The Muslim Demography Of India: Sachar Committee Report

The Sachar Committee report is out and is available for download here. The Committee was setup by the UPA government on March 9th, 2005 to study the Socio-Economic and Educational status of the Muslims in India. It was headed by Justice Rajender Sachar and had six other members Shri Sayyid Hamid, Dr T.K. Ooman, Shri M.A. Basith, Dr Akhtar Majeed, Dr Abu Saleh Shariff and Dr Rakesh Basant.

The Sachar committee report has a whole chapter dedicated to the politically controversial issue of Muslim demographic trends in India.The relevant pages in the document are from Page no 48 to 68.

The report says that according to the 2001 census the Muslim population in the country was enumerated at 138 Million. The report estimates that as of 2006 it must have crossed 150 Million people.

The report confirms that Muslims have higher population growth rates and higher fertility rates than the rest of the population even when adjusted to regional variations such as the North(with a higher population growth rates) or south(with near replacement level growth rates). In both instances the Muslim Population growth rate is slightly higher than that of the other Socio-religious communities in the said region.

The report also says that Muslims have the most favourable child sex ratio among all Socio-religious communities in the country. An average of 986 females to every 1000 males compared to 927/1000 for the general population.

They have a lower rate of Infant mortality compared to the rest of the population but paradoxically have a higher incidence of child under-nourishment cases.

Muslims have a younger age profile compared to the general population.

The Muslim Population has for historical reasons a more urban profile than the rest of the population. According to the 2001 census 35.7% of the Muslim population was urban compared to 27.8% for the overall population.

Spatial distribution– Numerically, the majority of the Muslims in India are living in four states UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra which had atleast ten million Muslims each. UP has the largest Muslim population in India with 22% of India’s muslims living there according to the 2001 census i.e., around 30 million people.

The other states with a significant Muslim population are Kerala, AP, Assam, Jammu & Kashmir and Karnataka with a population of between five to ten million Muslims each. Rajasthan, Gujarat, MP, Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu have a Muslim population of between 3 to 5 million each. Delhi, Haryana and Uttaranchal have one to two million each.

With regard to the district wise distribution. The report says that of the 593 districts in India only 20 had a Muslim majority. Of them 9 are predominantly Muslim, i.e., with over 75% Muslim population; these include Lakshadweep and eight districts in Jammu & Kashmir. The other 11 districts have between 50 to 75% Muslim population.These districts are six from Assam, two from J&K, and one each from WB, Bihar and Kerala. Numerically about 13% of India’s Muslims i.e., nearly 18 Million people lived in these districts.

A further 38 districts had a significant Muslim population of between 25% to 50%. These were distributed in a number of states as follows. UP- 12, WB- 5, Kerala- 5, Assam- 4, Bihar- 3, Jharkhand- 2, Delhi- 2, and one each in AP, Haryana, J&K, Uttaranchal and Pondicherry. Numerically these districts accounted for 22% of the Muslim population i.e., around 30 Million people.

In about 182 districts the Muslim population was between 10 to 25% of the population. These districts accounted for nearly 47% of the Muslim Population ie., around 65 Million people.

So of the 593 districts in India, 240 districts with a significant Muslim population of atleast 10% and above have nearly 82% of India’s Muslim population, i.e., nearly 113 Million people.

A further 77 districts have most of the remaining share of 18% i.e., nearly 25 million.

Demographic processes– The report considers population change as a product of three processes- Mortality, Fertility and Migration.

Mortality– The report says that the Muslim child mortality in both indicators i.e., IMR(Infant mortality rate) and U5MR (Under five mortality rate) is lower than the average of the overall population. The report attributes it to probably higher levels of urbanisation among Indian Muslims and points out that within urban areas the Muslim child mortality rates is closer to the average mortality rates prevalent in urban India.

Fertility– The report endorses the various surveys such as NFHS-1, NFHS-2 and the Census which shows higher than average TFR(Total Fertility Rates) for Muslims when compared to the overall population. The TFR for Muslims is supposedly higher by 0.7 to 1 percentage point than the average for the rest of the population. Also other measures of fertility such as CBR(crude birth rate) is also higher at 30.8 compared to 25.9 for the total population. But the report stresses that the overall trend since the past two decades has been a decline in fertility rate among all religious groups including the Muslims. It shows that in the southern states where population growth rates are lower than the north the TFR for Muslims stands at 2.5 to 2.8 quite close to the prevailing population growth rates in the South of the country.

The report also says that the use of contraception is widely prevalent among Muslims but to a lesser degree than the average for the overall population. In contraceptive prevalence rate there is a supposed gap of 10% between the Muslims and the average. The report also says that reversible methods of contraception are more favoured by Muslim couples rather than non-reversible methods such as sterilisation. As per the report atleast one third of the Muslim couples were reported to be using some sort of contraception.

Migration– The report says that the contribution of Migration to the growth differential has been very small. It stresses that much of the population growth can be explained with respect to the higher fertility rates and lower child mortality rates among Muslims and the perception that there has been considerable ‘international migration’ (an eupheism for illegal Bangladeshi immigration) of Muslims into India is not correct. But it does not give any stats to prove its case that the widespread illegal Bangladeshi immigration into India has been as inconsequential as it claims it to be.

Future growth prospects– The report expects the Muslim population growth to reach replacement levels i.e., a TFR of 2.1 during the decade of the 2040’s with a overall population around 320-340 million in a total population of 1.7 to 1.8 billion. The Muslim population then according to the report would comprise nearly 19% of the total population from the current 13%.A jump of 6 percentage points.

The report says that this is due to a number of factors such as higher TFR’s, lower child mortality rates, and a better than average child sex ratio among muslims which would mean that the Muslim population growth would start to plateau around 10-15 years after it has for other social and religious communities in the country.

The report also tries to answer the question of whether and if so when will the Muslim population become the largest group.The report largely discounts the possibility of this happening within the Indian union. But it goes on to add that by 2050 in the area of pre-partition India (i.e., including Pakistan & Bangladesh) the combined population of Muslims and Christians together would be close to the 50% mark in comparison to the Indian religionists (i.e., Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Others).

In conclusion the report succeeds in putting a lot of issues related to the Muslim demographic trends in India in perspective. It is always better to have hard data, any data even if poorly compiled and analysed rather than depend on just perception as always is the case in India.

But there are some issues that the report tries to play down. One is that of illegal Bangladeshi immigration.It tries to dismiss it as inconsequential but all reports on the ground point out that this has been anything but inconsequential. This is one point where the report smacks of partisanship.Since this report was commissioned by the UPA and the perception is that many of the UPA partners and comrades depend on the votes of these illegal immigrants to get elected. This line take by the Sachar report on this sensitive issue only throws a question mark on its credibility as an objective source of Information in this regard.

The other is the sleight of hand where it suddenly introduces some unknown “source” and says that according to it the combined Muslim and Christian population of South Asia would cross 50% around 2050. Where did it get this piece of gem from? Did it also go through the census records of all the SAARC countries? or Did it just quote some random UN report? Why does it not offer its “source” so that it can be fully scrutinised?

And again this report does not consider the prospect that many people from neighbouring countries could ‘migrate’ to India for better economic prospects thereby making many of the conclusions drawn by this report redundant. Many of the districts in the North East, WB and other parts of India could well see a significant demographic shift because of ‘International immigration’ (illegal Bangladeshi immigration) and what if some of these regions are radicalised? How would that affect the National security situation in the decades ahead?



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  1. So you read the report! those who commissioned it might have not read it themselves, their reason for commissioning it all too obvious and they already had their conclusions…
    I browsed it too – i was looking for data on property ownership and vehicle ownership. almost all of the data in the report seems to be from NSSO – and they appear to be survey results rather than a complete census. Do you know more about NSSO, their data collection methods etc?

