Chinese are Buying up Indian Politicians and Bureaucrats

November 29, 2006 12:56 IST- A senior Indian intelligence official has expressed concern over what he described as the “dramatic increase” in Chinese attempts to woo Indian politicians and business leaders with gifts, some of them “phenomenally lavish.”

Reacting to a story in Businessworld magazine, which refers to Chinese attempts to buy influence in India, the Indian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said while this is nothing new, what is of concern is the sudden and dramatic increase in the number of “influential Indians” being tapped by the Chinese.

Politicians in India’s northeastern states and West Bengal(hint!) are among the recipients of Chinese largesse, he said.

This is a very, very serious matter indeed that should be dealt with an iron hand. We all know how money hungry our politicians and bureaucrats are. They will take money from anyone without bothering to find out what their agenda really is even if that agenda conflicts with their own!. Well that is if they really have such an agenda of their own in the first place except make MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY.

The recipients of these gifts “spanned the political spectrum”, the official said, expressing his “serious worry over this alarming trend, which has increased in leaps and bounds over the past three or four years.”

Indian leaders known to be sympathetic to the Tibetan cause are also being targeted, he claimed.

The stark reality is that most of our politicians and bureaucrats are not really politically aware. The only thinking they are good in is intriguing and jockeying to get into positions of power so that they can make MONEY. that’s it, as simple as that. They have no strong belief systems. None of them believe in anything or any cause that they will be willing to die for except becoming a minister or a chief secretary and make more MONEY.

This scenario sets them up for manipulation by foreign powers and special interest groups who use money as a mere tool to realise their own objectives.

Added to that some of these ‘worthies’ might even be under active blackmail by Chinese intelligence agencies with photos and videos of them in compromising positions with women that might have been planted to seduce them during their so called “study tours” or “get acquainted” tours to China.A standard operating procedure since ancient times with intelligence agencies called the ‘Honeytrap’. Such idiots will be virtual slaves to their handlers in Beijing.

While most of the gifts involve large sums of money and other incentives, leaders are also invited to China, ostensibly on lecture and “get acquainted” tours, and “treated like royalty there,” the official said.

The Mitrokhin archives revealed how the Soviet agencies bought Indian politicians and bureaucrats with tons of cash. The Americans do it all the time too and most certainly every other middling power, arms dealers, MNCs, NGOs etc… are involved too.

So much for a so called “rising future power” if its entire establishment is up for sale to anyone with bags of cash. Even to foreign powers and special interest groups with an anti-Indian agenda.


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One response to “Chinese are Buying up Indian Politicians and Bureaucrats

  1. RS

    This is the benefit of having a rubberstamp parliament. No questions asked. Lucky Chinese Commies.
    The Chinese have indulged in this game for long. African dictators who have no respect for human rights (as if dictators have any) are bankrolled by these Chinese so their hunt for black gold and markets is sustained.

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