MEMRI’s New ‘Islamist Websites Monitor’ Project

MEMRI( Middle East Media Research Institute) specialises in the monitoring of the Middle Eastern media ranging from print to television to the Internet. This service has been very vital for the rest of the outside world to understand the volatile Middle East in its own words and images.

MEMRI has now started a new service which monitors the tons of radical islamist websites on the internet. In one of their latest despatches they have included the video of a Jihadi rally held in Muzzaffarnagar, PoK on May 20, 2004 to commemorate the deaths of two of their terrorist brethren killed a fortnight earlier in Jammu and Kashmir.

This rally is addressed by the loudmouth Mohammed Yunus Shah, commander of the ragtag militia called the Hizb-Al-Mujahideen. He seems to have had a peg too much before taking the stage.Just listen to his “pearls of wisdom”.

Yusuf Shah declares that throughout Muslim history, no Muslim problem had ever been solved through negotiations, but only on the battlefield. He says that in negotiations, the Muslims are always swindled, just as the Palestinians were swindled at Camp David and the Afghans were swindled by the Geneva Agreement.

Yusuf Shah goes on to denounce the Pakistani government for befriending the Jews, as well as the Hindus of “imperialist India” which “is not ready, even now, to acknowledge and recognize the existence of [Pakistan].” He says that if it weren’t for Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities and for the resistance of the mujahideen, the war (with India) would have taken place not in Kashmir but in the streets of Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. He adds that Pakistan, as a prosperous Muslim country with nuclear capabilities, should come to the aid of all oppressed Muslims throughout the world.

Actually i like his newly coined term ‘Indian Imperialists’. I think we should make it a reality since we are being accused of it anyway.


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