    • The most important fact is that when Justice Sachar was appointed as Chairperson of the so-called High Level Committee, rumours were doing rounds in Delhi that this special task had been assigned to retired Chief Justice Sachar on the express advice of the Political Adviser to UPA’s Chairperson. Many of us did not believe that rumour. But the story became curiouser when after appointment of Dilip Padgaonkar and Ms Radha Kumar (both associates of ISI’s USA based agent Dr. Fai) the city grapewine was that the Interlocuters for Kashmir were appointed on the advice of the same VIP, the aforementioned Political Adviser to UPA Chairperson. Is this a only rumour-mongering, or is there any truth in these two unrelated and related rumours. But in our blessed country, steeped in many mysteries, there is little chance of anyone knowing the truth.

      God save my motherland!


  2. Even i had the same feeling while reading it. Those who have commissioned it have made up their minds already.This report is just for namesake :).

    But then the good thing is they have put up the whole report online. so our duty as concerned indian citizens is to scrutinise the report threadbare and raise awareness.

    I think the best person to contact for details on NSSO is He can drive a whole tank thru this report ;).

  3. Dr. B.C.Mehta

    The report does through enough light on the pathetic condition of most of muslims in this country. rather than focussing on mullas and maulvies and their fatvas, it would be more fruitful for th media and the academics to focus the desire of the muslim masses for development. As in case of the other poor and lowly developed sections in this countries,the primary responsibility lies on the state to provide easily accessible schools, healthcare and community services to the muslim connumity. Only then the hold of the mulla and maulvi hierarchy can be loosened.

    • You are wrong, dear friend. In four globally recognised Human Development Indicators, namely Infant Mortality (under one year), Child Mortality (1 to 5 yrs old children), Life Expectancy at Birth and Urbanisation, the Muslims are far better placed than the Hindus. These facts were brought to the notice of Justice Sachar repeatedly and an audience sought with Justice Sachar by lour Thinktank, Patriots’ Forum. But there was no response for Sachar Committee. Why ? Incidentally the Life Expectancy at Birth in which Muslims had an advantage of 1.2 years in 2001, they are ahead of Hindus by 3 years.

  4. The Rationalist Theist

    “Where did it get this piece of gem from? ”

    –>from their great imaginations

    • No imagination, dear friend. No fudging of facts like what Justice Sachar did. Please go to original sources, read the three National Family Health Surveys – especially the one done in 2005-2206 (released in 2010? Why ?) . Also read Census 2001 Religion Data Report. And thereafter decide independently what is truth. If high infant and child mortality and lower longevity in Botswana, Burundi and sub-Saharan Africa is a sign of malnutrition and poverty why similar conditions among rural Hindus (trapped in BURGEONING suicide-belts of rural India) should not mean that the condition of Hindus is far worse than the Muslims and other minorities? The SACHAR BLUFF will burst into the face of politically-motivated secularists and media-mandarins like a BOMB in the next few years revealing that an average Muslim will live 5-6 years longer than his impoverished and under-nouirshed HINDU brother or sister. By then, however, Hindus would have been reduced to the status of hewers of wood and drawers of water in their ancient homeland. Muslims have acquired expertise in ‘grievance politics’ since pre-partition days.

  5. Srinivasa Rao

    All these statistics and percentages are not based on reliable data. Efforts should be made to get the correct details by applying Information Technology of all the sections in India of their populations and their representation and revise the existing reservation percentages as per the actuals as the reservations in India are celebrating centenary. Till the actulal figures are ascertained no fresh reservations should be given.

  6. Ashfaq

    You and your all viewers should read the below report… I do not know from where you got that information you posted…
    [Ashfaq, If it is the author of this article ur addressing then the above article is derived directly from the Sachar committee report.The Chapter and page no alongwith the link is given in the article itself.

    And one more thing, pls link to an article rather than copying and pasting it all in the comments section. such lengthy articles are better read at their source sites. Anyway i will be leaving the below article as it is for now. Next time on any lengthy articles if posted in the comments section without any link to the original source will be deleted- Ed]

    Sachar Committee Report: Some Hard Realities

    Sachar Committee Report
    Jan 24 2007 1:39AM
    K.M.Sajad Ibrahim
    Sachar Committee report is an eye opener to all Indians. It is a report on the status of Indian Muslims, who are the second largest community in the country. India is very proud to declare that it is one of the leading developing countries in the world and capable of emerging as the most developed country after twenty years, surpassing the USA , Japan etc. But how is it possible when some sections of its population are lagging behind in all spheres. It is the case of Indian Muslims. According to Sachar Committee report the status of Indian Muslims are below the conditions of Scheduled Castes and Tribes. Who are responsible for this? There is no doubt about the role of government. At the same time the Sangh Parivar is more responsible for the worst condition of the Muslims. Indian Muslims are vulnerable to Sangh Parivar ideology of Hindutwa, which mainly intends to capture power. As a result they let loose reign of terror in different parts of India to suppress the Muslims with an eye on majority Hindu votes. Hence the Muslims were denied justice and were isolated from the mainstream of Indian polity. There has been no attempt on the part of government to look after the condition the Muslims. They were branded as communalists and terrorists. Those who supported the Muslim’s cause were termed as appeasing the minority.

    Some remarked that the Muslims became backward due to their backwardness of their religion. Then in the whole world Muslims would have been the poor and backward. Islam as a religion promotes all types of modern development unlike any other religion in the world. However, Islam was treated as religion promoting violence. It is utter nonsense, as there is no such wording in Quaran. Even the Jihad was misinterpreted. Jihad was used only as a last resort for protecting one’s belief. But there is a tendency among some Muslim groups to preach Jihad for promoting their political interest. It has nothing to do with Islamic faith. Moreover, many so called Islamic terrorist have no affiliation towards following the principles of Islam for eg. to offer pray five times a day, to observe fast during the month of Ramdan and pay Zakkah to poor. According to Islam an Islamic name does not accord the status of Muslim unless and until one should follow all the norms of Islam. Hence, those who follow these norms cannot use violence since there is no religious sanction behind it.

    The Sachar Committee report is a set back for the Sangh Parvar as they were preparing the ground for yet another temple politics. As a result they remarked the report as fabricated and based on facts. However, they are not ready to study the report and point out the defects in it. Those who read the document cannot find any defects as it was well presented with full evidence with the help of all available data. Now the only way-out for the Sangh Parivar is to declare that the whole data is fabricated. Then there is one question- for what benefit Justice Sachar did it? He is not a representative of Muslims. Moreover, the majority of the members are not Muslims. So all these are stupid allegations raised by those who support the Sangh Parivar.

    Some information highlighted by the Sachar Committee regarding the Kerala Muslims
    1. Among Muslims 38 per cent are landless.
    2. In Agricultural jobs majority of the Muslims engage in lowest categories in Kerala as well as in India
    About the Gulf Migrants

    Among the Gulf migrants:
    1. 32% are Brahmins
    2. 20% are Nairs
    3. 17% are Ezhavas
    4. 54% are Muslims
    5. 68% are Christians
    The most dominated Muslims Districts in Kerala are Malappuram, Kozhikode , Kannur and Wayanad. In terms of the development, the per capita income of the Muslims of these districts plus their Gulf remittance is still lower than the per capita income of the remaining communities in other districts even without adding their Gulf remittance. It shows that the so called dominant Muslim Community is dominant only in its name as “Muslims”.

    Population Growth

    The most important allegation against the Muslims is the steady growth of the population comparing to other religious communities. The allegation was that the Muslims reject the family planning programmes on the basis of the religious conventions.

    However, the data indicates that there is a steady decline of the growth of the Muslim population by 3.5 % comparing to the decline rate of Hindus by 2.5%.
    It is also reported that the life expectancy of the Muslims is higher by one per cent comparing to all other communities in India .

