Indian Pseudo-Secularism at its Best

The Temples of Tamil Nadu escaped the most brutal thrusts of the medieval Turk invaders perhaps due to the Vijaynagar empire which checked the marauders well to the north of the Tunghabhadra river.

But the situation now seems to have become hopeless in the face of Home grown fanatics. The Current Indian “socialist” state considers itself a successor state to the Mughals and the British Raj in that order and under its tutelage fanatics like the communists, Dravida movement, Naxalites and self loathing Indian Media flourish.This bunch though Indian by blood hate India and its culture for no reason and miss no chance to run it down whenever they can.

Will the perpetrators of this crime against humanity be brought to justice by this “Secular” State? I think we know the answer already.

As usual the “secular”, “progressive” Indian media is silent on this issue. They seem to be more interested in Big B vs Shahrukh controversy right now. Wonder what would have happened if a place of worship belonging to any of the ‘minority communities’ would have been involved. They would have been shouting their throats hoarse and taking out candle light vigils by now.

Vichaarah and RealityCheck have more.


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