Reservation Bill Passed by the UPA Gang

The Reservation Bill is now law. The UPA has shown total disregard to the judiciary, the will of the people and the constitution itself. Did someone say that we are the largest democracy in the world. Well, there is news for them. We are a Third World Banana republic and the UPA will do everything in its power to make sure we will remain there and never join the ranks of the developed world.

December 14, 2006-The reservation bill, which will enable 27 percentage of seats in central educational institutions to be kept aside for students of the Other Backward Classes, was on Thursday passed in the Lok Sabha.

The Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Bill, 2006, which provides for 27 per cent reservation to OBCs, was passed by a voice vote after amendments moved by the Bharatiya Janata Party for including minority institutions in its purview was rejected.

The government promised to come up very soon with a bill providing for reservation in unaided educational institutions.

The debate saw the members generally hailing the measure with some describing it as “revolutionary”(sic!).

There were also demands for reservation in private sector and the judiciary.

The bill has not excluded the creamy layer despite the parliamentary standing committee for HRD concluding that this segment should be covered only after giving priority to non-creamy among the backwards.

The government has already announced that the quota regime would be made operational from the academic year 2007.

The minister(Arjun Singh) did not see any merit in the argument of BJP members that the exclusion of minority institutions would hamper the entry of minority Dalits or OBCs in these institutions.

Earlier, BJP MP M A Kharabela Swain alleged pointed out that the measure was intended to ensure that institutions run by Hindus should ensure reservation to OBCS while it was not so for the minority institutions.

He contended that the minorities too should share the responsibility of bringing up deprived segments in these classes.


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8 responses to “Reservation Bill Passed by the UPA Gang

  1. PJ

    Er, can people convert to scheduled castes?
    please give details :-/

  2. Very easy. Get a fake caste certificate by paying a bribe to someone with good contacts in the District Magistrates’ Offices ;).

  3. This OBC Reservations Bill has not become a law as yet. It was passed in the Lok Sabha (the House of People) only and it is yet to be passed by the Rajya Sabha (the Council of States). Thereafter, it has to be assented to by the President of India. Then only it will become the law and that too from the date of its coming into effect as mentioned in the Bill or Act itself.

    I agree with your other observations that the politicians in the country have completely messed up the whole situation and have divided the Indian society on caste and communal lines again and again.

  4. @Dr Ashok, The ‘House of Elders'( failed old politicians) will pass it without any problems and the president will sign it unless there is mass demonstrations on the streets and even if he does return the bill to the parliament for consideration, they will return it back to him thus compelling him to sign it. I think it’s as good as law now.

    The UPA is a umbrella group of the worst malcontents in the country.

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  6. Revathi

    We have already seen what has happened in Tamil Nadu. Everyone became backward. In a few years this will happen in the whole country. Then the OBC vote would not longer be interesting and so there will be more and more OBCs that will become SC and who knows? Perhaps there will be a run on ST votes and the whole India will become ST in the end. We can then start all over again.

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