    Muslims were ridiculed in the name of polygamy. But the available data published in 1980-81 shows that the polygamy is higher among Hindus than any other communities in India . Unfortunately no data was collected since then.

    Muslims in Armed Services
    Muslims represent only 4 per cent in the total armed forces in India . Among these Muslims 96 per cent belong to lower level jobs.

    Sachar Committee Report on Indian Muslims

    Right Wing Lies Exposed
    by Badri Raina
    December 15, 2006
    India ’s majoritarian fascists, represented in parliament by the Bharti Janata Party (BJP), are in a blue funk. The findings of the “Prime Ministers’ High Level Committee” (set up on 9th March,2005) headed by former chief justice of the Delhi High Court, Justice Rajinder Sachar have in their Report submitted to parliament on 30th November,2006 nailed the long-touted right-wing disinformation about Indian muslims as a skein of lies.

    Drawing on every conceivable data source, governmental and other, and interacting widely across 15 Indian states where muslims live in high concentrations, the Sachar Report records, on the basis of facts that few dare refute, a litany of exclusion, alienation and immiseration. This painstakingly comprehensive computation bids fare to inaugurate a paradigm shift in the way in which India ’s largest minority, some 14% of its population, are viewed. Already, all sections of opinion, barring of course the BJP, are busy making honest revaluations of a widely- held, error prone, and pre-conceived spectrum of imagined constructions of the muslim community– its attitudes, realities, and aspirations.

    First, a recap of some of the stunning findings of the Sachar Report:

    ? less than 4% muslims graduate from school;

    ? contrary to right-wing calumny, only 4% go to madrasas, principally because in most areas of high of muslim concentration even primary state schools do not exist for miles; where they do exist, muslims invariably prefer to send their wards to them, even when the dropout rate of muslim children is much higher compared to other community wards due to “poverty” as these children are pressed into work by their indigent parents;

    ? the muslim share in government employment is 4.9% (against a population of 14%); in a state like West Bengal ruled by the Left Front, their representation in state Public Sector Undertakings is exactly zero percent!

    ? Among India ’s Security Agencies (viz., CRPF, CISF, BSF, SSB &c.) muslim representation is 3.2%;

    ? Just 2.7% are in place among District Judges;

    ? In towns that range in population between 50,000 and 2 lacs, muslim per capita expenditure is less than that of India ’s Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes! This is also the case in areas across West Bengal , Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat , Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh;

    ? Not more than 3.% muslims are able to get subsidized loans, and only 1.9% benefit from the Antyodaya Anna Yojana Scheme (programme to prevent starvation among the extremely poor);

    ? Only 2.1% muslim farmers own tractors, and just 1% own hand pumps for irrigation;

    ? Here is another significant eye-opener: there is “substantial demand from the community for fertility regulation and for modern contraceptives”; over 20 million couples already use contraceptives; “muslim population growth has slowed down as fertility has declined substantially”; all that puts paid to the nefarious fascist propaganda that there has been a muslim conspiracy afoot since 1947 to reproduce mightily, and a danger that the Indian Hindus will be reduced to a minority!

    ? If muslims do outnumber majority hindus in any statistics, it is predictably as a proportion of the prison population (much like the blacks in America );

    ? Wherever muslims are spoken to they complain of suffering the twin calumnies of being dubbed “anti-national” and of being “appeased”; both accusations are perceived to be deeply calculated from ever allowing them to feel equal citizens of India;

    ? The Report also puts on record the little-recognized reality of caste hierarchies that have always existed among subcontinental muslims. Thus, the Ashrafs, Ajlafs, Arzals respectively correspond to the Hindu Swarns, Other Backward Castes, and Schedule Castes respectively. Although, untouchability of the kind that afflicts the Hindu social order does not exist among muslims, and although there is no bar to collective prayer in mosques, the reluctance to inter-dine and inter-marry is often only a concealed reality (1).

    It should not be hard to see that these findings—and many others—take the wind out of right-wing Hindu myth-making about the muslim community in India, a reason why the BJP from day one has sought to oppose the very notion of setting up a Committee to unravel the facts of muslim existence in India.

    Let me mention just three of the many path-breaking recommendations that the Sachar Report makes to the Prime Minister who set up the Committee:

    –it recommends that 15% of all government funds be allocated to muslim welfare and development under all Central government schemes;

    –it recommends the constitution of an “Equal Opportunities Commission” to look into the grievances of deprived groups and for the elimination of anomalies with respect to reserved constituencies under the delimitation scheme; in an interview that Justice Sachar gave to the media channel, CNN-IBN, he elaborated that the “Equal Opportunities Commission will have the power to pass order for compliance with it and to punish, either by compensation, or by other things for those who violate it. It has powers of adjucation and powers like a court.” These are of course projected stipulations at this point.

    –The Committee makes no recommendation of “reservations” for the muslim community per se, but suggests that those among them who approximate in terms of social and occupational status the scheduled and backward classes among Hindus be classified as Most Backward Castes and proferred the same benefits that relevant articles of the Constitution make available to counterparts among Hindus.


    Predictably, the BJP finds the Sachar Report “full of prejudices” and seeks to launch on a Hindu-communalist blitz. Alongwith the Sachar Report the BJP seeks also to rope in, with heinously tendentious selectivity, a statement that the Prime Minister made last week to a meeting of the National Development Council (which includes all the chief ministers of state governments) inorder to scream “muslim appeasement” in a renewed effort to line up “Hindu” vote behind the party. That the “Hindu” vote in effect amounts only to propertied upper caste vote is by now well-recognized, although it will be the BJPs’ attempt to inveigle disaffected social groups among Hindus as well.

    But first for record, this is what the Prime Minister said at that meeting:

    “I believe our collective priorities are clear: agriculture, irrigation and water resources, health, education, critical investment in rural infrastructure, along with programmes for the uplift of SCs/STs. other backward classes, minorities and women and children. The component plans for SCs and STs will need to be revitalized. We will have to devise innovative plans to ensure that minorities, particularly the muslim minority, are empowered to share equitably in the fruits of development. They must have the first claim on resources. The Centre has a myriad other responsibilities whose demands will have to be fitted within the overall resource availability.”

    The BJP, hardly surprisingly, has chosen to extrapolate from this admirably detailed, diverse and comprehensive enunciation a one-point agenda—namely, that the Prime Minister is after all prejudiced against the majority community! Just in passing, it never seems to occur to Hindutva ideologues that the SCs and OBCs, as well as a substantial percentage of STs who enjoy the benefits of “reservations” are, after all, components of the majority community. Or that just as they comprise socially and educationally deprived sections among Hindus, similarly and correspondingly deprived sections exist among Muslims as well.

    Most interestingly, it is often forgotten that, notwithstanding the accusation that affirmative action favouring the muslims is now sought to be instituted on “religious” grounds in contravention of articles 341and 342 of the Constitution, the note to those two articles is amenable only to the construction that reservations were indeed conceived ab initio on a religious basis. How else would one read the stipulation that

    “A person who is converted to another religion cannot claim scheduled Caste status.” (Notes on Articles 341 and 342, The Constitution of India, P.M.Bakhshi ed., VIth ed., p.285)

    Clearly, the fact that caste hierarchies exist among muslims was not to be granted recognition, although subsequently in 1956, the principle was extended to the Sikh community as well! It may well be the wishful conviction of the RSS that Sikhs are infact only a sect among Hindus, but the Sikhs have never taken kindly to that communal and patronizing propagation.

    Yet, if in spite of the ammunition that the Sachar Report and the statement made by the Prime Minister may have provided to the majoritarian fascists, they seem visibly fighting now with their backs to the wall. Nothing testifies more eloquently to the changed social and political environment in India over the last two or three years. If the BJP senses this, regardless of the renewed communalist blitz they have launched, the reasons may be as follows:

    –shocking as it might seem, the Sachar Report and its recommendations have not drawn the sort of “popular” outcry among Hindus that the BJP might have expected; this seems owing to three factors: one, the incontestable content of the Sachar Report; two, the organizational and ideological disarray within the BJP, resulting just last week in significant electoral losses in Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Chattisgarh; and, three, to the augumented credibility of the Manmohan Singh led UPA government. Nor does it seem on the cards that the BJP’s energetic polemic is likely to change opinion in any major way.

