DoT Says No to Mobile Number Portability

December 05, 2006 The decision of the department of telecommunications to reject the Telecom regulatory authority of India’s proposal for the implementation of portability in mobile services by April 2007 will deprive millions of Indian customers the freedom to choose service providers without changing their phone numbers.

Number portability allows a customer to move from one mobile service to another within GSM, and also between GSM and CDMA, while retaining the same number. It gives flexibility to customers and keeps operators on their toes lest their service quality falls.

According to an IDC survey, over 30 per cent of mobile subscribers would change their operators if they had number portability.

This is a very stupid decision by the DoT and is also ultimately harmful to the growth prospects of the telecom business in India. Right now the telecom companies are taking their customers for granted and are dishing out very crappy and unprofessional “service”.The only reason many customers grudingly stay is because of yes ‘Number Non-portability’.

Number portability would make the telecom companies stand up on their toes and deliver. It would also help lower the entry barriers for new operators to enter the market thus benefitting the customers with lower prices and also would spur innovation in the marketplace for new products, phones, plans and services. The present system looks like an oligarchy of 3-4 companies in each circle with all of them indulging in price fixing and keeping telephony costs artificially high and also showing utmost reluctance to introduce 3G services.

Is this why these big telcos oppose this proposal? that they might actually have to “serve” the customer rather than take him for a ride all the time with their fake smiles and award winning ads and jingles.



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3 responses to “DoT Says No to Mobile Number Portability

  1. i hate hutch, yet i can’t change my number…
    but apparently DoT never cares for me

  2. sanil

    I hate reliance their service in kanpur is pathetic.
    I decided to change the connection but I cant change the number,so dropped the idea.

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