BJP Condemns Manmohan Singh’s Remarks

This Nehru-Gandhi family bootlicker has lost all respect that he had mistakenly gained for himself but which in reality belonged to PV Narasimha Rao. It is shameful that he is supposedly the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world(without winning even a single municipal election in all his life but thanks to his bootlicking skills).

He would have made a nice commandant in the Nazi Party for holding such racist and divisive views. He could have easily given the likes of Himmler, Goering and Reinhard Heydrich a run for their money.

New Delhi: Prime Minister(sic!) Manmohan Singh on Saturday said “innovative plans” would have to be devised for the minorities, particularly Muslims, to empower them to share equitably the fruits of development.

“These must have the first claim on resources.”

And the principle Opposition party the BJP and its parent organisation RSS were quick to condemn this insane remark by this Curriculum vitae. Pity all that “education” did not help him to become a better person. On the other hand even many Nazi party “stalwarts” had very high IQs too. So maybe it is not much of a surprise.

BJP condemns PM’s remarks

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today stirred a hornet’s nest by his remarks that plans for minorities, Muslims in particular, must have the first claim on resources, with the BJP, its Chief Ministers and the RSS condemning it as having communal overtones.

“Such a statement does not behove a senior leader like the Prime Minister. It is unfortunate,” Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, told reporters after the conclusion of the NDC meeting.

He insisted that every citizen, irrespective of his caste and creed should have equal right over the resources of the country.

Such sentiments were echoed by Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh Chief Ministers Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Raman Singh respectively. While Chouhan said that the Prime Minister’s statement was “not only inappropriate but is dangerous also,” Singh said that economic backwardness should be the sole criteria.

PM’s remarks echo Jinnah’s language: RSS

The RSS and the BJP today flayed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his remarks that plans for minorities, Muslims in particular, must have the first claim on resources.

“This is precisely the language used by Mohammad Ali Jinnah before the partition,” RSS leader Ram Madhav said. “It is unfortunate our leaders have not learnt lessons from the tragic partition. They are pursuing the same politics of religion for electoral benefits”.

And of course here is the standard “Quoted out of context” excuse given by the politicians whenever they are caught with their foot in their mouths. John Kerry had one too. So does this home grown pest.



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3 responses to “BJP Condemns Manmohan Singh’s Remarks

  1. it was funny to see even TDP’s yerran naidu criticize BJP yesterday (he was in the company of communists, possibly desperate for an alliance with them) .
    nobody wants to be saying anything that they imagine might offend muslims.

  2. The Rationalist Theist

    I doubt whether he has high IQ.

  3. SP

    I hate the commies. These people are the dumbest.. They will go as far as making hindus the despicable ppl to appease the muslims.

    Dont forget gandhi offered that M***F**er Jinnah the PMship when he wanted pak. They are the party for minorities.

    They dont care about the minorities becoz their goal is to have more minorities so that they can win elections.

    Had enough of the phony gandhis. They should change their names to sonia sultan and Man khan.

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