    –the Sachar Report has blown a very big hole into the time-tested right-wing Hindu propaganda that the Congress has always indulged in “muslim appeasement”; anybody can see the impossibility of reconciling that bogus claim with the concrete findings of the Sachar Report, even when there is truth to the charge that centrist parties, including the BJP under Atal Bihari Vajpayee, have sought to appease the religious/priestly leaderships of both communities over the years.
    The BJPs subsequent charge that if such be the state of the muslim community it is only the Congress which is to blame now draws the obvious rejoinder: that may well be so, but now that the UPA dispensation appears serious about remedying the situation, why should the BJP oppose such a project. The fact is that many sections among Hindus who have thus far tended to take the BJPs version of things for granted feel that if further deleterious radicalization of desperate muslim youth is to be averted, now is the time to attend to the substance of muslim grievance.

    It is significant that a poll conducted just the other day by one of the premier media channels on whether or not the Prime Minister was right in saying that deprived sections, including the muslim minority, should have “first claim” on the nation’s resources drew a 40% positive response. Such a response would have been unthinkable in the wake of the Gujarat episode of 2002.

    –given the exertions of the UPA government on the question, more and more sections of muslim organized opinion as well as general public articulation among muslims can be seen to acquire a new energy, centring now on a new hope and the desire to participate both in terms of ideas and targeted action steps. From the BJPs’ point of view, this transformation has the potential to draw both the muslim community and general public discourse away from the sort of jehadi-talk and “Islamism” that suits Hindu-fascist politics.

    –the BJPs’ isolation among the political party structures on the question is already complete; even its ally, the Akali Dal, has stated that it sees nothing wrong if deprived minorities are attended to in a special way. Given that low-caste Sikhs have been beneficiaries of affirmative action since 1956, such a position is consistent, after all.


    The all-important question must now pertain to how sincerely and resolutely the UPA government pursues the new agenda it has laid out. Should the Sachar findings be allowed to go to cold storage and amount merely to a clever ploy, the consequences for the secular and democratic future of India will not but be cataclysmic. Indeed, the state may not get another opportunity in the matter.

    If, on the other hand, the UPA follows up resolutely, without communal/electoral calculation, on the implications that flow from the Sachar Report it may truly inaugurate a transforming politics that bears the promise of putting secular democracy on a firm and concrete footing and, all importantly, of defeating the project of both Hindu and Muslim communalists to push Indian muslims into the corner wherefrom the discourse of “terror” and “war on terror” could become mutually possible.

    Finally, let it be said that the bulk of the muslim community in India, insofar as they are either petty farmers, or agricultural workers, or artisans, or unorganized urban proletarians, owe their economic immiseration massively to the economics of “reform” and “structural adjustment”. Until the government seriously rethinks its adherence to the political economy of “globalization” nobody need expect far-reaching transformations to happen in any hurry.

    (1) The reality of caste hierarchies within Indian muslims was perhaps first commented on by Ziauddin Berni (14C, Mohd., Tughlak’s court) in his Faatwa-i-Jahandari;

    See also Ambedkar , Pakistan or the Partition of India, ch.X: “Social Stagnation” and Zarina Bhatty, “Social Stratification Among Muslims in India ,” in Caste: Its Twentieth Century Avatar, ed., M.N. Srinivas.

  7. Raffy

    The report is excellent good work of the genius people. The reports based on Data Provided by the All State Government, not collected by Committee Members. The Fools should understand that there are actual facts and figures mentioned. Secondly in Democratic Process and on the way of total Success, becoming Super Nation we should take all people with us, otherwise we could not be a super power and super nation. Biased Baboos, Communal Gangs, Corrupt Indian Nationals are hindarance to our growth. Those who talk non-sense just get shut-up. thanks

    • Sachar Report is the biggest fraud perpetrated on Hindus in post indepedence India. The data is bogus and twisted. Justice Sachar cleverly concealed that fact that in 4 globally recognised Human Development Indicators, namely Infant Mortality, Child Mortality, Life Expectancy at Birth and Urbanisation Muslims are way ahead of Hindus. These facts were repeatedly pointed out to Justice Sachar with documentary proof. But he was given a political task by Prime Minisater on the advice of Political Adviser to UPA Chairperson. So the great retired Judge produced a totally false and fabricated report to please his political masters. The cat was out of the bag when on in December, 2006, on birthday of Sonia Gandhi, our Prime Minister pompously declared that “Muslims have the first claim on the country’s resources” – a totally communal and obnoxious statement.

      Incidedntally in 2001 in the matter of Life Expactancy at Birth (a very important indicator of economic well being) the Muslims had an advantage of of 1.2 years over Hindus. But now on an average a Muslim lives for 3 years MORE than his Hindu counterpart. How do you explain this phenomenon ? It clearly shows that an average Muslim is better fed and more nourished than his Hindu counterpart

  8. hameed

    the report is excellent work….but government very very slow to take action why?

  9. guff

    Report is showing the real indian face, everyone knows what happens here to muslims…no need to read any report first of all. those who say it is not correct are living in some other world…you tell one muslim name in RAW…??? how many muslims were in your class room at school, college or university???? India is only for hindus…we need to get our own country…thanks to mr. sachar

  10. Sher

    Le k rahain ge apna watan….ban k rahay ga apna watan..

    this is going to be a slogan for indian muslims soon inshallah… a new pakistan is about to be born….
    what hindus need to do is just hate us a bit more…increase your attrocities…treat us worst than you do…press us as harder as you can…massacre us in every part of country ….

    then we will rise…as our brother did 60 years ago..
    do you remember?????

    • Mohammed Mazhar

      Mr. Sher, wat u hav written here is completely ridiculous, people like you and comments like this, are more responsible for biased, hatred against the community. when u speak and write something in sensitive matters & issues like this, think 100 times before u post something.

      I hav no idea who u r & your origination, anyone who reads the above post will seriously doubt your nationality.

      Remember, we are a proud Indians!!!!!.

      Dear Readers, Being an Indian Muslim, I apologize for wat Mr Sher hav posted above.

      Thanks for your time.

      • The lies which Justice Sachar wrote in his report are monumental and his hatred for Hindus almost unbelievable. Pl. read on page 83 of Sachar Report the DIRTY diatribe against teaching of Sanskrit in schools of north Indian. Justice Sachar rants :

        “The importance given to Sanskrit in the educational framework of Delhi and many north Indian states has tended to sideline the minority languages. The students have to op for Sanskrit as there is no provision to teach Urdu …………” .

        In the next para the retired Chief Justice blames Sanskrit even for the “poor performance” of the Urdu medium students. What logic, what wisdom ? No wonder, Justice Sachar earned encomiums from the fundamentalists of Pakistan and West Asia – even fundamentalists of USA. I can quote chapter and verse from Sachar Report to nail the falsehood propagated by Sachar Report.

        Excuse me Mr. Mazhar, you appear to be a TAQIYAH practising Muslim. Unlike you Mr. Sher appears as a comparatively truthful person – a true Jihadi who does not mince words. Please, Mr Mazhar, see on YOU TUBE the 2 hours long anti-Hindu and anti-India speech at Adilabad of Akbaruddin Owaisi. More importantly just watch the applause,. adulation and clappings of OWAISI’s hateful rant against Hindus by 30 thousand strong Muslim mobsters and you would discover the TRUTH – nothing but Truth.

        If Adilabad has 30,000 fifth columnisxts, what should be their all India number. Pl. do calculate and tell the slumbering Indians.

