Saudi Executioner’s Interview

Saudi Government Appointed Executioner Abdallah Al-Bishi’s TV Interview(on Lebanese LBC TV, translated by MEMRI). He discusses his calling and demonstrates his weapons and methods. Also goes down the memory lane and wistfully remembers his good ol’ days.


First TV host: “Abu Badr, do you remember the first time you carried out an execution? Do you remember that day?”

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “I remember it to this day. I was surprised when the officials in charge asked me to carry out one of Allah’s punishments. When I came, I was told it would be an execution, and I said: ‘No problem.’ I took the sword that used to belong to my father, may he rest in peace… “

First TV host: “How old were you then?”

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “At that point I was… I was a man.”

First TV host: “You are a man at any age, there’s no doubt about that, but how old were you?”

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “I don’t remember exactly – 32 or 35 years old. I began in 1412.”

First TV host: “How was the experience, especially since it was your first time? How did you feel?

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “Every person is a bit worried when he starts a new job, and is afraid he will fail.


First TV host: “A viewer from Riyadh called to ask whether you execute both men and women. Do you execute women, and do you feel anything different when you execute a woman or a man?”

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “An execution is an execution. The difference is that sometimes, when you execute a man, he cannot control his nerves, and sit or stand straight, so that the job can be done.”

First TV host: “As for women, do you feel more compassion than for men? We know you are merely carrying out [the sentence], but what do you feel?”

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “If I felt compassion for the person I was executing, he would suffer. If the heart is compassionate, the hand fails.


First TV host: “When you behead more than three or four people at once, does it affect you? My second question is: Do you need a break between executions? Does it affect you or not?”

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “Allah be praised, there is nothing to it. Three, four, five, or six – there is nothing to it. It’s entirely normal. An execution is an execution, and as long as the person stands straight… As long as the person stands straight, it makes our job much easier.”

Second TV host: “Abdallah, we’ve heard that one day, you were executing several people, and the sword broke. Is that true? Tell us that story, please.

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “It was the handle that came off, not the blade.


First TV host: “Abu Badr, what time do you get up? Do you eat a special breakfast? All these details are very important to us.”

Abdallah Al-Bishi: “I cannot elaborate on the work itself. On the personal level, I am very normal. I get up in the morning, pray the Al-Fajr prayer. My breakfast is prepared, and I eat it. Allah be praised. I wait for the police car to pick me up, and I go to work. It’s all very normal. I finish the job, and go home. It’s all very normal.

p.s– Saudi Arabia regularly executes or maims Indian expatriate workers for flimsy and most often trumped up charges without much protest from the Indian Government.


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6 responses to “Saudi Executioner’s Interview

  1. RS

    This is one area the noose happy Saudis are very magnanimous when it comes to treating fairly — there is no discrimination when it comes to senting people to gallows. Indians, Pakis are all equal.

  2. Apollo

    Nah! the Noose is a tad bit too modern for the Saudis. It is only the Chop-Chop for them.

  3. anwer

    Any zoomby murderer should be grateful that there is still a place on earth where they can carry out their zoombies and their zoombies would be appreciated.

  4. ravikumar

    Are we living in a civilised World???

  5. Balaraman

    Yep, like the executioner says, a job is job – you can’t let your emotions (if you have any) interfere with the your work.

  6. Vanous

    Does the manner of execution matter? The saudis behead, the Japanese hang you, the Chinese shoot you with an AK-47, and in the USA they inject or electrocute you.

    At least with this beheading, its a lot faster than the American electrocution, so the person doesn’t have to suffer much.

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