Pranab Mukherjee Wants to Give Away “Excess” Indian Territory “Here and There”

Pranab Mukherjee, the newly minted Foreign Minister of India is raring to follow in the hallowed and time honoured “Panchsheel” footsteps of the Congress Party and its ideologue Jawaharlal Nehru in gifting away Indian territory to its “friendly” and “not so friendly” neighbours.

New Delhi, Dec 13 (IANS)- The Indian government Wednesday said there could be ‘some adjustments… here and there’ to resolve the country’s festering border disputes with neighbouring countries, including China and Pakistan.

Pointing out that special representatives were engaged in dialogue with China over the border dispute, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said: ‘Border is on the land and not in the sky – when you finally arrive at conclusions, some adjustments will take place here and there.’

Ofcourse no Congress statement/doublespeak is complete without calling those who hold it to account as “Paranoid”, “Communal” or someone who hates Chicken Manchurian.

He also warned the opposition. ‘Let’s not get too excited on the issue.These (the negotiations between the special representatives over the border disputes) are institutional arrangements. Let them function. Let’s not get excited if some envoy says something.’

Lets just have a recap on the amount of territory bartered away by the Congress party since the last 60 odd years.

Pakistan & East Pakistan(now Bangladesh)– 944,000 Sq Kms: Gifted away in 1947 needless to say both have now become a pain in the you know where.

PoK and Northern Areas– 78,114 Sq Kms- Gifted away in 1948.

Aksai Chin– 42,685 Sq Kms: Gifted in the 1950s to the Chinese Communist Government. Jawaharlal Nehru the then PM hid this information from the Indian people, vehemently denied it and then later sheepishly admitted that infact it was true but then added that it was a ‘soda plain’ where not a blade of grass could grow. Later his magnanimity extended to the People of Assam and NEFA for whom his heart went out that they would be joining the People’s republic instead of Secular, Socialist, democratic India.

Cocos Island– Gifted in a great “magnanimous” gesture by ofcourse who else the Great helmsman himself in the 1950s. Today it hosts a Chinese Naval base where the Chinese monitor the Indian shipping and military activities in the Bay of Bengal.

Haji Pir Pass– Gifted away “generously” back to Pakistan after the 1965 war. Today it is one of the prime infiltration routes for Pakistani terrorists to get into the Kashmir valley and create havoc.

Teen Bigha Corridor – Transferred to Bangladesh in 1992. Today it is used as a conduit by Bangladeshis for smuggling, illegal immigration and infiltrating terrorists into India.

And some Islands in the Palk straits to Srilanka and the Gods only know what else has gone below the table without anyone noticing.

And perhaps there is much more to this statement by the Foreign Minister than meets the eye. Is this statement a tacit admission that parts of Indian territory in Arunachal pradesh and elsewhere is already under the occupation of the PLA? And that neither he nor his UPA Government have the guts to do anything about it.

The MEA never talks straight.It does all its Chanakyagiri, Sun-tzu giri and Machiavelligiri against the Indian People and does all the Gandhism of turning the other cheek and never telling a lie to the adversaries. Most foreign countries do it the other way round.

When is our MEA going to come to its senses and do just that? i.e., putting our own National Interests first and foremost. Perhaps only the Gods can answer that question.


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2 responses to “Pranab Mukherjee Wants to Give Away “Excess” Indian Territory “Here and There”

  1. SP

    Congress is a pro communist govt.

  2. it is really very sad to see India loosing so much of territory. Will it ever become ours again? My heart burns to see such pitiable state. When will we have a leader who bring back the glory?

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