        Most Hindus have turned dim-wits by the double dope of SECULARISM and BOLLYWOOD. If they cannot wake up even after November 2008 MASS MASSACRE in Mumbai, there is little hope for saving India.

        Ram Ohri

  11. ray


    A new Pakistan is about to be born – is what you wrote . Be happy that Justice Rachar who is not a representative of muslims has come out with such a report. Go to Pakistan and see how your Muslim Brothers are treated . They are called Mujahideens. You as a muslim and better off in India than in Pakistan. Dont think of a New Pakistan in India , better you go to Pakistan . India is for Indians. And India should not tolerate disgruntled muslims like you.

  12. Faraz

    Sher is a pakistani rat rotten. And he never went to school so he doesn’t know about the Indian pledge that start as
    “ALL indians are my brothers and sisters”

  13. jess

    This Mr. Sher look like musharraff cousin…dont know what he is doing in my country …this is what i really hate about these people hamare vatan mein rahenge gun gayenge pakaistan ke…if they ever go they will know how pakistanii’s will treat them…

    One rotten fish spoils the lake…

  14. Naseem Ahmad

    Sachar Committee Report is Alarming ,Some measures should be takan to do some this corrective action for this UNDERSERVED Community of Muslim, Otherwise…………..


  15. Mansoor

    As expected this is a biased report as majority of members are muslims. It is just stating what they had in mind. This should be discarded completely. One instance of bias is that it downplays bangladeshi immigration. Everyone knows that 2 corre muslim population is a result of illegal bangladehis. I am a muslim but a nationalist first. Such reports do more harm to the community as they just reinforce the stereotypes and assign ‘external reasons’ for the plight of community. India is a free country. It is the community that is to be blamed for keeping out of the mainstream for reasons peculiar to us. Who is preventing us muslims to clear the competitive exams. join governement service, private service or even army. Those of us (me included) who came out of the stereotypes never face any discrimination in India. We get equal opportunities to progress. We need a degree of honesty to identify that reasons for muslim backwardness is due to the communities own mindset only and not due to anyone else. Hence, such reports should be dumped as they do more harm than good. They prevent us from introsepcting and coming up with ‘root causes’ of our backwardness. It again leads one to believe that its the ‘outsiders’ that exploit us. Improvement is possible only if ‘real reasons’ or ‘root causes’ are honestly identified.
    Hence, the govt if it really wants to help muslims should scrap this report completely and deter from having similar committees in future. Its doing more harm than good.

  16. sharique hassan

    this report is something alarming and ponderable if we will ignore this now i thing we will loose our existance on one is accused or conspiracing against us we are guilty for ongoing events

  17. sharique hassan

    this report is something alarming and ponderable if we will ignore it now i ihink we will loose our existence no one is plotting against us we are accused for ongoing events. we have ignorable figure in govt and private sector . as we know might is right unless we will have a strong representation no one is going to take notice for please ponder on it and dont put it on back burner and make people awere of it

  18. Rezaul Karim

    Sachar report is a jolt in the muslim psychae. This is the time they should introspect and remould them to accept modern education like science and technology. Unless you perpetuate education, there will be no change in the status even in the next century. Hindu community developed because they had people like Rammohan Roy, Vidyasagar, Vivekananda,Gopal Krisna Gokhale and radhakrishnan. The nation grows by mutual harmony and participation of all sections of people. India cannot be great by leaving aside 13crore people in the state they are in. For all-round development of nation this community needs better representation. But they should not sit idle and leave the onus on government. they should work hard and develop themselves, Education, education and education— that’s the medicine!

  19. Dr.Ramesh Kumaran


    Is it because the muslims are backward that in
    Kerala they have got in recent times many engineering ,medical and other professional
    course colleges under the minority status law
    along with the christians?The hindu OBCs namely
    the Ezhavas do not even get to run a play school
    and they are entirely dependent on such minority
    status institutes for health and educational needs
    and they even face discrimination in such
    institutes which cannot be easily measured
    in statistically relevant terms.Even for gulf
    recruitment one finds the statement that
    only muslims and christians need to apply.
    They therefore have international support to
    remain backward and oppose democratic
    way of living.They put on their own religious
    dress where everybody has to wear uniforms.
    They will not allow postmortem,they will
    oppose modern education,fridays they will not
    be available for work etc.All these are creating
    a bad image amongst people who are also
    disadvantaged but have no choice or no
    loud mouth like the minority community to
    be heard.Why cant the other communities too
    work for the upliftment of their people?
    Muslims are not the only disadvantageous
    group of people,it is seen just about in every
    community.And the spate of jihadi terrorism
    also is a reason why people will oppose sachar
    reccomendations.Why are the Ezhava community
    involved in liquor business?Because their
    condition has not been studied sufficiently
    and given adequate reservation in central govt
    posts where the christians,muslims,and other
    upper class Hindus have been adequately
    represented.In Kerala the muslims and
    christians are in a far better position.The church
    and the Mosque have enough money to
    start a network of proffesional and arts colleges
    and even buy the entire Kerala soil with due
    support from politicians who mostly belong
    to the christian or muslim community or
    such people who will trade off the poor and
    helpless to these communities under the
    guise of pseudosecularism.
    Implement sachar commission only if the
    Mullahs and the MES and the Madrasas
    are kept out of the scheme of things.I as an
    individual do not wish to live on their terms,
    all because they have power of number and
    fanaticism.Minoritism is secularism and all
    other definitions are fundamentalism
    cannot be accepted.It is better to migrate to
    Denmark.And what about the crores of rupees
    the nation spends on Haj pilgrimmage.Why cant
    they see Mecca in Indian mosques?During
    such times of rupee crunch such subsidies
    should be disallowed only then should
    sachar reccomendation should be implemented.
    And why hasnt the Narendran commission
    and the 27percent reservation for OBCs in central
    govt posts not being implemented?Why this
    stepmotherly treatment for the latter.Do they
    wish that these people continue brewing
    alcohol and become objects of ridicule from
    other community members?This kind of
    discrimination is no less than a genocide
    and will allow an undue natural selection
    in Darwinian terms.We do not attend temples
    for our inspiration or education like the other
    minority communities and still risk the definition
    of a fundamentalism if we oppose the blind
    acceptance of the sachar panel.The people must
    have enough participitation while such a report
    is being drafted.Just a few people drafting this
    commission and banging it on the vast majority
    is not acceptable.Let a wide debate at school and
    college level and through government agencies
    be initiated before sachar commision is implemented,like the kerala government did
    at the time of the Narendran commission
    to which I responded after memorandums
    were invited through daily newspapers and
    everybody got a chance to articulate their opinions
    in matters of reservation which affects all.
    Let all such upcoming bills and commissions
    be allowed to discuss through the print and
    digital media and all such matter be displayed
    in all educational institutes so that the
    students too get an opportunity to think and articulate independently which is of utmost
    importance for the upliftment of any community
    with or without the aid of a reservation.Let us
    make such controversials bills more scientific
    and socially relevant by more participation.
    Otherwise its acceptance will always be challenged
    in a very violent way.Nation as a whole has to
    progress.You cannot indulge in piecemeal
    progress of one section of people and then the
    next.If muslims need reservation give it to them
    but other equally and more disadvantageous people
    exists ,and their interests should not not be
    sacrificed.That should be the philanthropy.
    And not the philanthropy of ballot box philosophy
    which has been made to appear as all that should
    and would matter.

  20. Nkhan

    there is nothing going to be happen, if there is no follow up of report. the report itself is not goping to raise the conditions itself. ALL community has a backward, poor part in itself. POLICY should be made to raise the standard of all those people DESPITE OF RELIGION, CAST, CREED Etc. JUST GET HELL OUT OF THIS CAST CREED RELIGION CULTURE, beCAUSE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO HAVE FREE MINDS.

