops in the 1971 Bangladesh war.

“It was the biggest surrender since World War II. Had the Indian government of the day used this advantage properly in summit talks with Pakistan in Shimla in 1972, the Kashmir issue could have been solved once and for all,” the former Deputy Prime Minister said in a statement marking the 35th anniversary of the creation of Bangladesh.

“Sadly, India frittered away a historic opportunity,” he added.



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2 responses to “India Missed the Chance to Resolve Kashmir in ’72′

  1. ketan nagarsheth

    i love my country but why so many time w miss chance to kill pakistini if we get terroist live please donot kill him cut their legs and arms lonely leave him to desert to kill by vulture saw it live telecast to all people so no no one can see on our mother land

  2. rahul

    Our goverment is just behaves like bullshit everytime still Mumbai blast’s terrorist KASAB is surviving;what kind of fullish and cold blood people are sitting there..

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