  21. R.Nambiar

    The report has said that the income brought back to kerala by gulf muslims are far below compared to those who belong to other communities.This is not because of their low income.Income as mentioned in the govt. reports are officially registered income(white money) and not the other one I mean black money.The black money market (and once upon a time the gold smuggling racket) is entirely controlled by the muslim community in kerala.
    All those who are crying about the backwardness of muslims in kerala are just trying to bluff.The standard of living of the muslims in kerala is far better than the average of the state.
    Second point is about the representation in armed forces. Armed forces is not a place for a job to simply earn money.It means lots of responsibilities,Patriotism,It needs that you should love your country more than the religion you belong to, which is difficult for muslims who believe in universal brotherhood of all muslims which makes a muslim in Pakistan or any of India’s rival country his brother.
    A Muslim prays towards an Idol which is located in Saudi Arabia and they believe in the superiority of the Arab race,So any Diplomatic opposition move against the race that he revers will be obviously opposed by him.And he is force fully made & taught to oblige to the Mullas, Maulvis & Imams of his or he will be denied burial in their cemetry which is an ultimate insult for him and the family he belongs to.
    And third
    The terrorist masterminds behind the Bomb blast at Indian Institute of Science ,Bangalore was not illiterate misguided poor backward muslims but well educated well brought up(from upper middle class families) muslim Youths mainly Engineering graduates from elite institutes where they have got through by reservation.Two of them were Software engineers from north Kerala One Mr.Shibli & Mr.Yahya Kamakutti.

    More over they have been from ages taught to descriminate and destroy the idol worshipping infidels & their Idols.
    “Those who do not agree with our way of believing, kill them, wherever you find them, cut off their heads, with heavy fetters, throw them into blazing fires; pour boiling water upon their heads, melting their skins.”

    Translation of “The Glorious Quran”
    by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall

    Quran 9:5
    “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolators wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”

    Quran 47:4
    When you meet the unbelievers in the Jihad strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until War shall lay down her burdens.

    Quran 73:12
    We have in store for the unbelievers heavy fetters and a blazing fire, choking food and harrowing torment: on the day when the earth shall quiver with all its mountains, and the mountains crumble into heaps of shifting sand.

    Quran 22:19-22:23
    Garments of fire have been prepared for the unbelievers. Scalding water shall be poured upon their heads, melting their skins and that which is in their bellies. They shall be lashed rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they try to escape from Hell, back they shall be dragged, and will be told: ‘Taste the torment of the Conflagration!’

    Quran 5:51
    O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is one of them. Lo allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.

    Quran 5:64
    “The Jews say: “Allah’s hand is tied up”. Be their hands tied up and be they Accursed for the blasphemy that they utter. Nay, Both his hands (Allah’s) are widely outstretched: He giveth and Spendeth as he Pleaseth. But the revelation that cometh to Thee (Mohammed) from Allah increaseth in most of them their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy. Amongst them we have placed Enmity and Hatred till the day of Judgement. Every time they kindle the fire of War, Allah doth extinguish it; But they ever strive to do mischief on earth. And Allah loveth not people who do mischief.”

    Quran 33:26
    “And those of the People of the Book (Jews) who Aided Them (Meccans) – Allah did take them from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts, so that Some Ye Slew and Some Ye made Prisoners. And he made you heirs of their Lands, their Houses, and their Goods. And of a Land, which Ye had not frequented before (Khaybar) and Allah has Power over all things.”

    Quran 59:2-5
    “He it is who hath caused those of the People of the Scripture (Jews) who disbelieved to go forth from their homes unto the first exile. You deemed not that they would go forth, while they deemed that their strongholds would protect them from Allah. But Allah reached them from a place whereof they recked not and cast terror in their hearts so that they ruined their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers. So learn a lesson, O you who have eyes!

    In addition there are also verses in the Quran that clearly indicate that Jews and Hindus deserve the same murderous treatment. Perhaps no other evidence is more compelling or stronger than this to establish the basis for the shared experiences and victimization of the Hindus of India and the Jews of Israel.

    Quran 98:1-8
    The unbelievers among the People of the Book (Jews) and the pagans (Hindus) shall burn for ever in the fire of Hell. They are the vilest of all creatures.

    Quran 9:73
    Prophet, make war on the unbelievers (Hindus) and the hypocrites (Jews) and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their Home: an evil fate.

    This is what their holy book is saying and what they are practicing..So any reader can himself justify himself about who and what is right…

  22. Sha

    Dear Nambiar,

    Please dont quote the Verses and spread hatered, without knowing the background of when it was said, what purpose it was said,why it was said, jsut by leaving the fully, you taken only few parts to mislead the people.
    Try to understand the Quaran, May God show you the right path.

    • Quite sometime ago I and my friend, Devendra Mittal, had attended a discourse by Maulana Waheeduddin in India International Central, New Delhi. The learned Maulana started by saying that the Quran is a complete way of life for entire mankind and is uniformly applicable at all times. When I pointed out that verse 8.12 and several other verses of Quran openly preach killing of ‘kaffirs’ and exhorts the Muslims to wage jihad against Hindus Sikhs, Parsis, Jews and Christians, etc., the great Maulana took a someersault and trotted out the same excuse which you are taking. He said that those verses were meant for those times only. But that is wrong the Jihadis have been quoting the chapter and verse of Quran to exhort the Muslims to kill and plunder ALL kaffirs. Pl. read the Indian Mujahideen e-mail of July 2008 which openly commands all Hindus to either convert to Islam or get ready for being slaughtered in streets of Indian cities – just as Mahmud Ghaznavi and Ghori had done earlier. That e-mail is on the Internet (also on Wikipedia). Please do read it and get wiser.

      Maulana Waheeduddin and others like him are bluffing the gullible Indian masses. They are practising the doctrine of “Taqiyah” which means use of deception and fraud for promoting their religion.
      Ram Ohri

  23. Zuhair

    “Those who do not agree with our way of believing, kill them, wherever you find them, cut off their heads, with heavy fetters, throw them into blazing fires; pour boiling water upon their heads, melting their skins.”

    Translation of “The Glorious Quran”
    by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall

    Kindly provide the chapter and verse
    Its not even a single sentense in Quran dear you have take words from different places and make a sentense

    for Quran 9:5
    Dear this was for the preiod when muslims were already at war they are asked to stop the war during holy months and restart it

    Quran 47:4
    man these are the instruction when you meet some one at war, go to your war callege and listen to there spechese ,
    these instructions were given at a time when war prisioners (if some one left alive) were only made slaves
    here the options are to set them free after the war or take ransom, Dear this was even hundreds of years before Geneva

    Quran 73:12
    Quran 22:19-22:23
    nothing has been asked from muslim in these verses . These are warning about whats going to happen in after life

    Quran 5:51
    isnt the 1400 + years shown that truthfullness of this verse , and even here muslims are asked to be carefull and vigilant not to hear to false claims

    Quran 9:73
    Quran 98:1-8
    Mention of life after death

    hypocrites != jew the are mentioned as jews in Quran these are traitors within Muslims,
    unbelievers != Hindu
    I havent read the complete context of this one so not comenting right now about war

  24. mel the leader

    i do not question the figures of this report.rather, i question the hasty and unsubstantiated conclusions drawn from these facts and figures.for example,the report states that the percentage of muslim prison inmates is significantly higher than their percentage of the national population and then goes on to equivocally imply that this is due to institutionalised bias against muslims,and not due to the possibility of muslims,as a whole,being much more likely to commit crimes than non-muslims.the worst part of this report is it’s total refusal to acknowledge the magnitude of the bangladeshi immigration problem and the subsequent radicalisation of large swathes of eastern india.those who seek a solution to this problem are not anti-muslim hindu supremacists aor fascists.they see this growing demographic imbalance as a major cause of concern for the following reasons-
    1.any sudden and unstable shift in the demographic pattern of a region caused by uncontrolled illegal immigration only precipitates a possible communal conflict.
    2.even though it might not sound politically correct to oppose immigration on the grounds that the immigrants are muslims,the magnitude of the problem gets accentuated because it is a well established statistical fact that muslims are much more likely to be terrorists than non-muslims.i would use the often quoted but nonetheless true phrase”all muslims are not terrorists,but all terrorists are definitely muslims. is a particularly dangerous situation because a large number of the immigrants have proven to be elements of the ISI and many among them have provided local support to islamic radicala and terrorist activities.
    it is a shame that despite being a so-called emerging superpower,theindian state has not been able to defend it;s borders from illegal immigration-that is an instrument of indirect is shameful that we are perceived as paper tigers,averse to using force and strength even though we have plenty of it.we simply cannot surrender so meekly.we must whole-heartedly reject the minority appeasing sachar committe report.

  25. AJ Abedi

    As per Sachar report muslims have high malnutrition rate though the mottality indicators were found to be low as compared to other religion.
    The factors which are realted to nutritional morbidity and childhood mortality are same then why is there such a difference? The possible reasons could be
    1. high mortality in other religion children leads to malnourished children not surviving therefore overall decrease in malnutrition in others whereas because of comparirively low mortality muslim children are surviving and leading to high rates of malnutrition(Similar findings in African and South East Asean Countries, former has high mortality rates but low malnutrition rates)
    2. Secondly low mortality in Muslim can also be due to: a)Low Birth Weight prevalence being low
    b) More concenteration in Urban area therefore closer to health facilities

    • Sachar Report is a document full of falsehood and deception. The infant and child mortality among Muslims is LOWER than among Hindus. Then who is more under nourished? Again the life expectancy at birth among Muslims is higher than among Hindus. In 1990s an Indian Muslim lived 1.4 years more than his Hindu couterpart. The National Family Health Survey-3 of 2005-2006 (released in 2010) showed a BIG QUANTUM JUMP in the longevity of average Muslim vis a vis average Hindu. Now an Indian Muslim lives 3 years longer than his Hindu counterpart. How did than happen ? Don’t read Sachar trash. Read truth from original sources. It is a shame that a retired Chief Justice wrote such falsehood! God save India

  26. imran

    Iss daur main mai aur hai, jaam aur hai, jum aur
    Saaqi ne bina ki rawish-e-lutf-o-sitam aur
    Muslim nai bhi ta’ameer kia, apna harum aur
    Tahzeeb ke azar ne tarishwai sanam aur
    In taza khudaon main baRa sab se watan hai
    Jo pairhan iss ka hai, woh mazhab ka kafan hai
    Yeh but keh tarasheeda-e-tahzeeb-i-navi hai
    Gharat gar-e-khashan-e-deen-i-nabawi hai
    Baazu tira tawheed ki quwwat se qawi hai
    Islam tira des hai, tu Mustafawi hai!
    Nazzara-e-dereena zamanay ko dikha de
    Ai Mustafawi, khaak main iss but to mila de
    Ho qaid-maqaami to nateeja hai tabahi
    Reh behar main azad-e-watan, soorat-e-maahi
    Hai tark-e-watan sunnat-e-Mahboob-e-Ilaahi
    De tu bhi nabuwwat ki sadaqat pe gawahi
    Guftaar-e-siyasat main watan aur hi kuch hai
    Irshaad-e-nabuwwat main watan aur hi kuch hai
    Aqwaam-e-jahan main hai raqabat, to issi sai
    Taskheer hai maqsood-e-tijarat, to issi sai
    Khaali hai sadaqat sai siyasat, to issi sai
    Kamzor ka ghar hota hai gharat, to issi sai
    Aqwam main makhlooq-e-khuda bat-ti hai iss sai
    Qaumeat e islam ki jaR kaT-ti hai iss sai

  27. This is a nice blog, the info are great.
    Good job..keep doing.

    • If Muslims are more malnourished than Hindus please answer the following questions HONESTLY (placing your hand on your heart) :

      Q. 1 How is it that the so-called ‘malnourished Muslims’ live longer than the so-called better nourished Hindus ?

      Q. 2. How is that in 1998-99 an average Muslim lived 1.2 years longer than a Hindu, but in 2005-2006 (as per National Family Health Survey-3) the longevity of average Muslim quantum jumped over the Hindu longevity by 3 years (instead of 1.2 years differential earlier).

      Q. 3. Will you, dear Muslim friends and secular fellow-travellers, consider Muslims to be more disdvantaged than average Hindu when an Indian Muslim will live 5, 6 or 10 years long than average Hindu?

      Q.4. How is it that the incidence of Infant Mortality and Child Mortality is higher among Hindus than among Muslims (admitted by Justice Sachar himself in his report) and still you consider Muslims more backward than the Hindus ?

      Q. 5. Do not higher life expectancy at birth of Indian Muslims vis a vis Hindus and their LOWER Infant and Child Mortality convey the truth about the poor nutritional intake of Hindus due to soul-searing poverty of rural Hindus (4-5 lakhs of them committed suicides to achieve ‘Moksha’ from grinding poverty of Hindu farmers.?

      Q. 6. If higher Infant and Child Mortality, loswer Life Expectancy at Birth and inadequate urbanisation are considered by the WHO and UNO as poof enough to be considered disadvntaged, why the same yardstick should not be applied to adjudge the economic status of Hindus of India vis a vis Muslims.

      Q. 7. How is that in Delhi, U P, Haryana, Punjab, Rajathan, Maharashtgra, Andhra, Kerala and West Bengal and all over India you find emaciated, hungry Hindu kids and women begging for a loaf of bread at almost every road-crossing, but not many hungry and starving emaciated Muslims, Christians, Sikhs or Parsis children and women are found at road crossings in cities / towns of India ?

      I know Justice Sachar being an expert in suppressio veri, suggestio falsi will not answer these important questions. But is it too much to expect our MORE HONEST Muslim friends to understand the truth and speak up even at this belated hour ?

      Frankly, I don’t expect our SARKARI SECULARISTS to stand up and answer my questions. But perhaps some God-fearing Muslims might accept my fact-and data-based challenge and try to find answer to my SEARCHING questions.

  28. indian

    After reading all the blogs and the reaction from majority of muslims its really intriguing to see muslims blaming everyone but themselves for their state.Imagine a scenario in a hindu lower middle class household wher a man who is single bread winner for family with 7-8 kids and enforces kids to be fully versed with sanskrit,bhagvad gita and ancient religious scriptures.the result would be he wud not be able to provide worthwhile education,living comforts and standard of living.So what jobs wud people from such families get and how competent wud they be.A similiar example must be imagined in muslim households.Now a days all hindus have either one or 2 kids and provide them the best of education and healthcare.English education and job based approach is popular norm.less than 1 % of hindus have ever read bhagvad gita and still lesser numbers abide by it.So muslims must one and for all stop blaming the rest for their should first stop being over-religious and be more practical.The lineation to the supernatural started fading in the west and has spread to all communities in the globe except muslims.Who is preventing muslims to clear the competitive exams. join governement service, private service or even army. Those of us who came out of the stereotypes never face any discrimination in India. We get equal opportunities to progress. We need a degree of honesty to identify that reasons for muslim backwardness is due to the communities own mindset only and not due to anyone else. All over the world the state of muslims is pathetic due to their own approach to life .In saudi arabia,ther is a king who is using the countries oil reserves to his mercy,in the rest of the countries muslims believe religion and religion only is the way of life.So how much will such people progress.take the example of japan ,it was a poor country 65 years ago and look at where they are today all due to industrialisation,education, family planning ,healthcare,research & development,innovation ,motivation and clear thought with no religious overtones.India is an overpopulated country and the GReat indian congress party has used the muslim vote bank always to their advantage.India is a secular country bcause Majority are Hindus and not vice versa.All hindus including people from RSS and BJP do not discriminate against hindus.It is only that muslims want to make ISLAM their only identity and have no focus on nationality,indianness,patriotism that such issues are brought into focus.A muslim is always taught that a non muslim is KAFIR and should be conspired against.Indian muslim should consider themselves lucky to be born here bcause there is nothing stopping them here. Whether it is abdul kalam,shah rukh khan, azharuddin,SALIM-suleiman,ar rahman or any other muslim all have done well in their respective fields in a hindu majority nation.Sachar commitee report is full of truth but the reason for shabby state of muslims need to be introspected.Never consider the congress party as true supporters of muslims,they have used muslim sensitivities to ths hilt,in fact the sorry state of muslims shud be attributed to them.The temple agenda by BJP was to get votes and not really build it.There are so many muslims in BJP who are there bcause they have put nation first.The thinking and intellectual population of india is less than 30 %, so tell me in a country wher Votes mean everything how else do we get peoples mandate.Christian countries are way ahead of us as they have handled religion with maturity.They wer the first to say that the earth is round and not flat,sun and not earth is centre of universe,man was not created in 5 days as said in bible,performed dissection on dead human bodies to study more and cure disease’s.Infact they went to the extent of makin a film like ‘Da vince code’ which had a theme that JESUS was married to a prostitute and had a child and lineage.Tell me is this not blasphemy and this film was cleared by the censors in over 60 christian countries without a single cut or violence on the streets. We should learn from examples set by others.We must use our own brains to handle our lives and those of our families rather than believe RULES AND REGULATIONS SET BY MAD MEN THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO. It is near evident that there is no such thing as god but people are still to mature from it.Life should be taken as a gift and every day must be considered a blessing rather than believe that there is GOD who wants the whole planet to convert to his faith.Such a waste of life.Its a pity that FOR 1600 years muslims have sacrificed their entire life in propagating an idiology which gives no respect to women,says no to education and modernity.

  29. shan

    Gandhi and Nehru’s secular ideas have fooled people to give up hindu nationalism for secularism which is only increasing muslim population in addition to infiltration of the same from pak and bangladesh. We need a strong hindu government, which implements strict family planning for all, irrespective of religion. Unless muslim population is controlled, there will be a bloodbatch sometime in future and that time, I doubt if there will be islam in india anymore.

  30. TP

    Thank you for extracting very useful info from Sachar report and putting it on your blog.

    One complaint: you talk about christainity and Islam vs “Indian” religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism etc. All religions have universal applicability. Christainity and Islam are also Indian. Please use another label to distinguish Hinduism, Buddhism etc as a group from Islam/christainity

  31. j k

    Hi Shan,

    To reply to what you have said about blood bath and growing muslim population in india, Sachar comitte committee report has clearly highlighted that the rate of growth of muslim population in india is declining in much faster rate and secondly about hindu nationalism, there cannot be any nationalism which can be religious wether hindu or muslim, it is only the pure nationalism which is the need of the hour. The propaganda your proposing is the hate propoganda proposed by sangh parivar, can cause only harm and no good for this country. So please stop spitting venom like a snake and start thinking like humans ..Get well soon mamooo…
    and to the Mr. sher who wants new pakistan in India, i think you should recall the suffering that creation of pakistan created for both the countries, you can better leave to pakistan and live a miserable life i think people like you are not welcome here …

  32. JS

    Zachar is told much before by the congress of what report to draft. Otherwise how can a sane man say the influx from bangladesh is negligible! It’s nearly 2 crores. As a result WB’s muslim population is 30% of the total now. It’s very dangerous for WB as it is bordering with bangladesh, a muslim country and any rise of muslim extremism promoted by mullas for radicalization or secession from India may spur in the future years.

    Also the CIA and UN reports are saying that the muslims population is growing across the globe at above average rates and esp in south asia thanks to polygamy! In Europe some politial parties, like one of Geert Wilders, are even considering banning the muslim immigration to west as they fear that their fertility rates are several times higher than the normal and if immigration is not put under check by the end of this century many europian countries might become Islamic republics!

    Why should we take the muslims population seriously?
    Muslims are radicals by nature. One of the most famous Islamic scholar/critic Ali Sina says ‘all muslims are not terrorists but every muslim is a potential terrorist’. It is in their religion. They have to believe in their prophet muhammed and what he has said without questioning the value of it. And muhammed has preached hatred towards jews, christians, idol worshippers i.e., all Indian religions. He has devided the humanity into Muslims and Kaffirs. And he says muslims cannot have freinds with Kaffirs but only wrath and enmity. He also goes to the extent of saying kill the Kaffirs! And muslims are required to believe these words as the word of Allah without questioning.

    Take for example our own Indian History. Historians say with utmost shock that Islamic Jihadis (Muhammed bin Qasim to Akbar) have killed more than 80 million innocent hindus and buddhists from 712A.D. to 1600A.D only because they did not convert to Islam. Forget or forgive the history but what they did in Srinagar even in our own times in 1989? In the name of Allah and jihad they killed more than 60000 kashmiri hindus and brutally raped several thousands and evicted 5-lakh people from their homeland. And in Pakistan the population of Hindus and Sikhs together formed about 25% in 1947. How much it is now? Less than 1% !! In Malaysia the 8% of the hindu population are still struggling for their basic civil rights!

    All these facts demands more attention from the centre rather than blind minority appeasement policies.

  33. Good post. I learn something totally new and
    challenging on websites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It
    will always be useful to read articles from other
    writers and use a little something from their websites.

  34. The harm done by Justice Sachar to pooret sections of Hindu society is monumental. For instance, based on his discriminatory recommendations out of 25 lakh pre-matric scholarships awarded to Muslims, Christiand Buddhist and Parsis, etc., not one, repeat not ONE, scholarships has been given to any poor Hindu student. Same is true about another 20 lakhs or more post-matric scholarships awarded to 5 religious minorities, the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and Parsis, not one single scholarship has been given to any Hindu student.

    Does this country, Mera Bharat Mahan, belong only to 5 religious minorities?

    Does the majority community (comprising 80% of total population) has no poor student ?

    Is not the government trying to divide the country on the basis of minority and majority? Or do they have a more sinister agenda to unite all 5 minority religious groups against the majority community?

    Time has come to wake up the Indian masses, all Indians together irrespective of their religious labels, to question what happened to the Right to Equality of the poorest of the poor Hindus ? How can they be denied their share of free scholarships and cheaper entrepreneurial loans ?

    How dare our SECULAR Prime Minister proclaim on 9th Dec., 2006, (sonia Gandhi’s birthday) that ‘Muslims will have the first claim to India’s resources’ – meaning thereby that the majority community deserves only left-over crumbs ?

  35. Shaffi Kasim

    In the view of God, all are equal. We all can feel pain, thirst, hungryness, happiness & sadness. There is no religion & Casteism in the earth, but there is only God. First, the Government should stop asking religion & caste in the school certificates. The policies & shemes should be provided to the poor people on the basis of their assets & income. Truely speaking, to say a person is poor or backward means he don’t have sufficient money to live. so, money matters, not a religion. Religion is nothing but a way of living to thank God. Most backward, backward & General categories should be based on money, not castes or religion.
    we all belong to this planet Earth (India), but don’t think Earth belongs to us, It belongs to the creator.

    • If in God’s view all human beings are equal, why was Mumbai Massacre of November 2008 staged by Muslim Jihadis – and that too after sending a horrid e-mail in July 2008 commanding all Hindus to convert to Islam, or else get slaughtered as their forbears were by Ghauri and Ghazanvi ? Pl do enlighten me.

      Ram Ohri

  36. Hello there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thank you!

  37. Aw, this was an incredibly good post. Spending some time and actual effort to create a superb article… but
    what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never manage to
    get anything done.

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